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  1. you can use this emulator on your windows 10 PC, Bluestacks will allow you to install the google play app Firehawk Remote. then click the keyboard once you are in to set up what keys you are using for various actions I used arrows for swipes, save it and have at it.
  2. I'd like to know if there's someway to connect my helix lt to my pc wirelessly? The usb cable is becoming a pain to deal with....I was wondering if there were any hardware solutions to extend usb wirelessly? Cheers
  3. Então, galera, estou usando uma Pod hd500 e recetemente formatei meu pc. O pc é Windows 7, 64 bits e, antes de formatar, a pod se conectava normalmente. Depois que formatei, os drivers não são reconhecido e o windows 7 diz que drivers sem assinatura não podem ser instalados. A pod reconhece, mas os divers não são instalados e a pode não conecta ao pc. Quais as soluções posso tomar?
  4. I have a post up already about transferring SysEx files to/from my M13 but this is specifically about getting a CLEAN dump from the M13. I now know for sure that when I have a good, clean 16 messages of 157 bytes each, that I can successfully load that scene onto the M13. However, if I then do a dump of that same scene back to either my PC or MacBook Pro, that extra bytes are added the files gets corrupted. How can I ensure that when I transfer SysEx MIDI files as a manual dump that it is CLEAN? Has anybody had this same issue?
  5. Hey all, I'm relatively new to MIDI and wanted to share some settings and menu dives that I've encountered in my research that got Helix Rack and the Hologram Electronics Microcosm talking to one another seamlessly and behaving the way that I intend it too. Looking over the internet, it's pretty easy to find direction on how to get everything set up but there isn't anything Helix Rack/Microcosm specific so I thought it would be handy to have all the information I've uncovered in one place to save on time for other Helix/Microcosm users. While this may be intuitive for more seasoned MIDI users, this took a moment for me to wrap my mind around. I'm by no means a MIDI expert and am only scratching the surface here. YMMV and if anyone wants to plug any holes, correct any mistakes and expand; I'm game.. You'll want a copy of your user manual for both Helix Rack and Microcosm. User Manuals Helix Rack: Rack and Control 3.0 Owner's Manual - Rev D - English .pdf Hologram Electronics Microcosm: What I found easier for me is, rather than using HX Edit on a computer connected to Rack, use the Human Machine Interface (HMI, ie the front panel of Helix Rack) to navigate all the settings and save when you are finished. Let's dive right in. Connections I/O: The first thing you'll want to do is fairly obvious. Get everything hooked up. For my purposes I use 5 Pin MIDI Cable going directly from my audio interface to Helix Rack's MIDI input. I then connect another 5 Pin MIDI cable from Helix Rack's Out/Thru to the MIDI input on Microcosm. My understanding is that you can also accomplish some of these connections via USB but I've not explored these settings or connections. Beyond that I have Microcosm's audio routed into one of the effects loops on Helix Rack and have been experimenting with wet/dry (etc) signal flows. Global Settings: The first thing I wanted to do was be able to control tempo on Helix Rack via Ableton and then send that MIDI clock to Microcosm via Helix Rack. The thinking is that while recording, I'll be using a click and can have delays and other time based effects both internally on Rack as well as the delays and loops on Microcosm sync to click. This will also help when my guitarist (also a Rack user) is using delays or other time based effects and we will be more in lockstep with one another. Everything is slaved off of one master MIDI Clock. The hope is that this will have utility further down the road as we will be using Ableton to control clicks, backing tracks and samples for live performances. These settings are relatively straight forward. To control Helix Rack via an external Midi Clock, you'll want to navigate Menu > Global Settings > MIDI/Tempo and set "Receive MIDI Clock" to "MIDI". This allows Helix Rack to sense the click coming from the DAW (you'll have to play with the MIDI sync settings in whatever DAW you use to get Helix Rack and the DAW to "see" one another). You will know when Helix Rack syncs with an external clock as the Tap Tempo Switch on your Helix Foot Controller (if available) will switch from Red to