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  1. My DT25 was giving me no volume output so I took to a music dealer repair shop to check it out. I've been playing with the unit for about 1 week after not using it for several months. This shop/tech has serviced the amp in the past, used to be a L6 dealer, and has the L6 repair documentation. I live in Panama and this dealer no longer carries L6 products. There are no other dealers here so I can't get any further assistance from L6 US which I understand. The tubes had not been replaced in 2 1/2 years so we did that with tubes which I bought according to L6's specs. After that the amp was now giving output but it would stop intermittently during play after a few hours or sometimes there was no output when turning the unit on. Doing further troubleshooting they traced the problem to a relay unit which they replaced and now they have been testing succesfully for several days. There is one remaining issue with the Pentode/Triode switch. When switching to Triode mode the amp produces an unexpected hum. Does anyone know what the issue may be? Shipping this 30 lbs unit round trip to an authorized repair dealer in another country is obviously out of the question. (Might as well buy a new amp) Thanks
  2. Helix here I come!!!! This is great news. I think the DT25 is a killer amp with any effects processor. L6 please get the english guy that does the YouTube videos to explain this. He is awesome.
  3. jegarcia


    @psarkissian. How do you go about purchasing the tubes from Line 6?
  4. jegarcia


    @psarkissian Sorry I noticed something. This link has the same info but it mentions the pre-amp tube is the chinese made 12AX7. You mentioned 12AX7B. What is the difference?
  5. jegarcia


    @psarkissian I thank you sir
  6. jegarcia


    @psarkissian For the DT25 you mentioned 12AX7B China. So I take it that any manufacturer is ok as long the tube is from China?
  7. I love my POD and my DT25 but the Edit program needs an overhaul. Not likely to get improvements given the time since last update and L6's focus on the Helix line. - It is clunky - Deleting patches is a pain - Crashes - Set things up and then mysteriously something else changes - The text is a bear to read because of the colors and font sizes. - No full screen support (if anyone knows how to do this on the mac please share)
  8. I got the ATT to take on trips and don't really want to take a computer. Has anyone tried to use this unit to record directly to the iPad ? PleAse share how you did it Thanks
  9. Guys my comment was simply to highlight that there is a significant price difference between the POD and the Helix and because of that it is more difficult for a non pro to justify the latter. I'm sure there are pros that use the POD and amateurs that have the Helix but I don't believe this what L6 intends. L6 has said themselves that the Helix is a different product in a different category. My comment to L6 still stands....L6 improve the clunky HD Edit or make a product in a similar price range that has a decent editor. Oh.....and integration with the DT25 would be great :)
  10. @ Guru Not so sure about that. According to L6 the Helix is a different product category and I don't believe it is intended to replace the POD Series given the very large price difference between the two. I see the POD as a product for mid level guitarists ahd home musicians. To me the Helix is more for really serious amateurs and pros. Now it could be that maybe L6 is no longer interested in the lower tier of the market which could explain why they haven't replaced the POD or update the vey lmited HD Edit application in a long time. Either way the HD Edit software reaaaally needs an update. Its look and feel are very outdated.
  11. Lines 6 folks. Any probability that we'll see an updated version of this software?. While it is better than tweaking the POD HD500X by hand as software it really leaves a lot to be desired and it is really clunky - The look and feel is from the 80s - You can't delete have to do tedious cut a paste actions - Why did you make it so small?. The text is really hard to read if you use a studio type of workstation where the monitor is further back. Every time I use it I have to lean forward to read anyting. - You have black text on top of a very dark blue background...this is really hard to read! - Why isn't it a full screen app? Please guys.... an udpate asap! - That said I do love th my pod + DT25 is preety sweet JG
  12. The DT25 still shows up in the current product line section of the LINE 6 website and Amazon has some as well.
  13. I would recommend that you contact L6 directly about this. Submit a ticket with this request and they will likely respond.
  14. @ Just Startin' I also have a DT25 which I love. Given all the comments on this forum about replacement tubes I wanted to get a clear and concise response so I opened a support ticket with Line 6 and here is what they said. 1 - For the 12AX7 preamp tube you can buy Electro Harmonix, generic chinese, Ruby Tube, or Sovtek. 2 - For the two EL84 power tubes you must use Electro Harmonix or Sovtek (Electro Harmonix owns Sovtek) While I have read about other brands that people have recommendation is that you stick with what Line 6 recommends. Also if you don't have training on amp repair and components installation....stay away from doing it. You can damage the unit or get hurt. Peace out JG
  15. @Just Startin' The amp was designed with the recommended tubes and L6 only tests with their recommended tubes. While you may be able to get away with other tubes it is best to go with the L6 recommended set. As Gear Head pointed out you could have unpredictable results not to mention that if your amp is fairly new you may void the warranty. Best
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