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  1. @radatats why is it so important to maintain same brand of tubes and not change? Have nothing against EH tubes, but just bought myself a DT25 and not sure how many hours on existing original tubes. Have a brand new set of matched JJ's sitting in my parts box and wouldn't mind using them if possible to save a purchase. Especially as I sold the amp I bought them for. Honestly never heard of having to use a specific brand of tubes with am amp. Is there a biasing problem or something? Thanks Tom
  2. I found the problem, feel pretty ridiculous. I was using a hd500x tone that I got off of custom tone, and it had an alt. tuning that forced the 6th string down -1 programmed into the settings. For some reason it didn't happen every time, and would sometimes take a minute to kick in when it did. Found out by accident when I started messing with creating my own tones in hd500x software using the JTV models and saw that you could force different string to raise or drop outside of the normal alt tuning modes.
  3. Hi, Not sure if this is the same issue described on the 6th string in a different post. I have a jtv-59 (2012) and until recently no issue. Playing the guitar in variax mode through the hd500x and all of the sudden the high e string starts sounding like a "whammy" pedal is switched on. Moving the selector knob to an alt tuning and back fixes the problem. It doesn't I happen frequently, but when it does it is annoying. I am pretty sure this started after the firmware update, and I have reflashed it once which has seemingly helped, but it has happened since. The only other change is that I swapped strings to the new m-steel strings and haven't switched them back to rule that out. Had the guitar in case for about 6 months when my hd500 died, and only recently broke it back out to use with the 500x as I am trying to get back into using different models in my playing.
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