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  1. Hey guys, bit of a complicated question here but I think it makes sense.. So I've been using the Helix into an FRFR speaker exclusively for the past 3 years now, and it's been great but I'm probably gonna invest in a simple single channel tube amp (probably something like the Marshall SV20H 20 watt Plexi-style amp) and use the Helix in conjunction with it. Having the amp set to a nice mid-gain rock rhythm tone (pushing it with drives in the Helix for more gain, and rolling back on the volume for cleans) will cover about 80% of what I do.. but every now and then I need a real clean tone, glassy Nile Rodgers-y Fender-style clean sound, and I wanna be able to switch to that with the press of one footswitch on the Helix. Obviously no clean channel or channel switching on an amp like that, so I was wondering.. has anyone tried using a really clean pre-amp model into the FX Return (so, the power amp then into a cab ) of a cranked tube amp, completely bypassing the preamp section, and does it work? Or is there gonna be too much gain and saturation added by the power amp for it to ever be properly clean? I've seen people use preamp models in the FX loop a bunch of times, but only for heavy gain tones which obviously wouldn't have this problem. Ordinarily I'd just try stuff out, but currently still stuck a few thousand miles away from my Helix and it's not that easy to go mess around with gear in a store right now haha. For some extra detail, the signal path I was planning on trying is as follows: Guitar > Helix Guitar In > Drives/Modulation > Helix Send 1 > Amp Input >>> Amp FX Send > Helix Return 1 > Preamp/Delay/Reverb > Amp FX Return > Amp Out > 2x12 Cab Hopefully that makes sense haha
  2. So on most gigs I've done in the past year or so I've been using the Helix 1/4" out into an Alto TS215 for my on stage sound, then the XLR out into the FOH. The basic patch I've been using (US Double for cleans/Cali Texas for dirty, both into Ownhammer IR's) sounds amazing through the Alto, and the FOH from what I've heard, but I've started doing some gigs where I'm having to use In Ears for all my monitoring, and my tones sound awful! They sound really small and fake and cheap, don't have anywhere near the clarity and responsiveness as they do from my Alto. I realise this could just be something that sort of comes with the IEM territory (tiny little earbuds VS 12/15" speaker), but do any of you have any tips on how to improve it? I'm an IEM newbie, so I've got no idea haha. I'm using some fairly decent Shure IEM's, they're not like iPhone earbuds or anything. Thanks!
  3. Ahh there it is! Dunno why that changed when I updated it, but thanks!
  4. So, I have my basic go-to preset set up with 4 snapshots: Clean, Drive, More Drive, and Lead. Basically the same patch but with different settings on the amp, and maybe an extra drive pedal to boost it for the Lead snapshot. Anyway, up until I updated to the latest (2.5) firmware, I had it set up so the Drive parameter on the amp was being controlled and changed by each snapshot, but ALSO being controlled by the expression pedal (clicking it on turned it into a wah) so I could roll the drive up and down on the fly if I wanted.. however, since this latest update that seems to have stopped being possible? As far as I can tell, I now have to choose between controlling it on the snapshot OR on the EXP Am I being stupid or is this different now?
  5. Hi all! So I've been gigging consistently (6 nights a week) with my Helix ever since the beginning of February and it's been perfect, bar one issue that started a few months ago. My tap tempo switch seems to be failing to correctly sense my taps, if you get what I mean. When I press and hold for the tuner, sometimes the tuner won't turn on at all.. sometimes it will, but will turn off again as soon as I lift my foot. When I use the tap tempo function, it almost always either drops the tempo to the lowest possible value (20), or raises it to the highest possible value (240). It's like it fails to sense some of my taps, while also sensing taps I haven't done. Just got a mind of it's own to be honest. Anyway, anyone else had a similar issue? I figured it could be just wear and tear (I use it a fair amount every night) unless it's a software issue and the switch itself is physically fine. Any ideas? Do I just need a new switch? Thanks!
  6. Euanh91

    Updating the Helix

    Awesome, thanks!
  7. Euanh91

    Updating the Helix

    Hi all! Okay, this may sound like a novice question, but here goes.. My Helix is currently on Firmware 2.01 - I'm wanting to update it to the latest firmware (2.21) Obviously there have been loads of other versions of the firmware in between those two, that I've missed. Can I just update straight to 2.21, or am I supposed to do each update in sequence? I was about to update it straight to 2.21 because that seems like common sense, but I'm leaving for a 4 month contract in Dubai on Thursday and don't wanna risk bricking my Helix right before I go haha. Thanks!
  8. Hi all! Okay, total noob question I know! Apologies if this has been asked and answered a thousand times. I've had a Helix for a few months now, but I've never updated it or used the Helix editor. My Helix's firmware version is 1.03.0 I'm now wanting to download the editor and update my Helix to the latest firmware, specifically for the Snapshots. Is there a specific way in which I should do this? Ordinarily, I'd just download the latest version of the editor, but I'm wondering if I need to download an earlier version, and then update that? Or can I just go ahead with the latest version straight away? Do I need to update my Helix's firmware first, to be able to use the latest editor? I realise these are probably really stupid questions, sorry! I just don't wanna mess it up haha, as I'm sure you can understand haha Thanks a lot!
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