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  1. Thanks for the tip rayray6, I will give it a shot.
  2. Hey rayray6, I am not certain I have done that. I will give it a shot. I know people say to run the Helix volume at max for just using it as a pedal board into an amp, but my experience has been that it actually increases the signal going into my tube amps and is not the same input gain as just plugging my guitar into the amp, it seems more like 1 O'clock is unity gain to me. But yeah, I will try turning the helix all the way up, preset amp channels down some and control it with the power cab. For playing direct monitoring with headphones through the Helix sounds and works great for me. It is just the time of trying to play it through the power cab that I feel a bit of disappointment. Uelef and SteveFrance, thanks for the input. SteveFrance when you said, "'I've watched a lot of comparison on Utube and noticed really little difference between all the modelers", I think that goes along with what I was saying about liking the Helix just fine when I record direct with it and monitor through the helix or my interface. I just feel like maybe there is bottom end that I get from my tube amps that is maybe not part of the Helix models, because you would not need that bottom end in a recording...maybe? Like when you mic an amp up that bottom end does not get captured, it is only present in the room...maybe? But then when you take the model without that bottom end and send it to the powercab, it is not getting the lows that a normal amp would have... I honestly don;t know what I am talking about, so my thought process may be totally wrong. You guys have got me thinking about trying a different modeler to compare. Don;t get me wrong though I live the line 6 products. I have the Helix rack with control, the power cab, a variax and an HX effects. I really want to love the power the way I do playing through one of my other amps. Thanks again for the input!
  3. Hey SteveFrance, just meant it had more lower end, when I asked about it sound "full". Sorry should have been more clear. Thanks for the info on how the Kemper works with the powercab for you!
  4. Hey, thanks for the responses! Yeah, I still have it, but have not turned it on since my post. :( I ended up buying one of those Mooer Baby Bomb 30 watt mini power amps and love the Helix through that into one of my normal guitar cabs. Rayray6, I think you are right and that I might like it better in a band situation where I am part of a mix and need it to cut through and not take up any of the low end space. If I had not of found a solution I like using the baby Bomb, I might have looked into that Yamaha. Thanks for the reply! SteveFrance, so the Kemper with the Powercab seemed to be more full in the sound than the Helix with Powercab was? Thanks for the reply!
  5. salty09

    Helix Buzz Issue

    Hey Kazen, that problem is related to the ground on the Baby Bomb, or lack of. I used one of those Ebtech Hum X Ground Loop Hum Exterminators with my Baby Bomb and it resolved the problem. I happened to have one, so not really suggesting that the only fix is a 70 dollar plug to plug the baby bomb into...but it is the type power supply being used that is creating a ground issue.
  6. Hey specracer986, Thanks for the reply. Yes, I am keeping the input light green, sometimes flickering to orange. I do also know that setting it flat instead of tilting it back increased the bass a smidgen. But still very little low end...And that is with turning the bass all the way up on the amp models in the Helix. Am I just expecting something that is not feasible?
  7. I wonder if some of you might have advice for me about my powercab woes. First as of this moment I am primarily a bedroom player and I am comparing my powercab to an open back Princeton Reverb clone I built. I am running a Helix rack into the power cab and no matter what presets I use, ones I build or ones I download from preset packages or user preset, the powercab seems thin to me. I so far have mostly spent time with the speaker models. I have a 1x12 open back extension cab that I can run my Princeton through that has a cannabis rex in it and that speaker is full sounding with nice lows and the power cab version with any of the fender amp only models sounds no where near as full. Am I doing something wrong? I would have thought I closed back cab might have more low end to be honest. I really want to make the powercab work. I get the concept that in a live situation that the lack of bass may not be a bad thing, after all that's what bass players are for and the guitar signal needs to stay out of their way, but at home I would like to hear what I hear from my real amps. Oh, I also have an egnater tweaker 40 that I run through a 1x12 and it is way more full sounding as well. Any help/advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks! Salty
  8. salty09

    Asheville Pattn

    I would start with reading the manual from the Moog site: MF-105M MuRF Manual
  9. So I played around with something fun the other day that I thought I would share in case others could use it and not thought of it. I bought an EHX Attack Decay. The pedal has an effects loop built into it for adding effects to the envelope effect without changing the through signal. I set the device up so that it's in and out was in effects loop 1 on the Helix and then out wired the pedals effects loop into effects loop 3 on the Helix. I assigned effects loop 1 to path A in the Helix, which also had a distortion block, amp/cab block, reverb and delay. Then I assigned the input of path B to return 3 and the out of path B to send 3/4. Then I dropped different effects into path B to have them in the effects loop of the EXH pedal. This concept would work great for things like the Timeline where you can put effects into the repeats through a effects loop. The only thing that I wish could be done different would be to not loose the use of effects loop for in order to set the output of B to send 3. I am guessing I could get fancier with the routing to make that work...maybe setting input of path 1B to something else and then panning the outputs of 3/4 to left and right.... Anyone else played with this idea?
  10. I just added this idea scale and hope maybe it could be useful for other users as well. Here is the concept and verbiage I added to the idea scale item and below that a link to it: I think it would be really helpful for people that use an outboard pedal in an effects loop to be able to add knobs and switches to the effects loop block, per preset. In my case, I use a fuzzgod 2 in a loop and I have to tweak it per amp model I am running it into. It would be nice if I could add parameters to the effects block that would represent the knobs and switches on my fuzzgod pedal. I could set the value of those to match the physical pedals settings and save it to the preset. Then when I pull up a preset, I know where to set the knobs on the physical pedal. In addition if the outboard pedal has mid control, you could have the knobs on the Hx product actually control the parameters on the physical pedal and save the setting per preset so that the physical pedal is adjust on preset load. I know you can do that with PC messages now, but this would be a layer deeper. https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Ability-to-define-knobs-on-effects-loop-block-for-pedal-settings/951850-23508
  11. Thanks for the info. I will test the voltage first and see if it is putting out the 5 volts. I have a really small pedalbaord that I am putting the HX stomp on, so the larger 5 port midi project you sent may not have enough space under the board. But, I will look into that as a possibility, I build pedals for fun, so I can handle the iron part okay. Thanks again for the reply!
  12. I am setting up a pedal board centered around the HX Stomp and a Pig Tronix Infinity looper. I will be sending clock to the HX and Looper from an Electribe. I also need to send pc messages from the HX to my power cab for changing speakers. I am planning on Electribe to HX to Looper. The looper only has midi in and so I would not be able to get midi back out to the Powercab. I was thinking of putting a Midi solutions thru box after the HX midi out and send one to the looper and the other to the powercab. Does anyone happen to have one of these Midi-Thru and an HX stomp? If so, could you see if the HX stomp will power the midi device? Or maybe someone has tried to send midi power to another device from the stomp? I just would rather not by the midi thru to find out it does not work. Thanks! Salty
  13. Oh cool, Phil-m beat me too. I suspected it would be the same. Also good to hear that there are plenty of effects left available dsp wise.
  14. I have a full Helix and a stomp, if you want to send me over a list of the exact blocks you used, I can tell you if it would have worked in the helix in one path without running out of dsp. Cause, now I am curious about that as well. I can get a lot of stuff into one path on the Helix without hitting the dsp limit.
  15. Doh! I returned my first one when that started happening, after discussing it with Sweetwater support and sending them a video of it happening. Guess I need to wash my hand before touching it next time. :P
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