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  1. I've installed the latest Line 6 updater(windows 10) and only the receiver of my Relay G10 wireless shows up for any kind of updates. Is this common or should the transmitter be showing up also? Was trying to see if the latest firmware for the transmitter was installed. Can't open .wuf file on my windows 10 system. Thanks.
  2. Whoo Hoo!!!! Awesome Preset Silverhead. Thanks very much for sharing. Recommend to anyone doing the acoustic guitar/ solo gig(and lucky enough to own a Helix)
  3. Great, thanks silverhead, I'll give it a try
  4. Forgot to mention, all speakers are powered
  5. Hey friends. Could I get some suggestions on routing in Helix for an acoustic guitar, vocal, live setup. Will be routing to 2 main speakers and 1 monitor. Thanks!
  6. Thanks so much everyone for your input!!!!
  7. Thanks for the replies, and no Peter, no sound guy, I think it's just going to take some tinkering on my part, and by the way, I have taken many of your suggestions and tips on the Helix. I like simple. I try to read as many of your posts as I can, thanks again
  8. Should also state that the XLR out of the Helix goes into a Behringer X18 air mixer. I have my own monitor mix with one of the Aux sends
  9. I have my own monitor mix with a standard 12" monitor. I also have control of the guitar channel EQ. I run my Helix mono out of XLR. My parches are pretty simple, amp head, a couple of cabinets, reverb, delay, over drive, compression. Should I work with the global EQ on the Helix for a general EQ for all patches, EQ as an effect in the signal chain, perhaps the parametric EQ on the mixer channel? Too many EQ's to mess with-ha!
  10. Found the templates section FullMotion, thanks
  11. Thanks FullMotion, are you talking about the template examples in the manual or elsewhere, thanks
  12. My live setup is line out mono to mixer. Wanting to put volume and wah pedals, compressor, and distortion before an amp and two cabs, after that about four blocks for delays, reverbs, etc. from the manual, the super serial setup looks like the way to go, just a little confused about routing after the amp. A screen shot would be great but any suggestions are much appreciated, thanks
  13. How would I add an effect to a factory preset? For example, how would I add a compressor and chorus to the matchstick 1 factory preset. If there are any links available as to how to do this, it would be much appreciated if you could share them, not sure about the best way to route certain effects, thanks
  14. I Think(ha!) my firmware version of Helix was 1.04(purchased 3/31/2016). When running the line 6 updater, it had firmware update recommendations all the way back to firmware 1.012, which was recommended and I started installing. Is this going "backwards" ? should I have started with the one after 1.04? and where should I proceed after the 1.012 firmware update is finished(if it ever does, it seems to freeze occasionally, and I re-booted it one time then it zipped through a few preset rebuilds and then seems to freeze again). Frustrated, how should I proceed, thanks,
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