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  1. dude, something about your response makes you sound like a pompous lollipop.. I understand completely what he means by making the sound more natural.. I'm here searching for answers for my jtv 89 that totally may benefit from his posted idea. the models sound like poo , at least mine always has, when picking the lower strings fast. sounds very compressed and un natural. so, with that I say thanks to the original poster for actually having a contribution. as for the commenter... you've been very un helpful.. so thanks for nothing.
  2. I too have The exact same scenario. My box says that it's already rf2 enabled but I do not get anything like the video.. I get the purple light that stays on.. I would like to update if possible but the store which I bought it from wouldnt let me use their receiver to update it and I don't know how else am I supposed to upgrade it without having the receiver(xd-475)
  3. absolutely right.. I was more interested on how to get unity gain with all the many volumes and gains.. while maintaining a reasonable noise level. but trial and error seems to be only way..
  4. Ive been exactly the same situation for about a year now… (DT 50 212, hd 500..4cm) LOUD as a you'd ever want it, but low volume setting sounds totally different, so its hard to fully set things where ya want them with limited face melting showtime levels.. with every possible scenario being suggested as "the way" to do it, its right back to the beginning with endless possibilities.. Far more than I was fully prepared for… So, I too could use any advise on a few things like, gain structure to get the fat full distorted sound.. unity gain? how can you know where the gain is registering without any lights or meter display… Im a Sound man by trade, so I feel like this should be a no brainer but doesn't seem to be because it requires so much time getting familiar and comfortable that its small bits at a time and a slow process.. so…. Im new at this form of interacting online, so my bad if my response is more like a ditto to the question already posted…
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