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  1. Hey ! Tested and adopted. Very good way to let my Acoustic sounds out of this great amplifier. Thanks a lot for sharing this. Alain
  2. Hello, Has anyone already setup the DT25 to sound correctly with the Acoustic sounds of the Variax, through a POD HD500 ? Simple question though complicated to get it working coorectly for me. I own L2M's & L3M's but they are used by the band for the overall set, therefore, I am eager to get this set working with my Amp only. Easier to carry also during rehearsals... Thanks for the help, Alain
  3. What I do not understand is the limited number of USB Dongle you support... From a software developper's point of view, connecting a USB Stick to a USB Host, generates a script between the 2 systems (I purposedly not speak about computer...) and this string describes the sort of USB Key you connected. Then a network key, is a network key. I made the bad experience of purchasing a Cisco AE1200 (not realizing the AE1000 is not available anymore !!!), and of course it doesn't work on M20D... I spent 20 Euros for nothing... It should not be like that. Now I have toreturn it to where I bought it, and try to find the right adapter... Stupid. Alain
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