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  1. hi! Thank you for your answer and sorry for asking the question wrong. i have the golden boy and if you know you can choose from different styles I would like to change the type of overdrive from the HX on Footswitches in snapshot is different? im lost sorry and I saw this video
  2. Hi ! Does anyone know how to control the GOlden boy with the HX? Thank you !! CC #1 – DRIVE ON/OFF (value of 127 = ON /value of 0 = OFF) CC #2 – BOOST ON/OFF (value of 127 = ON /value of 0 = OFF) CC #3 – CLIPPING DIODES (value of 1 = 2x SYMETRICAL DIODES) (value of 2 = 3x ASYMETRICAL DIODES) (value of 3 = 4x SYMETRICAL DIODES) (value of 4 = 2x SYMETRICAL RED LED's) CC #4 – GAIN CYCLE (value of 1 = 25% GAIN) (value of 2 = 50% GAIN) (value of 3 = 75% GAIN) (value of 4 = 100% GAIN) 10/12 CC #5 – BOOST EQ (value of 1 = BRIGHT BOOST) (value of 2 = MID BOOST) (value of 3 = TAILORED BOOST) (value of 4 = FULL BOOST)
  3. Captain-D

    Faves on Helix

    HI! I have a faves of chase bliss audio Do you think I can do something with the HX effects via MIDI? I think it could be interesting
  4. yeah!!! check this video
  5. HI! maybe explain wrong I want to install a midi pedalboard to be able to activate the 3 effects that I have in the block, but in the Hx I only have 6 Switches is possible ?? thank u so much Guys !!
  6. Hi everyone!! I have in my hands an HX Effects, and I would like to add a midi pedalboard like Morningstar MC3 but I would like to know if I can add more Footswitch The HX effects has up to 6 simultaneous effects and I would like to add some more as can be done in the HX Stomp
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