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  1. Hillman1312

    Took the Leap to 2.81...what's all the fuss about???

    The added gain block is just a workaround for me; I prefer to set the gain using the volume control on the amp. Once Line 6 fixes the issue I can simply delete the gain block again freeing an additional space (not that I really need it, plenty of space ....)
  2. Hillman1312

    Took the Leap to 2.81...what's all the fuss about???

    At least on my LT the problem seems to go away if I add a gain block after the compressor. Set at 0dB it will not affect the sound or volume. May even work when bypassed, have not tested that yet.
  3. Hillman1312

    I’ve figured out the random volume loss on presets

    Couldn't help to do some experimenting and created a very simple patch: Amp + Cab (Divided duo) followed by the LA studio comp with the peak reduction and gain both at 5. Standard settings on the amp+cab. From my DAW I sent a simple loop into the Helix (input USB 7/8) and then re-loaded the preset every few seconds. Indeed random drop outs as already known. Next I decided to add a gain block AFTER the compressor with the gain at 0 (i.e. it basically doesn't do anything). Then did the same thing and it seems that the issue is now gone. Now, before going "yeah, we may have a solution/ workaround" can someone please do a similar experiment and report back. Perhaps I was just lucky ...... Update: Just confirmed the above for two of my original presets.......
  4. Hillman1312

    I’ve figured out the random volume loss on presets

    For what its worth and to keep this thread active on the topic, I'm on 2.81 but the issue with the LA studio comp is still there. Really annoys me and I'm at the point of modifying my presets to avoid the issue (i.e. get rid of the compressor). I'm playing live with my LT so I want it to be consistent in volume/performance.
  5. Hillman1312

    Stones fuzz tone help

    Yeah sorry about that. It's one of those Thomann Fusion pro II guitars with a humbucker in the bridge.
  6. Hillman1312

    Tap tempo button responds to "touch"

    No, it's not really bothering me.... I just noted it. Actually it may be quite handy if I want to set tempo manually (doesn't happen that much, but still).
  7. Hillman1312

    Took the Leap to 2.81...what's all the fuss about???

    Indeed, I have the same issue. No problems with the update at all, but this volume issue is quite annoying and seems to be random. If I reload the patch over and over again it would sometimes drop in volume other times not. Very weird and hopefully it gets resolved soon. I do like this "Sadites" idea, but as I will be playing live I may change my presets for the time being an get rid of the LA studio comp at the end of the chain. Other than that I don't see a need to roll back to 2.7.
  8. Hillman1312

    Tap tempo button responds to "touch"

    Not sure if this is a bug, but I set my "Stomp select" to "off" in the global settings. When I touch the " TAP" footswitch with my hands it will however go to the Tempo menu. Is this supposed to be like that? I prefer to not have touch response for any of my stomp switches. I'm on 2.81, not sure if I had the same in 2.71, happened by accident earlier this evening ... Thx
  9. Hillman1312

    Stones fuzz tone help

    Hello Helix community, I'm working on a preset for playing Satisfaction by the Rolling Stones, but I'm having trouble getting close to that fuzz tone. So far I have the tone as attached to this post. It is essentially a Fuzz pi followed by aTop Secret OD. I did that as I could not really get the tone using only the available fuzz models. Would appreciate if someone would have a listen and propose some possibilities to get closer to the tone of the record. The clean tone is good enough for me although could be a bit more dirty. No worries about that. (Please note this patch is to be used live.) Thanks !!! Satisfaction.hlx
  10. Hillman1312

    Phantom Power Blocker Q (Triton or Sescom)

    An option to consider is to use something like the ART DTI. It is an isolator and (sort of) adapter in one. Can be used in mono or stereo as you please. I use it as a "phantom blocker" for my Helix LT. So the signal path would be : Helix XLR out --> ART XLR in --> ART XLR out --> Mixing board XLR in. But as you have HX stomp you can use a T(R)S into the ART and then either use a T(R)S out or go via the XLR. The beauty of this device is that it allows to use different types of cables/ connectors while always offering isolation of the signal. I'm not a studio engineer so maybe I overlook some disadvantages of this thing, but I do not hear any reduction in sound quality and at least for my configuration I have confirmed (by measurement) that no phantom power reaches the Helix. Anyhow there is debate on whether phantom power would cause problems. I've read about people having no issues at all, some others say there's an effect on the sound and some others warn for damage of the Helix. Whatever the truth may be, better safe than sorry in my view .... Cost for an isolator is relatively low. Hope this helps ... PS: I think you can also use a DI box in your situation.
  11. Hillman1312

    Helix presets ready to mix

    Thanks for sharing !! I browsed through the long list and to be very honest some of the presets I tried sounded too harsh to my ears. Need to say I was listening with my AKG headphones, so part of it can be due to that of course. I'm just afraid that if would listen to the presets with my speaker and crank up the volume it would not improve (probably gets worse). I saw you were using the 57 and 421 mics a lot. Maybe try the 121 in one of parellel blocks??? Personally I prefer mono patches, but that's just me... and likely for that reason I was quite distracted by the effect that you put in one of the parallel cab block just before the cab itself (think it is a chorus effect). Great idea to get some extra stereo effect and ambiance, but it did not work for me..... On the positive side you gave me some good ideas on positioning of effects, amp settings and the like, so thanks a lot for that! I'm still learning day by day to get better sounding presets; this forum is a great place to learn ! Good luck, thanks again and I hope this is somehow helpful.
  12. Hillman1312

