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  1. Dear Line 6, Is the FireHawk 1500 support or enhancements dead?????? You have such an awesome underdeveloped product here. The majority of the needs are in software and editability settings and with the FVB 3. I love the amp but it is a 63.14 lb. Living Room Brick. Because of the lack of editing for live performances. Please step up and enhancement the product. You have very skilled people on your team that are real players. They know what is needed. Guys isn't all about the Helix, Helix LT, Helix Stomp, Helix Effect. You won't get us to buy any of these or future products when you ignore our other stuff. PS I've had your stuff from the very beginning. You are bring in all these new product and your attention to the other products had slipped. There hasn't been an update or enhancement even on your Varaix other than the Suriken. Absolutely nothing for a very long time. People spend the money on your type of products because there is an expectation of enhancement. Both by design within software and electronic. FH1500, JTV-69, FVB3, X3Live, POD, POD farm
  2. I having the same issues with FH150 lockups. Variax 69, fbv3 switching bank 28-b to 28-d and then it locks up. No sound but I can switch patches but no sound. I have the latest 1.30 installed and reinstalled them as per Line6. Have to power off and back on to correct it. The 28-d is an acoustic model 12 string.
  3. I was able to install the new version on my cell phone, Then on my ipad 2, I loaded app from the cloud. It told me that it required version 10, but then asked if I would like to load the old version. I did this and it worked. Old version but it did work.
  4. X3 live (Loved it, used it live for years with bass, acoustic instrument, electric guitar direct into the PA)


    JTV69 (Like it, but edit will not work x3 live. Line 6 just tells me they know of the problem but it is discontinued. I won't hold my breath.


    FireHawk1500 (just purchased it, vote is out. Talk with Line 6 will make a fair judgement when I get it. All I'm reading is Line 6 is not enhancing it.

  5. To Line 6, Please reply to all these questions on support and update progress on the Firehawk 1500. I just purchased one and there are design issues. The looper in not useable in live setting because you can't delete overdubs or redo them. Also you can't delete the loop without playing it for 2 seconds. And I'm told this was how it was designed. Come on a mistake is a mistake.
  6. Hi, Has anyone found that the use of touch screen changes are difficult in Native. The scroll down bars are so small it is hard to touch and control them. Double tapping is very uncontrollable. Most of the time I have to use the touch pad.
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