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  1. Yep that did the trick. It all seems to be working fine now. Thanks guys. I appreciate it.
  2. This problem still persist with me. Anyone figure this out yet?? None of it helped so far. I’m glad I’ve backed stuff bc Im randomly losing tones that I use. Hopefully a fix is on the way.
  3. I have the same issue. Would very much like to know the fix. I've never had issues with PODHD or Helix before. I hope there is a fix. I also get these errors when trying to load presets: - Failed to get preset names Service is not online - code - 8207 - Failed to paste one or more presets. Unknown communication error - code - 8200 - HX Edit was unable to import some presets from "Setlist Name" due to the following errors: 8604 - No symbol lookup table for models and parameters Each time it locks up my Helix. I did make sure that HX Edit matches the Firmware 2.82. Any help would be much appreciated. thanks
  4. I hooked up the amp and rockcrusher to make sure all is well (bad tube or cable, etc.). No problems. I have no idea why this isn't working - I may try a hum destroyer or something of the kind later. Thanks guys for your help. I've actually used the DT25 - Rockcrusher - Helix in a live setting before (with the workaround) and it works great - but that is a bit different b/c I'm bypassing the preamp and just using the poweramp.
  5. Yes. FX Loop 1 (set to instrument level in global settings) - I had the cable just in the send 1 out to guitar amp front. Then I had the return cable in the Return 2 (set to line level in global settings).
  6. Thanks - this is exactly what I was doing except for adding the lift. It would work until I turned up the amp (channel and master volume) then there would be very loud screeching noise. I wonder if I added one of those hum destroyers if that would do the trick. It just doesn't appear to be your typically hum issue (loud screeching noise). Thanks again - video was helpful.
  7. Listening to Pete Thorn's Q&A #28 - (I don't know how to cut and paste the youtube link on this forum). Start at 2:30 and he addresses this question exactly. The one thing I don't have is a lift coming out of the Helix into the front of the amp. I think I may be having a ground loop issue when I tried it. I have rehearsal tonight so I may grab a direct box (if we have one that will work) and try it again. If I recall there is a lift on the back of the Helix - I wonder if that would do the trick?? Has any one else actually got this work?? I'm with jeffhucik - I really don't think I would use this in a live setting but I'd like to understand it so as to have it available. The Helix by itself I have grown to absolutely love.
  8. I'm missing something - I can't get it to work. I even tried with DT25.
  9. The Helix sounds so good on its own I doubt I'd use this in a live setting at this point. Sometimes I like to figure stuff out. The Rockcrusher has a line out control as well - I think that most likely is an easy solution (finding the right level to have the signal coming back to Helix). Still not sure why when I ran FX Send 1 instrument to front of amp then Fx Return 2 line level to the Helix didn't work.
  10. You're probably right. I may try it tonight. One question I had with using the same send/return is that if the Load Box is sending the signal back at line level and Helix is set to instrument level - would that be a problem or mess up the Helix?? Is it safe to have it set to instrument and have a line level signal coming in the Return?
  11. Roscoe5 - total lack of understanding. I was assuming that instrument level going in to the amp and line level coming out of the load box. That is why I split the FX loops to Send 1 at instrument level and Return 2 at line level. I didn't even try the instrument level for both in one FX loop. I was thinking that level would be too low coming back - but I may give it go. jbuhajla - I tried this the other night with not good results - it didn't work. I put the two FX blocks Send 1 then Return 2 right next to each other - kinda like an FX loop in two blocks. Not sure if that was correct.
  12. Here is what I tried and it didn't work - I must be missing something. Guitar -> Helix (input) -> FX Send 1 (instrument level) -> Front of amp -> Amp speaker out -> Rockcrusher reactive load -> back to Helix FX Return 2 Line Level. The goal was to do what I think Pete Thorn did - use the amp head preamp and power amp and then depending on where you put the send/return put the Helix effects. The Four Cable Method seems a bit different b/c there is no speaker/cab in this scenario. What am I missing - why wouldn't that work?? Thanks!!
  13. Hey guys - can you clarify something for me?? Just for kicks I was messing with an amp head that I have and a Rockcrusher Recorder as a load box. 1. So do you have to use the 1/4 out at instrument level to front of amp? Or can you use FX loop 1 at instrument level to front of amp? 2. Then return FX Loop 2 at Line Level?? I've used one FX loop 1 at line level with the whole DT25 workaround (back of the amp power section only - preamp turned off) then using the Rockcrusher as a load box and bringing back in via FX Loop 1 Return at line level. I've had some pretty good stuff with that arrangement. I can't seem to do the same thing as Pete Thorn to work - I'm sure I'm missing something very simple. I guess I just wanted to confirm the only way to do this is to go 1/4 inch out (unbalanced) at instrument level - then from load box back to Helix to FX Return 1 at line level. Not sure then how you would set that up on a particular patch - How would you set up the FX loop blocks?? How would you set the Output?? Especially if I ever used this live I would have to have the end of the signal chain's output to XLR to the PA.
  14. I usually set the Mix and Feedback and timing as the main parameters. I'm not even sure what Bit Depth does?? I leave headroom, etc. I love the Vintage Delay. I use it a lot. I'm back to using now that I make sure I don't overload the signal. Some of my tones were probably too hot internally. I've just turned down the channel volume on the amp block and that solved the clipping issue. I could use headroom but went this route instead.
  15. STPLE

    Touch Select

    Here's an update - I've been helped by forum members for years - I hope this helps someone. I decided to try a factory reset and updating the firmware again instead of sending it in for a new footswitch (which would have been covered under warranty). The Line6 Reset Procedure page said to press: 8,9+12. I did that before attempting to reinstall the firmware. The crazy thing is that it started working after I did the factory reset 8,9+12. I never did reinstall the firmware update. I've never had a problem with Line6 updates, etc. They have always gone smoothly for me. I have no idea why this fixed it - anyone know?? Dumb luck?? Or is that factory reset different than the normal 9+10 reset after the updates?? Any ideas??
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