Blue. My experiences is that Helix Rack only receives the clock from Ableton when you select Play or Record in Session or Arrangement mode of Ableton. To Send MIDI Clock to Microcosm via Helix Rack you'll want to navigate Menu > Global Settings > MIDI/Tempo and change "Send MIDI Clock" to "MIDI". "When [Microcosm] receives a MIDI Start Message, the pedal [Microcosm] will switch from its internal clock to the external clock signal. Upon receiving a MIDI Stop message, the pedal [Microcosm] will revert back to its internal clock" (Microcosm User Manual .pdf, p. 21 or p. 41 of the physical manual). My experience is that if you aren't syncing Helix Rack from an external clock such as a DAW, Microcosm will still Clock sync with Helix Rack via Tap Tempo (controlled either on the HMI or on the Foot Controller) provided you have "MIDI" selected on the "Send MIDI Clock" setting. While you are in Global Settings you will want to make a crucial change. This was the biggest bottleneck I was running into when setting up MIDI to behave in the way I intended it too. Helix Rack has a default set of Program Change messages that it sends upon preset selection and in order to defeat this default you will want to set "MIDI PC Send" to "Off" (on page two of "MIDI/Tempo" settings if memory serves). Doing this will allow you to customize; within Command Center, which Program Change messages you want to send without interference from Helix Rack's default PC messages. Big Ups to forum user rd2rk for cluing me into this setting here: Command Center Settings: The other behavior I wanted to effect was selecting which of 44 presets Microcosm loads when I load different presets in Helix Rack. Hologram Electronics conveniently includes a list of Control Change and Program Change messages in Microcosm's user manual. To change presets we will be interested in Program Change (PC) messages which you will find on page 21 of Microcosm's .pdf manual or on page 40 of the physical manual. We will use Helix Command Center to assign which PC messages we want to send upon Preset or Snapshot Selection. On Helix Rack; from the preset you wish to assign MIDI messages to, navigate Menu > Command Center. This will bring up a display of Lightning Bolts, footswitches, knobs and expression pedals. Select one of the Lightning Bolts as this will be your "Instant" location. From here change "Command" to "Bank/Program" and on "Program" select the numerical value you want Helix to send to Microcosm. My experience is that Helix Rack sends PC messages starting at the value of Zero while Microcosm receives commands starting at a value of One, so you will want to send a value from Helix that is one subtracted from the PC value listed in Microcosm's manual. For instance, if you wished for the Microcosm preset, "Mosaic C" to load when selecting a Helix preset you'll have to assign a preset value of 22 even though the manual lists 23 as the program change value for "Mosaic C". Essentially you are fooling Microcosm into thinking that Zero is One, One is Two, so on and so forth. I discovered this on this HX Effects user's Youtube Video here. The user goes over it at around the 2:12 Mark. My experience is that you have to change these values in Command Center for each of your Snapshots as well although there may be a way of not having to do this (in other words the Helix preset selects the Microcosm preset that's consistent for each Snapshot automatically) that I have yet to uncover. The utility of this is using Snapshots to select different Microcosm presets within a Helix preset. Make sure to Save your presets frequently. I find it helpful to save after every little change I make. Bonus points for figuring out how to assign CC messages to control certain parameters on Microcosm such as "Mix" and "Activity" via Expression Pedals. You can assign CC and PC commands to control Microcosm's parameters to the Foot Controller's footswitches within Command Center but this hasn't proved useful to me just yet. This process is way more straight forward and has been covered ad nauseam on YouTube, at least with other MIDI capable devices. This is by no means exhaustive, I just wish this information was a little more easily searchable for Microcosm specific questions. No doubt this can apply to other MIDI Capable pedals and devices. Learning how to program and use Helix Rack as a MIDI controller in addition to controlling Helix Rack with external MIDI is a total game changer for me. Hopefully someone out there finds this scratching at the surface useful.
