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  1. I did just try what you suggested and didn't change anything. I don't have 2 of the 1/8th to DIN cables. Apparently I can use a 1/4 to 1/8 TRS cable and just run to the Boss straight from the DMC Pro. Not ideal and I don't have that cable either. May just order both of those and keep messing with it.
  2. Ok, messed with this all day. I have a Disaster Area DMC, DIN in to my HX Stomp and out to my Boss MD200. I have the 200 setup in the DMC as the second source. I have the Stomp setup with midi thru turned on. I can’t seem to get the DMC to change the preset on the 200. I’ve always been an amp and pedals guy and MIDI is all kinds of new. If I go straight from the DMC to the 200, I can get it to change the preset so I’m assuming it’s something I’ve set wrong on the Stomp. I’m also quite likely wrong about that.
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