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  1. Bergantino http://bergantino.com B|AMP Bass Amp HG310 Loudspeaker
  2. Bergantino http://bergantino.com B|AMP Bass Amp Reference 112 Loudspeaker HG310 Loudspeaker
  3. Thank you for the response. So the LP or Start modeling is differently firmware for a JTV-59 and a JTV-69 because the woods and neck joint and scale length, and bridge all create a different starting point?
  4. Is Line 6 Still Making the JTV-69 (HSS). I mainly see theJTV-69S (SSS). How can a person fine the complete list of JTV and colors for each model?
  5. Can I send a Guitar to Line 6 to get a Variax system installed? I want better that the Korean version but do not want the 5K plus James Tyler. If I have a PRS that I loved, could I et Line 6 or a Line 6 Approved work shop to install it correctly?
  6. Is there any way to get the Variax electronics installed in other guitars? I am interested in something better than Korean versions of JTV-69 at $1,000. But the US guitars at $5,600 seems a little to far price wise. I would love to get something like a Music Man Cutlas ($1,500) and have the Variax electronics installed. If the was a production product I would hope it would sell for $2,300.
  7. Should there be some modern guitar Variax modes? Maybe a PRS custom 24--85/15, and Ibanez RG, and EVH Wolfgang?
  8. That would be the one. I just hate three color burst and lake placid blue which are the only tow colors I see listed anywhere.
  9. It seem really hard to find the JTV-69 (HSS) in all Black. I see a lot on the JTV-69S. I see the JTV-69 in LP Blue listed. Are Variax in limited Supply? Also, is the non Floyd JTV-89 still available? The line 6 Website section on Variax is not very clear and what specific version / colors are currently being made. Can any one recumbent a good dealer that can educate me and get the items I may want?
  10. Has anyone tried the Firehawk 1500 as a FRFR monitor for Helix using the XLR i/o? Is there a consensus on tone quality? Does the Firehawk 1500 standup against the usual suspect in the market?
  11. I tried the Standard (Yamaha guitar). When I felt the metal fret ends as I moved my hand up and down the neck, I put it back on the wall hanger. I hope the JTVs are better.
  12. Has anyone tried using the Helix and Stagesource L3t as a bass guitar rig? Will the gear hold up to gigging use?
  13. Does anyone know if the amp will hold up to gigging use as bas amp?
  14. Has anyone tried using the FH1500 as a bass guitar amp?
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