    Speaker for my Helix LT

    Ok, so I got help from some forum members, did the Google thing, watched a number of youtube vids on the topic and then did some further experimentation at home. By blending a ribbon mic and a 57 or 421 I was able to create some tones that did not (or far less) suffer from the harshness. I'm now refreshing (most of) my patches using that idea. I further experimented a bit with high cuts, but still optimising that to get good results. This Wednesday another rehearsal which allows me to crank the Behringer amp again and see if the results are better now (should be, but at home I couldn't get too loud so let's see). Seems creating patches (for live use) is not at all easy and actually it would benefit newbies (like myself) or guitar players without any sound engineering experience (also like myself) if Line 6 would give some guidance on how to set up patches that don't suffer from the harshness. After my research and support I'm slowly starting to understand how tone creation (for live use) can be accomplished on the Helix. The problem, as I see it, is that Line 6 made it extremely easy to create a signal chain and to set all the numerous parameters etc. At the same time, the vast amount of variables available to us is so overwhelming that it is probably easier to mess up a tone (as I realised did) than to create a good one. For me the key takeaway of this exercise was that cab and mic selection play a crucial role (not the only one of course). Creating dual cab configurations with different mics and settings is a great tool to create a good tone and it saves you from diving into an EQ straightaway. Now, this whole threat started out basically as me asking for an opinion on the Behringer keyboard amp I bought couple of weeks ago, but over time boiled down to me rethinking how to create patches. And in a way it all starts to make some sense now........ If you can play music through the Behringer with more than acceptable quality (as said, I A/B-ed it with an EV ZLX 12P and the EV sounds way better, but on its own this thing sounds very nice) then why would it not be possible to also get a more than decent guitar tone out of the amp. Initially I blamed the Behringer for the harshness but actually it was my initial approach in creating presets in the Helix. Lesson learnt and I'll probably keep te Behringer for the time being. It is mainly to get some stage volume and a good monitor sound while I'll also send out a signal directly to the PA. I'm now considering a statement that if it sounds good on the amp during rehearsal (i.e. at +/- gig volumes) then the FOH is probably even better. But that's no promise, just a wild thought :-) I'll further tweak my presets and may post some of them on custom tone should anyone be interested... this will take a couple of weeks, so be patient. To those who helped me out, thanks!
  13. Hillman1312

    Speaker for my Helix LT

    We mainly play the typical (older) rock covers (like a lot of bands out there :-)); think of Joan Jett, Cheap Trick, AC/DC, ZZ Top, Guns n Roses and the like. No super high gain stuff (although that would be fun...). I tend to use the 2204 or Plexi models in my presets. For cleans (we have some "pop songs" as well) I built a preset around the Archetype amp in the Helix. That one actually doesn't sound all that bad through the amp by the way. Not great, but not bad either. Would much appreciate if you could share one of your presets that I can try. Happy to report the results here. Also raises the question on whether global EQ may need to be set. I have my high cut quite high at the moment (11 khz). Other than that global EQ is flat. Guitar would be LP or fat-strat (have and use both)
  14. Hillman1312

    Speaker for my Helix LT

    Thanks. Yes, I have used such setup before when running in the fx return of the amp we have in our rehearsal room. It works ok indeed for guitar amps, but I don't think it will work for the keyboard amp to be honest. As you say (and mentioned before) the keyboard amp is not a PA speaker (although it is marketed like that in a way), but it is (more or less) a flat response speaker. That's why I don't really understand what's going on and actually start to doubt whether there's something wrong with my presets. Is there a factory preset in the Helix that you find sounds (relatively) good through FOH? I may start with that and then revisit my settings. Having said that, I don't do crazy stuff in my presets and much of the amp and cab settings when selected in the software will be the default ones. I'm still in the "30 day money back" period so I may also decide to send the thing back and go to the EV again. That one seems to be "proven" as a decent speaker/monitor for the Helix. It's just that I like the additional features of the keyboard amp (extra inputs, portability, etc.) and don't want to give up immediately. Also, there's several posts on the internet where people claim to get very good results with this amp. At least I know what I'll be doing over the weekend ..:-)
  15. Hillman1312

    Speaker for my Helix LT

    So had a rehearsal tonight and honestly it was a disaster soundwise.... The sound out of the amp was waaaay to harsh and except for some clean tones the bottom end was missing. Now need to decide to either send the amp back or modify my presets. I'm afraid that if I modify the presets to better fit the amp I may screw up the FOH sound. Kind of lost to be honest ...... would anyone be willing to test one of my presets using his/ her FRFR speaker?? If it is only the preset then I'll consider keeping the amp.... Any other suggestion/advice more than welcome.