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  1. Hey everyone, I am not sure if this is possible although I am looking to see if there is any way to connect my HX Stomp to an audio interface and still run that in stereo. I know the HX Stomp can be used as an AI although I want to check out plugins and I like to run the HX Stomp in stereo as I have some stereo pedals like the Strymon Volante. If I got something like the Scarlett 2i2 or 4i4 could I run two cables into the two inputs on the Scarlett and then out through the monitors? I would be using Ableton as my DAW so not sure what to select for the input and output device. Thanks!
  2. Hey everyone, I just got a Revv G20 amp and I was looking to set that up using 4 cable method with my Stomp. However, I would still like to use the Stomp as an audio interface so I would like to run my monitors through that. Is that not possible with 4 cable method? I ask because it seems one of the outputs is taken up using 4 cable method and I can't connect both monitors to the Stomp now. Thanks!
  3. Had a question about the HX Stomp. If I have my chain be overdrives to HX Stomp to delay and reverb will I hear those external delay and reverb pedals if I am listening on headphones into the Stomp? I ask as those will be after the Stomp and I don’t know if I will hear those or not.
  4. I use Logic to record so that' s why I have that running. I don't have it running all the time and the majority of the time I am only listening through my headphones plugged directly into the Helix. I do notice a little bit of improvement. I bought some Sennheiser HD 300 Pro headphones so I've been listening on those. I primarily play a lot of ambient or heavy music and the Jazz Chorus mod is awesome. I've just noticed on the Friedman or Ubershall mods those seem a little overly honky to me although reducing 125 and 250 in an eq has improved that. I understand that not everything is going to sound exactly like I'm hearing when I watch other's YouTube videos.
  5. I am plugging my headphones into the Helix. I don't have studio monitors. I have the output and input in Logic as the Helix for sound. Wondering if monitors would make a difference at all.
  6. Thanks. Yeah. I am listening to the Helix through Logic for recording so I have Logic on with the Helix. Even with Logic off I'm notice that just sounds a bit honky is all. Was wondering if that was a common issue or not. Seems like it's missing a lot in the high ends.
  7. I’ve had my Helix Floor for about 2 weeks now. While I like it I’ve found that all the presets and even ones I’ve created or downloaded all sound a little honky and not open enough like they are compressed and lack any highs or treble. I am listening through my computer through Logic and am using a Monster cable. I have read some about the Global EQ although that doesn’t really fix anything yet. Any suggestions?
  8. I'm trying to run my Boss DD-200 through the FX Loop in stereo through my Helix Floor. I am only hearing sound out of one monitor so I wanted to see if I have this correct. Send 1 in FX loop 1 to send 1 on pedal Return 1 in FX loop 1 to return 1 on pedal Send 2 in FX loop 2 to send 2 on pedal Return 2 in FX loop 2 to return 2 on pedal Created a stereo send block with send 1/2 and a stereo return block with fx loop 1/2. Should I do a split there with the return block on a different parameter and use a a/b split? I haven't run a pedal in stereo before so I don't even know if I have this right or not. I know how to set up a guitar pedal in mono. Just looking for some help to how to correctly set that up in stereo. Thanks.
  9. Thanks. Looking for a shoegaze MBV type of sounds. I think those will work for that.
  10. Trying to work on a setup where I just have the Roland JC 120 amp sim or whatever that is called be only used as an amp. What are some good stock cabinets or IRs anyone would recommend? Primarily playing that for clean with delay and a lot of reverb. Would either use my Walrus Audio Jupiter Fuzz as an external pedal or the big muff sim for distortion.
  11. Thanks! That did. Appreciate that.
  12. I just got a Helix LT and I’m still in the process of learning everything. I am trying to run my Boss DD-200 through the FX loop. When I run the pedal I notice a considerable loss of volume and some tone. Is there a way to fix this? Also. Is there a good topic on how to run both a clean and a dirty amp on the same preset? Can I assign a dirty amp to a footswitch? Trying to research this and I’m not sure what to research to see how to do that.
  13. Hi Everyone, New Helix LT owner. I tried to upgrade to the new firmware and I keep on getting a "Boot Failure. Entered Update Mode!" error. Now HX Edit won't even recognize the Helix and keeps on saying "Connection Interrupted" at the bottom. I tried to do a reset by pressing buttons 9 and 10 and it gets about a half way and I get the Boot Failure error again. Used a different USB chord and nothing at all. I have a 2019 MacBook Pro running Catalina 10.15.4. I am really new to all of this so any help is appreciated. I apologize if this was brought up elsewhere. I have tried to read some other posts and nothing has helped. Thank you!
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