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  1. Fellow Helix junkies, I just got my Yamaha Fc7 pedal to work with the Helix :) I replace the 50k with the 10k. Easy to do but the hard part was finding the 10k that was the same as the 50k Yamaha used. The fc7 from Yamaha is one of the best controller/volume pedals ever made. Simple, smooth, tank, smart, links together, position adjustable. I think you can see I like them lol. And cheep on E/Bay. Here is the part number if anyone else want to give it a try. * www.futurlec.com * part # pot10kbshaftd 10k Linear taper pot with d-type shaft. $.70. & $4.00 shipping. I grabbed 4 of them. a wapping $6.80. So for $0.70 cents and a used $20 pedal you can create a awesome controller for your helix. Also the size and shape is a perfect match for the helix. One note you will want to revers the polarity so toe is 100% and heal is 0%. Meaning if you install the new pot using the same wiring as the old one it will work backwards. Not a biggie you can correct the in the helix assignment. But it is better to just revers the polarity when you put in the new pot. Thinking of adding a toe switch to it. I think it will be a very simple mode because the fc7 has a toe spring adjustment. It was done to allow the pedal to go to eleven. Kind of like an after/touch for the DX7/fd keyboard that I still have. Doesn't effect the 0 to 100. But will allow for the extra movement to toggle a standard button switch. Time will tell. All the best, stay safe, Because of all the extra practice we have been doing because of covid. Just think how awesome we all will be at our next gigs. Joey
  2. Hi I've open a ticket with the Line 6 about the HX Edit program issue. https://line6.com/account/tickets/edit/393107 The other group member can refer to this ticket number and if you feel it is correct, ask Line 6 to correct this missing need. Support Tickets View All Tickets Ticket ID 393107 has been updated Ticket ID: 393107 The problem isn't the Helix. The HX Edit program needs a critical update. The HX Edit program should not be able to update the Helix to a higher level than the HX Edit program. This will prevent all the confusion the uses are having. This can be a simple check and force the HX Edit program to be update first then the hardware. You can not check in the HX Exit program for new version in the program it self. You can for the Helix hardware. Group: I've gotten a response from Line 6 already. From Line 6: Couldnt agree more. My team has been asking for this since the implementation of updater into HX. I believe this feature will come in a future update.
  3. beatybass go here to get the new version : https://line6.com/software/index.html?hardware=All&name=HX Edit&os=All&submit_form=set Make sure you have loaded the new version of HX Edit. See if that corrects your problem. That helped me.
  4. Hi, I've been burnt by usb extenders cables also. The longer the cable the weaker signal and more EMI interference. The supplied cable for the Helix floor is only about five foot 6 inch with a single choke. Something we all have to remember here. Length matters. I wonder what Line 6 states as the max length for the USB cable.
  5. To the user group as a whole. (A small rant) The intent of this group is to help each other. Sarcastic, inflated, offhanded comment do not help anyone. I've been a member of the line 6 forum for 13 years. I stopped using it for years because of this problem and because of just a few people. Now that I've purchased the Helix floor, I've been using the forum again. The Helix, to my admission it is very powerful and can be confusing and I needed guidance. We all have question and get confused by the equipment, processes, and programs. Some of us have more experience with PC, some with other skills. So if someone asks a question that has already been asked (or we think is stupid) then politely point them to the correct thread. I teach Mainframe Security for a living and the only stupid question is the one that isn't asked. If they are confused about something help them in a nice way. Trashing and trashing is not helping anyone. Some people learn by reading, some by seeing and doing. Some lucky few can do both. As much as I like Line 6, we paid for the hardware and software. We should expect Line 6 to fix problems when we discovered and reported by proper means. We also have to understand Line 6 has to collect, research, test, prioritized, correct, and build a new modification release. If the software release for the Helix was crashing, Line 6 would be freaking out to create a fix. So we have to have a little patients. Also Line 6 does use these sites to their benefit. This reduces the need for Line 6 to staff their help desk. Software can and does have problem. The number of defects after a software release reflects on the degree of testing done before being released. Also a very important point, there are so many ways to use and stress the Helix as per hardware / operating software. Due to this versatility, we can and do create new creative ways to create bugs. In some ways we're spoiled. In the old days we had had 5 stop boxes if you were lucky and rich. Vol, Compress/Distortion, Flanger, Chorus, Delay/Reverb. We spent more time playing the instrument. Now our processors are so powerful and many of us are geeks we seem to be spending more time playing our processors. (one thing to remember is "everyone has an A$$, but you don't have to be one" Have fun, Playing, tweaking, do both, be nice and help each other out. Happy holidays and stay safe.
