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  1. frac82

    Spider Valve MK1 212 Combo into Head Cabnet

    maybe I'm late, but some resources I found online while I was trying to answer a similar question: stage craft gear by mission engineering Mojotone TT Cabs
  2. hello everybody. I'd like "calm down" my SV 112 MK2 with a power attenuator in between, but the wire that links the amp section to the speaker is too short: could anybody help me solve the problem? is it possible to extend that cable? if not, any other solution? thnx
  3. hello everybody! as in object: what's the difference between usb and analog re-amping in Pod Xt Pro? how to use each nor both of them? thnx
  4. frac82

    Big '80s guitars (w/ pod xt)

    I was thinking something more like "Samantha Fox" or "Spagna's Easy Lady" which gear would you suggest to use/ integrate with XT bean to achieve the goal?
  5. frac82

    Big '80s guitars (w/ pod xt)

    so which techniques/ settings/ devices did you use?
  6. from MusicRadar: "There are some distinctive tricks that can make a guitar sound like it’s straight out of the '80s. Artificial Double Tracking (ADT) was often used to thicken up the sounds of guitars, and there are many plugins that’ll emulate this. For a more hands-on approach, take your mono guitar and duplicate the channel twice, so you have three channels. Add a short 20-30ms slapback delay to one of these using a delay plugin. Pan the other two hard left and right, then put a pitchshifter on each - one set to +5 cents, the other at -5 cents, 100% wet. Route these three tracks to a bright hall or plate reverb (or both for extra depth!)." how to get this with a pod xt, if possible?
  7. frac82

    M13 4 cable method and external drive

    I'm interested in this too
  8. hello everybody! I play a small tube head on an isolation box. chain: guitar - head - isobox (mic'ed) - mixer - computer. given that the head doesn't have effects loop, can I use the M13 to send drive effects in front of the head ("pre") and modulation/delay effects after the isobox' microphone (i.e. between the isobox and the mixer, "post")? if yes, how to set M13 up? thnx below a possible way of hooking from guitar to M13 L (mono) input from isobox to M13 fx return L (mono) from M13 fx send L (mono) to head front input from M13 L (mono) output to computer/ daw/ mixer the head and the isobox are obviously connected together
  9. frac82

    Sv Mkii 100wt Head Mod

    thanx. sorry for late rply
  10. frac82

    New SVpre by Meris

    don't stop developing the new SVPre, pleeeeze! I hope you'll even provide a full DIY installation procedure, when ready and on -sale. keep us up-to-date with the project course.
  11. have you ever considered the idea of getting a keyboard amp, which would give you FRFF? I know Traynor K4 and Roland KC880. otherwise something like Atomic Amps instead of Matrix XT/MF/GT... that's what I can suggest.
  12. frac82

    m13 as controller

    thanx. as I'm not into midi editing so much, could you explain more in detail your set-up about this option?
  13. solved by myself, cit from Users Manual: "OFFSET sets the right delay time as a percentage of the left"
  14. I own an M13 hooked up to my amp with the "4 cables method" and I'd like to add an analog wah (Dunlop Cry-Baby) and an MXR Distortion+; where do I have to place them? should I place them between the guitar and the M13 nor between the M13 and the amp input? thanx
  15. frac82

    m13 as controller

    i'd like to know it too, especially if the M13 is capable of switching channels on a midi compliant tube amp. any news about this?