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  1. Splitcathode

    Moog / Synth Bass Sound

    Look at Chad Carouthers videos on youtube. he made some Helix Bass Synth presets
  2. Splitcathode

    HX EDIT issue with Saving Bypass states (HXFX)

    Yes, when I updated my LT to 2.6. I use HX Edit exclusively. Snapshot parameter values inside my amp models will change values after I save them, leave the block and return. I have to correct the value and save again, seems to hold the correct value after the 2nd save? Pretty annoying when you have several parameters assigned.
  3. Splitcathode

    2.6 Industrial Fuzz bug?

    Several of the Fuzz models behaved that way on my 2.5 version. Have not tried them on 2.6.
  4. Splitcathode

    Running Helix to FOH and Powered Speaker simultaneously

    Its my understanding (which I have very little of) that if you plug into right and left, that the right will be half of a stereo signal (if you have stereo blocks) may not sound right?