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  1. Thanks all. Yes, not my first go-around with modellers. First time with the Helix, but past Boss and Line 6 user. I'm definitely familiar with the amp vs. speaker differences. I've already got a few amps, so all set on that end. That's why I asked about "other than" amp options. I just ordered a couple of smallish powered speakers - Alto TX208s. So I'll give that a try for for a while to start, and possibly upgrade later. Hopefully they work out. Having fun with the Helix so far!
  2. Hi folks. I'm a Helix newbie, just picked up an LT. Other than running it through a traditional guitar amp and cab, I'm curious what other gear folks personally prefer to use for output sound? I mean for home practice and/or studio needs, not live performance (so don't need loud volume outputs). For instance, what do folks think of the Powercabs? Are there other better options, possibly with stereo output? Thanks in advance.
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