  6. I agree, The IEM is what I use live and festivals, no amps direct to the mixer. I go dual feed and not stereo. One feed the house the second feed my stuff. Has worked great for years. Low volume and I get it to where I like it. walk on stage drop the pedal board. XLR in, Mic in, give them the receiver Done. 5 mins. and fast off stage in reverse. Bar / Clubs longer and been using two of the bose L2 with subs and Tone matches. They have been great for what we do. 5 to 6 people with Roland td20 drum set. Seems to work well for just about anything we do. (we don't do any heavy metal. lol)
  7. No biggie, Guess I'm just loyal to them because they treated me well for over 40 years. They have always back their products on life time coverage and I've used it a few times. I'm going to try the SE535 later this week. They are truly a higher end product and should be for the price.
  8. I posted these question on a different thread. I am using studio FRFR cans and and the Helix guitar sounds harsh, the effect sound great. Not sure why. I don't believe the can are being over driving. Korg Pro4s. I know they are $1,000 cans. but things sound harsh. I have Shure SE535 that will be my next try.
  9. Have you tried a full system reset / restore? Reset Options #Helix Floor/LT Button Combination Description 2 LED light Fun 3 & 4 Test Mode 5 & 6 Global reset 7 & 8 Reset setlists to factory, Keep IRs 8 & 9 Reset setlists to factory, Clear IRs 9 & 10 Reset setlists to factory, Global reset, Clear IRs 10 & 11 Upgrades existing presets to latest format 11 & 12 Clear current preset 5 & 12 Clear setlists, clear IRs, Return system settings to default 6 & 12 Safe boot mode To use Reset Options: Power off the Helix Hold the desired button combination Power on the Helix Release the button combination Please note: Buttons are numbered from top left to bottom right.
  10. These are the Pro4s, not cheep Koss can. It isn't an overdirve issue from the headphone pre amp as far as I can tell. I've used them may times for mixing with no issues. But to the question what is the experience with others and headphone. I should try my wireless setup as a discribed in the previous post.
  11. I just used my Koss Studio (FLAT and fairly good stats) head phone in my Helix Floor last night for the 1st time. Has anyone else experienced the sound being very harsh with ear cans? I know studio head phones have zero coloration (not as ear friendly) but I was a bit surprised by the how edgy thing sounded. The stereo effects were very lush but the guitar was not so nice. Just was wonder what other thought or experienced.
  12. HI, I've used this solution for preforming for very long time. https://carvinaudio.com/collections/in-ear-monitors/products/em900 . Low price $369.00 on sale. These work awesome and can be used for a ton of different needs. They are RF so latency is not an issues. The ear buds are not bad. I use Shure SE535 (they cost more than the wireless). But that will work and well. EM900 / EM901 SPECIFICATIONS » Operating RF Frequency: 518-542MHz » Frequency Response : 30Hz-15kHz » RF Output Power : 10mW » Nominal Frequency Deviation : ±40KHz » S/N ratio : 80dB (A weighted) » Image frequency rejection : 80dB » Channel separation : 35dB » Audio Input Impedance : 20kΩ » Input level switch : 0dB / -10dB » AC Mains input : 100V-240V (50-60Hz) » Receiver power : 2AA batteries » Battery life : 8 hours » Net Weight : Base 3.2lbs Receiver .45lbs » Dimensions : Base (EM900) 8.35”W x 9”D x 1.75”H » Dimensions : Receiver (EM901) 4.5”H x 2.75”W x 1”D » Fuse : 0.5A 250V 19.5mm x 5.2mm dia EM902 EAR BUD SPECIFICATIONS » Frequency Response : 20Hz-20kHz » Type : Dynamic » Impedance : 16 ohms » Sensitivity @ 1kHz : 114dB/mW » Distortion : less than 0.3% » Cord length : 58” Inches
  13. Hi Guys that is exactly what my directions should do for Krispn. to remove any unknown (left over HX Edit programs and pointer/settings in registry. Over the years I've seen orphaned program information left on the hard drive and very messy registry entries. LOL Krispn you have to fix it now. We pull'n for ya.
  14. Hi Krispn. Stupid question have you tried this on an other pc and if so are you getting the same result. That is if you have a 2nd pc. This is only a suggestion. Uninstall the HX Edit and then go into regedit to search for all hits on "HX Edit". Then clean them up. Uninstalled doesn't always cleanup the registry. Also do a search on the HX Edit.exe in all directories to make sure they are all removed. Do the same for shortcuts. By doing this you will have a clean system to restart the install process.
  15. I looked at the HX Edit software a little deeper today and to Pappazaper's point. There is no software version check or update path for the HX Edit software with in the program other than going to the web site. So what is bad you can check the level of the hardware, but not the Edit software. In my company (one of the software developers biggest in the world) this would be considered a design flaw. All Line 6 has to do is a simple version check for the Edit version. Then provide a update path for it. The second point would be, do not allow update by lesser versions of the edit software to the hardware. Just two cents and over 40 years of software development. Either way I know to always check the HX Edit level. But any newbies will make this mistake many more times. PS I did talk to a Line 6 rep about this. But we'll have to see where it goes.
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