  6. Greetings, I used a POD XT Live with a Variax 300 for a few years and I remember using my PC to create my own tones, including a custom metal tone, 12 string acoustic tone, and a sitar tone. The Pod came with a physical manual that was easy to flip through, and I had no problem editing things with the PC for both the POD and the Variax. The Helix Floor and the Shuriken are different beasts, and I am experimenting with the software and trying to compare it to the Pod/old Variax stuff. There are many new options and features that I need to learn about, and I find it easy to get lost in the options, or add something that mucks up the tone. I was in a motorcycle accident which messed with my memory a little bit, and I can't recall exactly how I used the old software as far as combining my Variax edits with the POD edits. Other than reading through the PDF multiple times, what are some good sources to learn about each feature of the Helix? I will be looking to create a unique metal tone, a couple of good acoustic tones, and will make a sitar tone, to start with. I am also looking to experiment with alternate tunings. I will be looking to record with the Helix, and I want to learn about using the MIDI capabilities. I am going to be getting MIDI software which will allow me to play different instrument sounds with the guitar, and I am wondering if I can somehow implement such software with the footswitches on the Helix. I am also wondering if it is possible to record what I play on the Shuriken/Helix into a *.mid file for further editing, or to import them into Powertab or some other tablature software. I have a Roland UM-One USB/Midi cable, with the in and out connected to the Helix. Any resources to help a newbie would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks! Quietus
  7. I have a POD HD500 that i have just recently bought. I have previous experience with this pedal, but have never run into an issue like this one. I will do my best to explain this without getting anyone confused. I have 2 Computers. A custom build and a factory built Dell. The POD HD500 drivers will not properly install on my custom built PC, but install perfectly fine on the factory built Dell. The custom built computer is my primary computer and the one I am wanting to use for recording. This issue is very odd to me because i have previously had a friends HD500 connected to the custom built pc for 3 months and it worked fine. I haven't made any changes to the computer since then. I have tried installing the drivers as administrator, tried every USB port (which all work fine for any other devices). My PC recognizes the POD HD500 in the device manager, but is not recognized in Line 6 Monkey or HD500 Edit. I am at a loss and would appreciate any helpful advice.
  8. Hi, If I choose this as my sound card output will it route all windows audio through the line output? I want to use this for Yousician on my PC so that Yousician audio is sent through the Line 6 with my guitar (plugged into POD) with as little latency as possible.
  9. This post is for those who use a PC to trigger MIDI events in Helix. Since I updated to the 2.8 firmware, my USB connectivity for MIDI is not working. I’ve checked all of my settings, reinstalled the ASIO audio driver and validated my USB connection to the PC as I’m able to control Helix perfectly through HX Edit app. I also validated the issue by reverting back to 2.71 and testing and everything worked fine. I also copied all of the global settings so I could reset them all in 2.8. Well, the issue is back and I don’t know what to try next. Any known issues or ideas you can share with us? I really need to resolve this before my upcoming live performances, thanks!
  10. I apologize if this topic already exists in the forum. I was searching on how to set up tone/volume in chain: TL guitar, SpiderV 30 & Cubase at PC. I didn't find the answer in Forum. My Spider V 30 is connected correctly to PC via USB and there is a sound of TL in Cubase. In Cubase, I choosed ASIO Spider V driver. I/O is Speder V (L&R) - Active. ASIO buffer Size is set to: Extra Small. I can record my TL from SpiderV 30 via USB and reproduce my records, too. It is not a problem, it works. But, quality of record is desperate and not acceptable, too. The sound is dark, blurry, somehow smudged and does not match what I hear on Spider V 30 while playing & recording. E.g effect as drive is not OK and corrupts the recorded. This is especially pronounced when I strumming all the strings. When I am playing finger style in clear sound or near clear, it is a better. It seams to me that solution is to set properly the tone on all devices in the chain: TL guitar, SpiderV 30 & Cubase at PC. Acctually to set properly the tone/volume of input signal to PC or output signal from Spider V 30 via USB. When I am playing acoustic guitar via USB Audio Interface (UAI), I can adjust Input signal at UAI and all works fine. But at Spider V 30 there is not possibility to adjust Input signal. I can adjust tone at TL guitar as imput signal to SpiderV 30, but it changes a sound of guitar at SpiderV 30. Or I can reduce/decrease Master tone of SpiderV 30, but I can not hear what I am playing. Please, give me opinion regarding this topic. How to properly set up tone of all devices in chain: TL guitar, SpiderV 30 & Cubase at PC? What are your experiences with this?
