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  1. Hi I'm doing some change in my setup and want to use two transmitters and one receiver for a 2 guitar setup. I have seen that the G90 have an A/B function so it easily can change between two channels. The G55 does not have A/B but it has a channel select knob, so it is very easy to change channel. Is there any technical difference between the G90s A/B function and selecting channels with the knob on the G55? Is the A/B function faster than a regular channel change? Do the G90 need to "lock" the transmitter when you use the A/B or is it just a user-friendly way to change channel?
  2. This seems like a good explanation. The strange thing is the statement inside the box that clearly says that this is a RF2 device. Is it so that Line6 can ship an item that they say is RF2 an it is actually not? If my device is RF1, what can cause the dropouts in the sound?
  3. Hi I have a G30 system with a TBP06 belt pack. I bought it for 6 months ago and inside the box it has a paper that says my system is enabled with rf2 and I should take a look in the manual to see how to change til rf1. In my band the bass player use an older g30 and that is rf1. So I need to change to rf1. When I follow the manual on the web page it does not work. When I start up the device I don't get any blinks from the blue light. I get a purple color that goes directly over to a solid blue color. Not blinking what so ever. The "audio" light goes from yellow to two small green blinks. What is the problem? Why can't I change to rf1? What does startup lights mean? I really need rf1 since i experienced a lot of dropouts with my system when I play with my bass blayer with a rf1 unit.
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