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  1. ejendres

    Bass tones

    Yep, its the same system.
  2. ejendres

    Bass tones

    I recently got the Helix and I'm trying to match the bass tone I used to get with my old 11rack. There is a clip linked below. Anyone have suggestions for where to start? In the 11 rack I was using an Ampeg model and a Rat but that same setup isn't getting me there with the Helix. https://soundcloud.com/ejendres/burrito-bass-136bmp-audiotrimmercom
  3. ejendres

    Helix Buzz Issue

    I’ve had a helix for a few months. I’ve used it primarily at lower volume in my studio and it’s been a little noisier than I liked but it sounded good and the noise wasn’t over powering. I’ve been using the 1/4†outs. I finally decided to try it as a pedalboard. I plugged the helix into the amp with the helix powered off and there was instantly a overbearing buzz. Sounds like a bad ground. Happens on all the 1/4†outputs. It’s the same buzz I’ve been hearing when I record in my studio. It happens with the helix off and on regardless of the guitar or settings on the helix. The noise is unaffected by the helix master volume. See video below:
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