  11. Hello There, tried asking this in the Fbv controller section of the forum and was told to do it here in the Pod Farm section, Since I own a UX2 and have almost all the pod farm packs, I bought an Fbv Express MKII, registered it, ran the monkey and installed the fbv control software, then did just as the old line 6 tutorial video says, but nothing happens, loaded the pod farm preset, nothing happens, changed the commands to MIDI CC but nothing happens, I have selected the tones that I like, clicked ''learn MIDI'' on each one, pressed the buttons after and nothing happens, can't have access to the tones that I have ''assigned'' to B,C or D, tried assigning the arrows for playlist and tones Iike in the line6 official videos, and Button A seems to be the only one to have worked, the manual is very technical and I don't understand it, seems like there's an issue with ''virtual ports'' or something like that, I don't understand why there is not a simple, easy method to show us how to assign tones or changing banks with each letter, could be this be a problem with windows 7? I just want to be able to use the controller I bought please, Thanks for your help
  12. Hello There, Since I own a UX2 and have almost all the pod farm packs, I bought an Fbv Express MKII, registered it, ran the monkey and installed the fbv control software, then did just as the old line 6 tutorial video says, but nothing happens, loaded the pod farm preset, nothing happens, changed the commands to MIDI CC but nothing happens, I have selected the tones that I like, clicked ''learn MIDI'' on each one, pressed the buttons after and nothing happens, can't have access to the tones that I have ''assigned'' to B,C or D, tried assigning the arrows for playlist and tones Iike in the videos, and Button A seems to be the only one to have worked, the manual is very technical and I don't understand it, seems like there's an issue with ''virtual ports'' or something like that, I don't understand why there is not a simple, easy method to show us how to assign tones or changing banks with each letter, could be this a problem with windows 7? I just want to be able to use the controller and the packs please, Thanks for your help
  13. Hi, I just bought a Spider V 60, and really like it. I was disappointed to find the PC Remote app doesn't have any of the tone sharing features the iPad app has though. Is this something that's in development, or does Line 6 perhaps have some kind of exclusivity deal with Apple? I'm perplexed as to why it's available in one, but not the other. I'd much rather use my desktop mouse with one hand over picking up an iPad and swiping around with both hands.
