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Problem with authorized service center / L3m repair

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Hey everyone!


I’m dealing with an ongoing attempt to get an L3m repaired by my local authorized Line6 service center, and could use some advice and/or anyone’s particular experience dealing with these speakers.

It’s been in and out of the local authorized service center a few times over the last 7 months; and is going back yet again in a few days.


This has been stretched out abnormally long due to COVID shutdown, and according to the repair center, also due to in part their inability to get the response they need from Line6 to complete the repair. Meanwhile Line6 claims the opposite. I don’t know the truth of this; but I do know in all these months neither the repair center nor Line6 has been able to sort out how to actually repair this thing...


Here’s the short story:


-          When connected to the M20d mixer using L6 link, this speaker now shows up as an L3S; and NOT as an L3Tower (L3m/L3t).

-          The six speaker modes do not function properly when using the physical buttons on the back; only four light up; it won’t cycle to the lower two.

-          The sounds coming out of this speaker are severely muddy; major high frequency cut. Toggling the speaker modes doesn’t change the crossover/high cut

-          However! when using the M20d via L6link I can manually override the crossover going to the damaged L3m, and then audio passing to it is no longer muddy. It doesn’t stay like this however..


The speaker was damaged when it tipped partially over while on a speaker stand and the cable plugged into the L6link jack impacted the side of a guitar speaker cab, and pushed the jack in and broke some stuff. At that point it no longer worked via L6Link, but sound input to the analog XLR in was fine. That is no longer the case with the replacement link cards installed; XLR analog in is no good now.


-          So; first up; we contacted Full Compass, and bought the replacement L6link board, and installed it ourselves. This didn’t fix the problem…

-          So then we took it to the local authorized service center that Line6 referenced us to, and they ordered another of the L6link board. (not sure why? at Line6 direction?)

-          This board also exhibited identical incorrect behavior as the one we had already bought. identifies in M20d as L3s sub, low frequency sound only / no treble.

-          The most recent attempt for Line6 to troubleshoot this had my tech move a small jumper from old board to new.

-           It didn’t help. We had already done that from the broken board to the board we bought from Full Compass.


There is clearly something very wrong for this speaker to identify itself to the M20d as an L3s.; but that it seems promising I can override the crossover temporarily with the M20d, so the speaker is capable of performing properly; so it doesn’t *seem* to be be a power amp or tweeter or other functional issue; as opposed to a DSP related error.


If anyone has ANY ideas, please let me know!


I Thank you. :) 


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This is the replacement L6 Link main board that we bought one of, and then the service center bought another..(why? at the direction of Line6?)


Line 6 has yet to answer as to why they couldn't figure out how to direct their authorized service center how to install and use the perfectly fine card we bought.

Or why they had the authorized service center purchase a second Line6 link card; which they exhibited the same problems without first properly diagnosing the ACTUAL ISSUES.


Wow; I know - way too logical for the world in COVID lockdown; how dare I expect common sense.. :)


If Line6 can't direct the own 'authorized' (who does the authorizing???) service tech team on how to repair their own equipment; who will?

(it's a rhetorical question; the answer is apparently NO ONE anymore knows how to repair these speakers....)







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