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  1. Disclaimer: I have a fully up to date HXFX and HX EDIT software. Have rebooted and restarted software many times. Brand new MacBook Pro. No dongles or usb hubs are being used. Usb c to usb b cable. Also I don't own any other HELIX family pedals. The issue I'm having is when connecting my HXFX to the edit software. It will not save the Bypass state of a pedal when SAVING via EDIT software. (command s) It will also not save different parameter values between Snapshots when saving via sofware. Now If I change the Bypass state or Snapshot parameter values of a pedal via the software or hardware, and hit save on the hardware it self, it will save that. The only thing (that I notice) the HX edit will actually save is what pedals I put in the chain, and preset parameter values. When using (command S). My workaround is to just use the SAVE buttons on the pedal itself. Is anyone else experience this.
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