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  1. Hi. I have the Mission Engineering expression pedal that also has a toe switch, so it's currently set as an Expression pedal and FS4. I bought this two button footswich: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07GV72FF8/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I have a TRS to 2TS cable; Is it possible to use both of these units and make use of all the switches? Ideally I would like to have Exp1 and FS4 on the expression pedal and have the two other buttons function as 2 additional footswitches. Is that possible?
  2. Thanks, I'll try L6. Panama is out of business, I bought the amp used. Hopefully it's just some setting on the stomp or something. Thanks for all the advice.
  3. Affirmative on all. Thank you so much (all of you) for trying to help me with this! It's much appreciated. Either Sweetwater will help me figure it out or I'll return the unit. thanks again.
  4. We are cross posting, I appreciate ya'll trying to help this newbie so much! I've been do damn excited about this thing and been futzing around with it for days. No, it would appear I tested it incorrectly the first time. I used a 4cm preset, but unplugged the cables from the AMP FX Loop, essentially hooked the unit up in 2CM, but then connected the HXS SEND>HXS L/Mono RETURN with a separate patch cable. With that, the effects were coming through and amp controls were responsive. I reconnected 4CM and went through the exact procedure you note above; with this I am getting sound/effects, etc. but the amp controls are now unresponsive.
  5. (Ok, so I went: Guitar-left mono input Hx left-mono output - amp input hx loop send-hx loop return with a patch cable. that appears to be working fine if my hookups are what you intended me to try
  6. I looked for a bypass switch and didn't see one. Maybe footswitchable only? But he says he's been running a Carbon copy through it, so.... (thanks; you can't bypass the effects loop via footswitch or anywhere on the amp. The company is out of business so tracking any official specs down on it has been tough so I think the description at JRR may be an error). OP - test the HXS Loop the same way I said to test the amp's FX Loop. (Ok, so I went: Guitar-left mono input Hx left-mono output - amp input hx loop send-hx loop return with a patch cable. I'm getting signal with this too so I assume both loops are working per the test you suggested if the previous routing is what you meant for me to do. thanks so much
  7. If you're only using the LEFT FX Loop, you should have a TS cable from the HXS SEND to the AMP INPUT, and a TS cable from the AMP SEND to the HXS LEFT/MONO RETURN (I'm hooked up as you indicate here). What happens if you go direct to the amp input, then run a cable directly from the AMP FX SEND to the AMP FX RETURN? If there's no output, you've got a bad fx loop on the amp. (I tested this, the output is working fine).
  8. So now I just rehooked 4CM, and no sound. For giggles, I just bypassed the FX loop in the block and I get sound, so that's a win...but I think it may be bypassing my preamp because the controls on the amp don't work at all. There are no problems with the effects loop in the amp because I've been running a carbon copy through it with no issues. Thanks for any suggestions!
  9. Thanks for all the help. It is a brand new unit. I did a factory reset of the unit and the presets are showing up now. I tried a couple of the 4CM presets, and I'm getting no sound from my amp. My connections are correct as Schmale indicated; Return type is set as rd2rk inquired, inputs are set at instrument level. At this point, I decided to just unhook all cables in 4CM and attempt 2 cable method to see if I can get any sound out of the unit. That appears to be working.
  10. Hello everyone, I just got the HX Stomp and am having some serious trouble getting it working correctly. I am attempting to use 4CM and followed hookup instructions per manual to my Panama Fuego 15. I don't think the factory presets are all loaded correctly (I don't see any with the prefix 4CM per the manual and countless Youtube videos). I'm not that concerned about it because I really want to do my own presets anyway. In Global settings I have set all inputs to instrument level. Not interested in using any of the amp or cabinet models at this point. I upgraded firmware prior to using. While connected (regardless if I'm in the attached preset OR doing an analog bypass on the unit) my amp controls don't work at all, although I am getting some sound out of the unit. If I'm understanding correctly, in presets I need to insert a Mono FX loop at the point in the signal chain where I want my guitar preamp to be so I've done so. But again, my amp controls aren't working even when I'm bypassing the unit so I'm stumped. I have attached the preset I screenshotted here. I just overwrote the first factory preset with this one. Appreciate any advice that can help me get this thing to work with my stupid amp. First Fuzz.hlx
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