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  1. I'm so frustrated with my Pod HD. I've tried everything as previously mentioned posts and I still can't the wah effect from the pedal. It all started about a month ago when my FXs were acting strange...the amp models started sounding tinny, and the various effects started sounding strange as well. To my frustration, the Line 6 Updater utility keeps erroring out with a socket error. I had to manually update the multiple firmware and drivers and still I was unable to get the Wah working. I proceeded to reset the device to factory and installed the most current versions of drivers and software for the Pod HD. After restoring everything, the Wah is still non-existent. I re-calibrated the pedal, 0-255 saved perfectly. I removed the bottom cover, reseated the Wah's ribbon cable at both PC boards. Still nothing. Someone, please help me if I had omitted a step to resolve this issue. I really love the Pod HD and I really don't want to purchase another FX board.
  2. Silverhead, I stand corrected. I was able to download the application. Unbeknownst to me that I must have inadvertently selected Workbench. This time I double-checked my selection and sure enough, it wound up on Workbench - not on Workbench HD. I changed it verified the selection and downloaded the application to my thumb-drive. I'm at work right now, but I'll install the software. Thank you!!!
  3. Hi Silverhead, Yes, I've attempted the download (from the Line 6 site) the Variax / Workbench HD application, but the sites states, "At this time, there is no software available that matches your selection". I tried to install the regular Workbench, but it required Java that isn't available for Win 10.
  4. Hello everyone, Due to my previous Windows 7 laptop had finally came to it's hardware failure demise, I had to purchase another laptop loaded with Windows 10. After installing all of my favorite software and of course, all of my Line 6 drivers, utilities and software for the Pod HD500x and JTV-59, I was saddened to discover that the Variax Workbench isn't available for Windows 10. I tried everything to get it installed but, no luck. I even tried to install it on a 2012 mac-mini that I had just upgraded the operating system to Mojave. Again, I had ran into the same Variax Workbench not able to install. The bright side is that I may be able to get my hands on a hold of an old PC desktop. I'll install windows 7 on it and use it exclusively for my Variax/Pod tweaks. Does anyone know if the V-Workbench in the process of being updated?
  5. I don't understand the hub-bub regarding HD500x updates. It seems to me that once you have your tone/sound to your liking, all is good. I've been using my own "signature" sound for years. On occasion, I'll tweak FXs to fit the music but that's pretty much it. The HD500x (far as I'm concerned) is a work horse!
  6. I was wondering; is there a way to perform a "deep edit" on an amplifier model ( bias, sag, hum, etc.)?
  7. Thanks gtrman100, that may be the way to go for me. I like that! I'll use that method.
  8. I've been researching on connecting the Pod HD500x (digitally) to the new Spider V 240, but I can't seem to locate it. Going 100% digital with the Pod HD may not exist, but I want to verify with you all. I had programmed my favorite amp model/tones onto the POD and I want to continue to until I eventually transfer my settings to the Spider V. But I don't see a way to digitally connect them together. The only way I can see to connect the two is to plug an instrumental cable into one of the 1/4 unbalanced output of the POD and plug the other end of the cable into the input jack at the front of the Spider V. So am I correct that I have to go analog before I can program my setups into the amp?!
  9. Thanks, crusinon2, that is what I had planned to buy another cable. Last night, I closely inspected my original cable, and the end that I use to connect the guitar looked a bit worn. The sleeve that runs approx. 1 inch from and up from the connector looked a bit stressed. I'll post an update when I try out the new cable for the few weeks.
  10. For a couple of Sundays, whenever I'm playing my JTV-59, the volume randomly fluctuate. It would it either increase or decrease the volume suddenly, without warning. Although it isn't drastic, but it's definitely noticeable. At first, I'm looking at our sound guy and he's looking at me - we're both thinking "what is he doing!?" Then I realized that either my JTV or Variax cable is causing the problem. I tried to troubleshoot the best way I could. I verified that the battery was out of the guitar, I reseated the connections at the guitar and at the HD500x. While playing, I wiggled the cable at both ends; thinking if it's a short, my jostling of the cable would affect the volume. Unfortunately, I couldn't duplicate the problem. Now, I have to resort to using a typical 1/4" analog instrument cable. Could it be an issue with the cable? The connector at the guitar or Pod? HELP!!!
  11. Thanks Crusinon2, I'll just deal with it. Thank you too Hurcanico for your reply, I'd thought about that, but I rather leave the Pod intact.
  12. I play in a church band we all have to remain seated when playing. Is there a way to adjust the foot switch sensitivity. Unfortunately, I have to sit when playing. Because of that, I have no leverage and it's difficult to switch on/off the wah-wah effect. Thanks in advance.
  13. Is it possible to run the Boss tuner pedal through the FX loop of the HD500x and tune your JTV that way?
  14. "Best to have someone well trained at it." I definitely agree to that, psarkissian. I've learned my lesson on that one!
  15. Thank, but no thanks Bertokia. :) I appreciate your reply. I tried that long time ago, when I tried to save some cash. I bowed the neck so far that you can actually use it to shoot arrows! I'd rather pay someone to do detailed setup when a neck adjustment is required.
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