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  1. I'm seeing the same "problem" in my Windows 10 (connected to a G10) setup. Can someone please comment on this? I don't see the G10 show up in the Line6 updater v1.11. Thanks.
  2. I've just purchased a Relay G10 (G10R according to the tag at the bottom of the receiver). I downloaded the Line6 Updater v1.11 and installed in my computer. I plugged the G10 into my Windows 10 PC and the computer was able to detect and installed the driver (according to the PC's Device Manager). I ran the Line6 Updater, but there's a blank screen after the sentence "Select A device to update". Does this mean I don't need to update? Or that the updater doesn't see my connected G10? How do find out the current firmware version of the G10? I also tried to find some instructions on the updater, but none found. I'd appreciate any info. Thanks.
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