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  1. I listened to your videos - nice job on the patches!
  2. How would HX Edit manage 3 different Stomp configurations?
  3. Thanks for putting this together. Yes, the input impedance would be helpful, but I personally also like the image reference of the original hardware.
  4. kraftybob

    Helix 2.9

    Well this should solve the million threads about the need for meters.
  5. I received the Rockville Bag yesterday and wanted to update the forum in the event someone else is interested in this. It's a pretty decent bag and I'll know over time how it holds up, but on initial inspection there's nothing that leads me to believe this won't last with moderate use. I'm not a road warrior so I got this with the intention of jamming at a friends house and the occasional pub gig, so for $60 you really can't go wrong. It fits the LT like a glove so I would not recommend this for the Helix Floor since that is slightly wider. It has backpack straps that can be tucked away in a pocket on the back, and it has a removable over-the-shoulder strap if you prefer to carry it that way. There's also a sturdy handle on the top. There could be a little more padding in the bottom corners so I would be careful about inadvertently dropping it. I may add some padding in those spots as long as I can still zip it closed. It fits everything I bring with me and here's a few pics to show the bag. It will also fit a few of the thinner style guitar straps, but I keep mine (thicker leather straps) with my guitars in their cases so that's not a need for me. Side note - now that I have just the Helix and my amp I'm going to get a smaller power strip - but this one fits without a problem. If anything happens with it I'll update the post.
  6. Got the following email this morning from user miayaya7i on this forum. I can forward you the message if needed. Greeting, my name is Mia, How are you? I saw your profile today and feel like contacting you. if you don't mind kindly contact me through my mail box for more introduction and picture i have something very important i will like to discuss with you, here is my Email address (miayaye22@hotmail.com) Thanks yours, Miss Mia
  7. I’m looking for a gig bag for my LT and came across the Rockville RVBAG25 bag. Seems to get good reviews (better than the Novation), and is reasonably priced at $60, but I’ve not found any posts on this site from anyone saying they use it. I’m going to start playing out on occasion and need something for my Helix. Probably won’t be more than 2x’s/month so not looking for, or to spend, on something that’s more road worthy right now.
  8. Cork sniffers will be cork sniffers. I would have said "joke is on you - the amp that you usually see in the back is never live, yet you liked my tone before." If I get to the point of going straight to FOH then I would not be bringing an amp just to place onstage. Defeats the purpose of minimizing the load in by going all Helix.
  9. Thanks for the info everyone. As I mentioned I didn't have a specific application, rather was more curious how this worked out. I don't have plans to go tone chasing but good to know in any case. Thanks again.
  10. Has anyone compared their physical speaker/cab to the same IR, and if so, how close does it sound? I know there are differences between amp in the room vs through a P.A., for example, but all things being as equal as possible, do they sound the same - or close to it? I have a G12M-65 Creamback in my amp (DSL40C) and a G12T-75 in a 1x12 closed back cab and am really happy with this speaker combination. I'm wondering if I got these two IR's from Celestion if my presets would sound about the same whether I was running into the effects return of my amp and mic'ing it, or going direct to FOH using the IR's? I don't have a specific application at this time - really just curious.
  11. The Helix amp models have gain, channel volume and master volume (assuming the original amp is setup that way) so you can get some nice overdriven tones at pretty low volumes. A lot of amps these days - including your Blackstar and my Marshall, get their OD from the preamp, not power amp. Yes, they tend to sound better when the volume gets to a certain level, but it's not a requirement like it was with some of the non-master volume amps of the past. I sold what few pedals I had when I got the M13. So at this point I'm only using what's in Helix. Again, I'm not a big effects user so it's not like I have to have that certain pedal that's not included with the Helix. If you want to add pedals with the Helix you certainly have that option - either before or after the Helix, or within one of the loops. There are others on here that can provide better information on how to set this up.
  12. There are a lot of guys that either run their Helix into the effects loop of an amp, or use something like a Seymour Duncan Power Stage into a guitar cab. You're still using the amp models in the helix (I use the preamp model in this case) so you're really not defeating anything. you're just powering it using a different source. You should at least try you Blackstar as while 5w is still pretty loud, you might be pleasantly surprised by how it sounds. Won't cost you anything.
  13. The amp and speaker(s) will change the tone to some degree, but that's no different than if you plugged your amp head into a different cab. Same thing with cabs and IR's in the Helix - you're going to get those nuances that a Greenback 25 gives compared to a V30, for example. An FRFR speaker is designed to be flat response so pretty much all your tone/characteristics comes from the Helix. I have a G12M-65 Creamback in my amp and a 1x12 closed back cab with a G12T-75 and really like the tones I get out of it with my Helix patches. However, if I'm using the JCM800 amp model, for example, it will sound somewhat different through my amp than it does with headphones, but that's because the speakers I'm using I'm my amp versus the cab/IR's I have in the Helix. Neither one is better or worse, they're just different.
