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  1. kraftybob

    You have to try this

    Very cool and thanks for sharing. Being relatively new to the Helix I still need to spend some time with that. But I can see myself getting into this in the future.
  2. kraftybob

    Thinking of switching from FRFR

    You mentioned about setting patches at home, and then they sound different at rehearsal. I would expect that going amp and 4CM would solve some of that, but you might still have effect levels to deal with. I have the Helix LT (for just over a month) and setting patch levels at performance volume is the one thing that I've heard from multiple people on here as well as a few YouTube videos. Others with more experience will have to chime in, but I'd hate to see you change your rig only to run into the same level issue.
  3. kraftybob

    Thinking of switching from FRFR

    Another option is to use the HX preamp models and effects and then run directly into the FX return of an amp. The amp then is simply the power amp and cab while the HX does the rest. This way you can still choose from all the amp models in the HX.
  4. kraftybob

    Best method of setting patches levels to the same volume??

    Here's a link from a video from Scott's Digital Guitar Playground on setting volume levels. In short, he uses the meter on the board to get the patches at a similar level, but uses his ears when setting the boost for solos (which he uses the expression pedal). He does not set a clean tone, but based on the fact that he said he uses his ears for the boost, I suspect that he would do the same for clean - use the meter to start and then his ears for the fine adjustment. He also states, as many have on this thread, that you should set your levels a gig volume. Oh, and his main volume knob is at about 2:00 https://youtu.be/crB1RL0DqCs
  5. kraftybob

    2.81 firmware available now

    Thanks for posting this @phil_m Glad to see it's cumulative. Thanks Line 6 for the quick turn-around on the update!
  6. kraftybob

    Jeezus H Christopher

    Fair enough @phil_m and you’re right, customers do come up with the wildest scenarios. In a previous job I managed all Infrastructure for a Tax firm I worked at and this included conference room technology. We out-sourced that but I saw first hand the programming that went into these control systems. Not fun. The end result is the Helix is a phenomenal product and I am certainly glad to have such a tool. Cheers!
  7. kraftybob

    Jeezus H Christopher

    @HonestOpinion I think you and I have very similar careers :) You make a good point about checking a bug report to see if there’s any show-stoppers for you. I read early on about something with the wah pedal losing its settings or something like that. I’m going to check and see if that is the case and if so, if there’s a work-around. I purposely held off upgrading mine to see how things went overall. That, and I’ve been traveling like crazy so what little time I’ve had with my gear has been spent playing. I’ve heard lots of good things about 2.8 so I’m anxious to check them out for myself
  8. kraftybob

    Jeezus H Christopher

    I would agree. I think it's a great product and it has certainly changed my "I must play through a tube amp" mentality (I never thought I'd write those words).
  9. kraftybob

    Jeezus H Christopher

    I'm simply commenting on what others have said - which is that there could be more safeguards in the install. As I initially stated I have not installed 2.8 yet so I can't comment on personal experience. But here's the thing - these guys/girls are customers, and if that's the customer perception - right, wrong, or otherwise - then the company (Line 6 in the case) would be smart to at least monitor this feedback (and others) to see what's real and what's not. Companies improve products by listening to their customers - that's what helps drive their product roadmap - and if there's enough feedback about a complex install process then it would behoove them to try and improve/simplify it. That's all I'm saying. But it seems like you're getting defensive about the feedback provided in this thread, and I may be speaking out of turn here, but it seems like the significant majority of us like/love our Helix and only want the best experience whether that be updating the unit, using it, tones, etc., and I don't think that's a bad thing. If somebody did something wrong, skipped a step, etc., sure, point that out so they don't repeat, and I agree with you that they have no right to complain if it's user error. But the OP was simply commenting on his perception that the install was lengthly. In a perfect world we would all have a Test environment/Helix to load this on first and validate the install for our own device. But, assuming most of us don't have an extra Helix laying around it's crucial the updates are as simple and reliable as possible. As rd2rk said, not everybody is IT savvy and owning a device like this for them could preset real challenges. A friend that I play along with has no clue about any of this stuff. In his own words he says give me the the guitar cable and show me where to power the amp on. He's a great guitarist but ended up asking me to program his Vox Valvetronix for him - he just wants to play and not worry about the tech.
  10. kraftybob

    Jeezus H Christopher

    From these comments:
  11. kraftybob

    Jeezus H Christopher

    I have not updated to 2.8 yet so I cannot comment on the specifics of this install. However, I don't care if install instructions are 5 lines or 5 pages, there should be code built-in to check for prerequisites and abort the install if not present. You shouldn't have to rely on the user no matter how clearly it's spelled out in the instructions. It's easy enough to fool-proof those items and not hard to do no matter how big or small your development team is. However, with any software/firmware update you should always run a backup first and read the instructions completely before running the install package. That doesn't mean you won't run into trouble, but it will certainly minimize problems you may have. There is no reason for not doing this other than you're rushing to get it done. Regarding the statement that Microsoft and Apple "have THOUSANDS of programmers on the payroll", that's true, but they're not all working on the same product. Each product has it's own development team and you'd be surprised to know that not all of them have massive headcount. But you're also right they they do not get it right 100% of the time. Nobody does, that's why patches are released on a regular basis (aside from security updates) for bug fixes, feature updates, etc. Ah, the wonderful world of software development :)
  12. kraftybob

    Live vs Recorded Tone

    Here's the patch I was using to send one path to the Effects Return of my DSL and the other to my Mac. I think I may know part of the problem - I'm only using a preamp in the chain because I'm using the DSL's power amp section. So the signal going to the Mac/Garageband only has the additional speaker cab. I wondering if the output to the Mac should have an amp & cab, not preamp and cab? But then I need to split the chain earlier and add another reverb to the Mac output? Thanks! AC_DC 2.hlx
  13. kraftybob

    Live vs Recorded Tone

    Later this morning I'll send the patch I was using to separate the two like I described before. Thanks for checking this one out and I'm glad to hear I'm close. Maybe it is how Garageband interprets the signal? Thanks!
  14. kraftybob

    Live vs Recorded Tone

    Here's a simple patch I threw together tonight. I didn't adjust the tones until after the speaker. I think I left this one w/T75's but a lot of the speakers just seem muffled to me. I appreciate you taking a look at it. Thanks! Priests2.hlx
  15. kraftybob

    Live vs Recorded Tone

    First of all I can't thank you all enough for taking the time to explain this to me. It's been very eye opening! I completely get what you're all saying about what I hear vs the audience and I certainly want the audience to hear the best possible tone. I'll deal with the rest if that's the case. This I finally get! When I run it through my amp I don't use any cabinet blocks, and only use a preamp block when the signal goes direct into the effects loop return. To record though, I set up a parallel path and only added a cab block to the second path. I then set the top path to 1/4" as that goes to my amp, and the bottom path with only the cab block to USB 1/2 and that goes to my computer. Even with this the recording sounds muffled and loses volume. I have watched some of Jason Sadites videos, and while I think they're good, I have a tough time sitting through some of them because they're long (30, 40, 50 minutes, etc). I tend to lean toward the guys that get right to it, however, being in the situation I'm in, I will go back and spend some time watching his videos. I'm sure it's something I'm doing so later today I'm going to disconnect the amp and run the Helix only into my Mac - to isolate the two. Once I get that figured out, I'll then add my amp back into the mix and go from there. Again, all the information is greatly appreciated!