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  1. since that first video got a lot of view and many positive feedbacks, here's Vol.2 my ambient/drone patches: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9GMwCu_ny8Y
  2. Now I understand why it didn't worked, I totally missed the momentary vs. toggling thing! Thank you so much for your help!
  3. here: https://www.strymon.net/using-midi-control-pedals-2/ A footswitch = MIDI CC# 80 with value 0 when pressed and 127 when released B footswitch = MIDI CC# 82 with value 0 when pressed and 127 when released Tap footswitch = MIDI CC# 81 with value 0 when pressed and 127 when released funny fact: with the tap tempo I was able to turn on-off the blocks on the HX!
  4. This is my setup. The other day I was checking out the Timeline manual and I found out that each knob and switch will send out Midi CC, if in the globals menu the MIDICT option is ON (aka MIDI Continuous Controllers). Since I use an expression pedal with it, I turned midict on, so that now the exp.pedal midi cc (#100) is sent to the HX and controls its parameters as well (the midi learn function on the HX stomp is just brilliant)! I was hoping to be able to use footswitches A and B (cc #80 and #82) on the TL to turn on/off blocks on the HX, but the midi learn on the HX doesn't react to these ,I tryed also to set manually the midi cc to 82, but nothing. I was doing everything directly on the HX, I dunno, if programming using HX Edit would help. Can somebody help and have an idea how to make it work? Note about Timeline's Midi out global parameter (which I have set to OFF) from the manual: MIDI Through: When set to THRU, MIDI messages that arrive at the MIDI input are sent to the MIDI output without ANY additional MIDI messages generated by TimeLine. When set to MERGE, MIDI messages that arrive at the input and those that are generated by TimeLine are merged together to be sent to the MIDI output. When set to OFF, only MIDI messages generated by the controls on Timeline are sent to the MIDI output.
  5. I power my HX Stomp with a Strymon Ojai. to do so I use a 2 Ojai's power out, a current double cable, and another adapter cable for reverse polarity+2.5mm plug. Works flawlessly!
  6. HI, I've also had the issue with the server error in HX Edit since 2 days! I tried the browser trick, but it didn't work. So I had to update using the Line 6 Updater in offline mode: flawless!
  7. I have and still use the Zoom MS70 and MS100, and I do agree. I never use the compressors in the multistomp, but the ZNR noise supperssor is stellar! I find the HX Stomp to be a kind of "high end multistomp", the routing and switching possibilites it offers are amazing! On the other hand I find the Multistomp to be still great units, and times to times it comes in really handy! The effects in general are very good, and I did once AB-test the strymon and eventide meulation with the originals: not as high-end, but so close, you won't notice in a live situation!
  8. You can also access the tuner by presssing together the Action and Page > buttons!
  9. Hi all, here few ambient/drone patches I've created on my HX Stomp: In the video description you can download the patch files. Enjoy!
  10. Update: I've opened a ticket, and sent the preset to Line6. They've tested it out, and this's their reply: They are also experiencing the very same issue. After few more tests I did yesterday evening, I suppose something's not working properly inside the Glitz reverb.
  11. I was thinking, does this may be an issue due to the CPU/DSP at the limit it's power? In this preset I'm using: Pitch Echo, Auto-volume Echo, Glitz, Particle e Double tank and Bubble vibrato (I also tried to revove the vibrato, but the issue persist). And when this issue happens on this very preset, if I switch preset everything sound normal again. On another preset I created (I only did these 2 for the moment) I use Particle, Spring 63', Ganymede and Spring. But there after a long time and many switches nothing strange happens. Do you think this is relate to that very preset only?
  12. I got the HX Stomp today and it's amazing! I spent 2 hours checking out all the FX and love the reverbs and delay, I compared it to my Timeline and Mercury 7 and especially the new Helix reverbs are stellar. I was able to get some sounds which are really close to those of the Mercury7, and the switching/routing possibilities it offers are brilliant! Also it's so cool to have again these effects I loved back then when I had a M9. I only have a question: after a while playing the sound starts to crackle (there's a kind of boomy sound when I switch more reverbs together) and at some point the unit goes silent (kind of like these booms overload the unit). I did try out to change the bypass from analog to DSP, checked out instruments and line levels and also upgrade to the last firmware, but the issue remains... after a while the unit starts to crackle and I need to reboot it. Note that I tried the HX Stomp after my pedalboard at the very end my FX chain and also alone just with my guitar, and the issue happens in both cases. I'm using the power-supply which was delivered together with it. Do you think my unit is faulty? Do anybody else experienced the same issue? Here a video of what's happening:
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