  14. As mentioned above I would go with the LT. The Helix floor has a little more capability for recording, plus the extra loops, however, amps, effects, processing is exactly the same. The floor has scribble scripts (a little display above each footswitch), where the LT lists them in the display. I have the LT and am perfectly happy with the presets, effects, etc. shown in the display. I came from the M13 and quickly ran into the limitations of only having 4 effects active at once. Moving to the Stomp with only 6 was not an option for me. And I'm not one who uses a ton of effects or complex routing. Where the extra blocks come into play for me is using snapshots. Also, with the LT you can have up to 8 snapshots and the Stomp is limited to 3. The LT has a headphone amp so you shouldn't have any problem driving higher impedance headphones. I use the Sony MDR-7506 that are rated at 63 ohms and they sound really good. However, others on this site use much higher impedance headphones without issue. I don't fully understand the Amp in A Room vs. real amp, but I'm really happy with how my setup sounds and I have three different configurations. With the Helix LT connect in 4CM to my Marshall DSL40C: I have some patches that I use the DSL for tone (preamp and power amp) and the Helix for effects only (drives in front of the amp, time based in the loop). On some other patches I use a preamp in the Helix and then route the signal direct to the Effects Return of my amp so now the Helix is my preamp and effects and my DSL is just the poweramp and speaker. And then for recording direct, or headphone playing I have some patches that are all Helix: amps, cabs/IR's, effects, etc. All of this is done through the setup/routing in the Helix and I don't have to change any cables at all. It's an incredibly versatile unit.
  15. Thank you for confirming.
  16. I did some searching on here and found a few references, but nothing definitive - does the Helix act as a buffer pedal? I was posting on another forum about running 4CM with 10’ cables - which means my signal goes through 40’ of cable. I was wondering about a buffer pedal when someone commented that “Isn’t your Helix essentially a buffer?” And that I only need to worry about the cable between the guitar and Helix. Thoughts?
  17. I agree - the crunch channel on the 40 is pretty amazing. Another good thing about the 20w is you still get a 12" speaker, however, keep in mind it's the Seventy 80 which is a lower-end Celestion. Certainly not a reason to pass up the 20w, but something easy enough to change out at a later date if you want. I used to have a 4x12 cab with Seventy 80's and by itself I thought it sounded pretty decent. Then when I got the DSL40C w/the Creamback I realized what I was missing. Good luck with whatever you end up getting. The DSL20 is a nice amp and will be a great platform for the Helix.
  18. I was always of the mindset that I get my tone from the amp and effects are in addition to that. Prior to the Helix I was using the M13 - which is stomp boxes only. I started hitting some limitations of the M13 so was going to upgrade to the HX Effects, but then got a good deal on the Helix LT from Sweetwater. My plan then was to run 4CM with effects only. Then I tried a few preamp models into the effects return of my DSL. Big mistake <sarcasm>. Now I find myself using more preamp models from the Helix (routing to the effects return) than I do straight DSL. I still really like the DSL tone, but there are so many other options now with the Helix I'd be crazy to ignore them. In addition to the Creamback in my amp, I also have a 1x12 closed back cab with a G12T-75. For me, having the helix preamp going into the DSL tube poweramp, with these two speakers, really delivers. I'm really happy with my setup at this point. As far as the weight of the DSL is concerned at some point I'm going to convert it to a head. There are a few after market options for the DSL, or I may just do it myself (as I'm pretty handy). My 1x12 cab was actually a MG250DFX that I bought from some guy that pulled the head and used it as a 2x12 cab. The DSL is wide for a 1x12 combo so this fits under it nicely. Whenever I do the head conversion, I'll make a new baffle for the cab and convert it back into a 2x12 cabinet. The good thing about the DSL20CR is that it uses EL34 power tubes. A lot of amps in the 15-20w range end up using EL84's and sometimes I don't think those have as much punch as the 34's (or 6L6's).
  19. Very true. I have the G12M-65 Creamback in mine and with that the amp is 58 lbs. Marshall doesn't make the DSL15 anymore, but the 5w and 20w both have effects loops.
  20. I have a DSL40C and run my Helix in 4 Cable Method (4CM) as @fenderbenderlax mentioned above. If you already know this please disregard: An effects loop comes in-between the preamp and poweramp sections of your amp. Typically you'd put drive pedals before the amp, and time/modulation pedals in the loop. With 4CM, for example, you can have the Helix route your Wah, Compressor, OD to the front of the amp and then route your delays, reverbs through the effects loop. But there are other advantages to using the loop. Here's how I run my Helix LT: Some presets I my DSL for pre and power amp and the Helix for effects only. Using 4CM I route the effects either to the front of the amp or to the loop. For presets that I want to use an amp model, I use a preamp from the Helix, and then route my signal to the effects loop return so my DSL is essentially just a power amp at this point (as I'm bypassing the preamp section). I setup my effects the same way - drives in front of the Helix preamp model, time-based after the preamp model, and then send the signal to the return of the effects loop for the power amp. Notice that I'm using a preamp model and not an amp, or amp & cab. For recording I go direct to my Mac/garageband via USB and monitor the audio from the Helix using Studio/Flat response headphones. With this I use all Helix and either amp/cab models, or separate amp and cab/IR's. All this is possible with 4CM and not having to change any cables once your setup. All the routing is managed in the Helix using send/return blocks and where you place it.
  21. What are you trying to do with the Helix, effects only, amp and cab models too, etc? The DSL15 doesn't have an effects loop - which is typically where you'd put your time-based/modulation effects - so you may be somewhat limited in that regard. You can certainly run all your effects in front of the amp, you just might not like how they sound as much. Also, there are no rules and you won't break anything, but if you're trying to run an amp/cab model into your amp you may want to just try the preamp model into the Classic Gain channel. I would not rely solely on the stock presets either. While some of them are fine, you should really "tune" your Helix to your amp. Preamp, power amp, speaker, etc. all make a difference in tone so what might sound good on one amp may sound like crap on another. The Helix, as well as Axe FX, Kemper, etc., all require spending some time setting up - but it's well worth it in the end. Assuming you bought new you spent $1,100+ on it - take the time to maximize your investment.
  22. https://line6.com/allure/
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