  14. I know there is a general topic for tones and what not. These really aren't tones. In fact they are a lack thereof. These is ideal for those who want to start from scratch or a basic starting point to craft their own sound, or are just too easily distracted by what you get packaged in the amp. Consider them blank canvases. Installation is simple. Just download them to your PC, If you have any tones currently loaded into your Amp, be sure to back them up. And then click "restore," and load the downloaded svl6a file. This will wipe everything saved on your amp, so be sure to back up your tones or banks if you wish to use them later. After you do this, the only way to recover will be to restore a backed up bank, or reset the Spider V back to factory settings, which will restore the factory tones only. I will be adding variations to this idea as time goes on. Here I've taken the liberty of replacing all the tones with the default settings for the USER tones. Basically it's an empty tone bank as the name implies. Spider V Blank Tone Bank.svl6a On this one I've basically emptied out the tone bank and placed all the amps in their own slots for quick navigation. I have done nothing to the settings for the amps themselves, these are the stock settings for them on the Spider V. Another nice starting point to get familiar with what is available on the Spider V. Surf through them easily, pick one and build your sound from there. Spider V Amp Starter Bank.svl6a This idea for this is basically the same as the Amp Starter, only this time we start with the Cabinets. It seemed kind of silly to just use up only 25 slots in the bank so I have included the four mic settings for each Amp. I know that for many it doesn't make much of a difference what mic you use, but they are in there for giggles. I think you need to have your cab Modeling switch to "On" in order for this to be of any use. Spider V Cab Starter Bank.svl6a
  15. Hi Everyone, I do a lot of recordings, guitar and backing tracks. I've always done so with an external multitrack recorder. It would be a lot more convenient if I could record on my laptop connecting my helix via USB. I have tried this many different ways and gotten mainly frustration. I wish Line 6 offered their own PC multitrack recorder that was certain to work well with their products. What I wish would work, is like this, I plug my helix into my PC by USB, and plug my headphones into my PC (not my Helix) and pull my backing track into my recording software, play along and record. I have not been able to make this work. The only thing that I got working was plugging my headphones into my helix, playing along with my backing tracks, which sounds good, but the recordings sound crap due to latency. Can anybody advise me, is what I want possible?
  16. Hi Guys Im having problems using Helix to control MainStage. I have set up Helix to have a preset for each song in my set, I want MainStage to have a playback and metronome click for each preset. I have successfully got Helix and MS synced up so when I change presets it changes patches on MS using an instant command in command centre. I also set up 2 switches on my Helix for each patch, one to turn on the metronome, the other to turn on a playback in MS. That works fine. However when I change presets using the Helix it also immediately fires either the metronome or the playback neither of which I want to happen. Ive tried all sort of combinations in MS but can't seem to stop it happening. Im no expert in midi so maybe my commands are wrong - Im using CC toggle commands for the playback and metronome but have no idea what CC# means so have tried different numbers which does nothing. Then I read on this forum that when Helix sends PC commands it also send all the other commands as well so Im wondering if this is the issue. Any help on this would be appreciated
  17. My Helix seems to be sending MIDI PC messages out on USB (to my iPad ) whenever my variax is connected via VDI and I change guitar models via the knob on my JTV. How can I stop this from happening ? I Need to send MIDI over SB via footswitches set up in control Center so cannot just turn the "MIDI Over USB" option off. But the option to send out MIDI PC messages is turned off as shown in the photo ) but yet HELIX is still sending out PC when models are changed. Is there a way to prevent this?. Judging by how the settings are set in this picture I would have expected that MIDI PC should be filtered out - 3 of the 4 options - all to do with PC - are off.
  18. Hi guys, I've got a question for you. Since this is my first post on this forum I'd like to introduce myself: I am Fed, a guitarist, mixing and mastering engineer from the North of England. I am setting up a live rig with my band: a MacBook running Logic Pro X that controls our lighting system, backing tracks, my Fractal Ax8 and my guitarist's Helix LT. I've read the entire manual, done a bit of trial and error and I've managed to setup all the CC/PC and everything works properly until I move the playhead in Logic (both with the mouse or the hotkeys). Each time I move the playhead the Helix goes on tuning mode, the next time it turns off the tuning mode (and go on and on) without any apparent reason. If I save the Logic project, close the project, open it again and I start it from the top without stopping or moving the playhead at all it works fine, but the first time that I move the playhead it start to act crazy again. Are there some settings I need to change? Has someone got this problem and know how to solve it? What am I doing wrong? I can do a video if it helps you to understand, thank you in advance!
