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  1. Cool! So definitely full amps no cabs (or maybe try cabs), got it. Thanks to you both! @rd2rk - Which quilter power amps are you referring to specifically (or have recommendations)? I figured I might as well ask now just so I can keep it in the back of my mind in case i feel like the EHX is missing something The power amp shipped today so I'll be excited to hopefully get it soon
  2. Thanks for the all responses! I spent a lot of time looking into forums and reading/listening to many clips, and I ended up going with the EHX 44 Magnum after listening to several clips and reading on the forums about it seeming it like the best option. I also read from people that the Quilter may be better [basically everything you said rd2rk :) ], but i wanted to at least try out the EHX 44 magnum to see how it sounds in the first place (and it's the most basic of the options so I can just test drive the concept to see if it matches what I could like). -Just for clarification, with this setup of Helix -> EHX 44 Magnum -> 4x12 Marshall Cabinet, does that mean I set my Helix to "Amp" or "Preamp"? I know that I'm not going to be using the Cabinet block, but I wasn't sure what to do before it -Does anyone have experience on a good signal flow for using the EHX 44 Magnum and/or any solid state power amp? Not sure if it changes anything I thought I might ask -Any other tips I should be aware of?
  3. Ok wow, took me a long while to really read through, and read through again everything just to see if I can understand it correctly. Thank you both for the clarification. I'm a *he, but that doesn't make a difference rd2rk -I have a tube combo amp, but you said this works better at higher volumes, so that's maybe not my option -I also don't get how it's like pre-amp -> power amp -> helix preamp + cab (in the fx loop) -> amp cab? Just seems a bit confusing altogether fo rme -You sound like you preferred the Powercab112+ like you said in the first post. Is that something you would say is good to look into? How do you feel this compares with an FRFR instead? And does it have two channel inputs/outputs? qwerty42 -The Pre amp vs power amp definitely cleared up my first major confusion -What's your current setup if I can ask?
  4. ***Update: thanks Qwerty, you answered a lot of my confusion right there. Ok so now that i understand pre amp vs power amp, can I get some recommendations for what would be a good power amp to use?
  5. Thanks for the advice! That's a pretty cool analysis on the "feel" part and helps me with that.. but I still don't really understand the relationship between Helix Amp + Power Amp So with this: "Get a tube combo and run the Helix with a full amp model (no cab) into the FX Loop Return." - I have an amp on the helix and I have tube amp? "Get a SS amp and speaker cab and do the same." - I'm not a solid state person so I'll skip this "If you can get a Powercab112+, try it using the speaker emulations (not IRs)." - you mean the Helix cab simulation right? Basically here is where I'm at. I have my Marshall 1960A 4x12 Cabinet, and I was just trying to see and figure out how to link this to my helix. Like do I need a tube amp? A power amp? What settings do I need on my Helix (like yes amp, no cab..explaining kind of how I have a an amp on the helix and power amp and/or tube amp?). Also suggestions for Power Amps are definitely appreciated because like I said I was looking at the ISP Stealth Power Amplifier and am not sure if this is a good idea or not
  6. Hey everyone, Now I've done my best to read about this as much as I can, but am having trouble find even the most basic information here. Most of the information I found is about the differences between FRFR and Power Amp, and that's not what I want to figure out today. I have a Helix currently linked to my FRFR EV ZLX-12P. Because of how much I like the Helix, I've been selling my old pedalboard along with my Marshall Amp Head and Cabinet. From the research I found, I noticed that people who play with the Power Amp through the Cabinet with the Helix found it's touch sensitivity much more like a tube amp and that's honestly what I've been missing playing with the Helix. It just doesn't feel right no matter how good it sounds and now I can see that maybe I can fix that. So I have some questions here: 1) Does the Power Amp replace the Amp Block on the Helix? If so, doesn't the Helix just become an FX-unit basically? 2) If that isn't correct, is there a place I can read about how the power amp and helix work and what I need to do for it? I can't seem to find anything on the manual for it 3) What's a good Power Amp that people like? I've seen ones that are very expensive, and a bit out of my budget for now. Ideally <$500 4) Does anyone have any experience with the ISP Stealth Power Amplifier? I saw this a few times and wasn't sure if it's even something worth looking into. Like I said, I've really got myself a bit confused here so any help would be very much appreciated. Thank you!
  7. manubsingh

    EXP 1 <=> EXP 2

    I know this is an old post, but I thought this might be better than reposting the same question. Hello everyone (former Fractal guy to now Helix). I'm trying to figure out how to do these instruction but I don't seem to understand it. I'm trying to essentially have my volume pedal EXP1 switch to a Wah Pedal (without changing the volume) with a footswitch. Are the instructions on how I can do that?
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