  19. So I know that similiar problems have been posted here in recently, but none of the fixes work for me. I recently got the POD studio UX2, and installed POD farm 2.5 on my PC, along with all the necessary drivers (line6 monkey and the hardware driver) and registration steps. Unfortunately, I am still not able to get the interface/software to pick up my guitar. I have both my recording and playback devices set to the interface, selected "instrument" on the POD farm input menu, have the UX2 selected in the hardware preferences tab, and my guitar/cable works through an amp. The interface is lit up (yellow/orange lights on), but the dials don't move at all. I also noticed that I am unable to hear any other sounds from my computer (youtube/Spotify), so I am not sure if this helps isolate the issue. At this point I have no idea what to do and am considering opening up a ticket. Does anyone have any advice? Thanks
  20. Hi there, new to the forum since there's a problem that's been killing me for some time ago. In fact, I've just returned from the technical support and paid about 100 € (that should be a new unit, for lollipops sake) and the problem will persist even though they said that it worked perfectly. My PC recognizes the signal of my XT Live unit when I plug it through the USB. I've been playing with several knobs and it won't record anything but a noisy tiny chirping even when I turn the volume of my guitar to the max and play with different controls likewise. I've read plenty of FAQ and tutorials and I don't find the way out of this hell. I've flashed the unit, reinstalled drivers, returned to default settings to no avail. I thought that the power supply might be the problem, since I bought a cheap one through eBay that was listed as for specific use of this very unit, but its input is AC and the output DC, so I don't really know..., if that was the problem, is there any reliable site to get the real deal? Thanks in advance for your help.
  21. Hello everyone! I am wondering, if there is a way to use usb-interface while editing my patches in pod hd. Please, take a look on the scheme I drew: I want my pc apps not to use POD as soundcard except POD's editing software. So my scenario is simple. I want to play a guitar while playing some songs in any player app. I can edit patches to create a sound I like. But for master volume control I use my usb-interface (just because it stands on the desk, it is more comfortable than to bend to the floor where POD is). When I'm done playing, I just turn the POD off and continue browsing/playinggames/watchingporn using usb-interface. So, again, I need to connect POD's USB to PC only for editing patches, while all the playback is performed by usb-interface. Sorry for my english and my explanation. If there is any simpler solution, I would be glad to hear it. Thank you!
  22. good evening. does anybody know if a chart with all the default settings (effects & co.) exist for POD XTs? something like below: preset comp (gate) stomp mod delay cab/ a.i.r. 2A off off off off on 2B on on on off on 2C on off off off off 2D off off off off on i'd need that to program better a Behringer FCB1010 UnO and, due to midi messages exchange, i need to know which ones are active in each preset, to avoid sending every midi message at changing bank/preset.
  23. Hey guys, I recently bought a Pocket POD and had it shipped overseas. I'm currently deployed and figured it would be easier than having an actual amp here. I wanted to maybe record onto my laptop, but I know you can't via USB and also unless I buy a speaker to plug into, the laptop mic isn't much use. Are there any ways to record directly into my laptop without buying a soundboard and things like that? I used to work at a recording studio when I was younger, but that was years ago and we had tons of equipment. Now I'm pretty limited on both equipment and space. I'd like to have direct access from the POD to the laptop to get the raw sound from the POD instead of recording into a mic. I appreciate the help.
  24. Hi all For the last few years my preferred alternative to an amp has been to play my guitar through my PC using a Line 6 FBV Express MK II pedal with a Line 6 UX1 (Pod Studio) with Pod Farm 2. It's even great but my FBV is now intermittently faulty. This kit has been around for quite a few years now. Can anyone suggest a new set up giving me the same flexibility in the same sort of price range please? I need to be able to have amp sims and effects through my PC with the ability to change effects with some sort of floorboard. I'm happy to look for another second hand FBV Express MK II but if anyone can suggest a newer improved set up that would be great. Also are there any other floorboards that can bu used with my UX1 (Pod Studio)? Thanks all!
  25. I just bought my Firehawk FX! In all the reviews I hear about how you can use IOS, Andoird, MAC or PAC to control your Firehawk FX. I cannot seem to find any PC software to do as such. Please tell me if I am searching for a non-existent item. Or share a link to where I can get this gem? Thanks -Ernie
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