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  1. I thought it was a simlple question, but still no answer. thanks anyway.
  2. @pianoguyy I'm evaluating the purchase of a HD500X pedal board; I just wanted to know if it comes also with a set of mono-amp prests by default or if out-of-the-box it's just dual-amp and you can have mono paths only creating them by yourself from scratch. I'm asking because I couldn't find any HD500X preset list on-line to check.
  3. hello everybody! another question: can HD500X (and also 300/400/500) operate in "mono amp" mode? i.e.: does the HD500X come with a set of single-amp presets from factory, just right out of the box, by default? is this option present or you can only use it in dual mode? sorry but I couldn't find any info on the web about that... thnx
  4. so if you want to go ahead with a Live better stay on 300/500/700 Variax, isn't that?
  5. would it be possible to know which things will not before buying one? is there a list, a comparison chart?
  6. can new variax models (such JT/ Standard/ Shuriken) run properly on PODxt Live? are they fully compatible? thanks.
  7. hello everybody! i'd like to try the following: put a VST synth with arpeggiator on a track play sound on it with my usb master keyboard keep vst in sync with a midi pattern on another track I.e.: vst track must generate sounds only when pressing the master keyboard but the sync time must be given by another midi (silent) pattern/track. I basically would like to replicate on Cubase what this guy does in analog (synth octave bass pattern): can somebody help me? thanks
  8. thank you very much, @silverhead. is what you wrote also valid for Variax models above 300?
  9. hello everybody! my question: if I wanted to use a Variax 300 in conjunction with a Pod XT Live could I just plug the RJ45/ VDI jack nor should I also connect the 1/4" audio cable? I.e.: Can Variax 300 digitally generate tones through Pod XT Live without analog/ audio wiring? And can Pod XT Live control Variax in order to switch guitar models from one patch to another?
  10. to all those who know well the ATV an ever really dealt with it: would you say that it can handle the 40 Watts of an SV112 played at a volume of 6-7? thx
  11. thank you very much jakeman19, sorry for late reply. so full stereo delay means 2x DT heads... right? just two more questions about L6 link scenario: I have to switch the amp model menu on preamp (rather than full), do I? which Output Mode - Live Options do I have to chose (studio direct, combo/ stack front or combo/ stack power amp)?  thanks
  12. thank you very much, for all of your kind answers ;) :D
  13. scenario: guitar -> HD400 to DT25 via L6 Link -> 2x 112 cabs. if I plug 2 cabinets on a DT25 , 12" 8 Ohm each, will I either hear a "dual mono" or a "full stereo" sound? and, above all, what about effects like the stereo delay?
  14. thanks. other question: can effects, factory onboard & added infusion, operate in stereo nor are just mono?
  15. Sure, that’s clear. So if I plug a pair it still gives 40W/ch in stereo?!?
  16. which are the incorrect outs?!?
  17. does the whole output power halve if I connect two 8 Ohm cabinets (i.e. 40W mono or 20 W/ch in stereo)?
  18. hello everybody. questions about "dream rig" scenario w/ L6 link: I have to switch the amp model menu on preamp (rather than full), do I? which Output Mode - Live Options do I have to chose (studio direct, combo/ stack front or combo/ stack power amp)? thanks
  19. maybe I'm late, but some resources I found online while I was trying to answer a similar question: stage craft gear by mission engineering Mojotone TT Cabs
  20. hello everybody. I'd like "calm down" my SV 112 MK2 with a power attenuator in between, but the wire that links the amp section to the speaker is too short: could anybody help me solve the problem? is it possible to extend that cable? if not, any other solution? thnx
  21. hello everybody! as in object: what's the difference between usb and analog re-amping in Pod Xt Pro? how to use each nor both of them? thnx
  22. I was thinking something more like "Samantha Fox" or "Spagna's Easy Lady" which gear would you suggest to use/ integrate with XT bean to achieve the goal?
  23. so which techniques/ settings/ devices did you use?
  24. from MusicRadar: "There are some distinctive tricks that can make a guitar sound like it’s straight out of the '80s. Artificial Double Tracking (ADT) was often used to thicken up the sounds of guitars, and there are many plugins that’ll emulate this. For a more hands-on approach, take your mono guitar and duplicate the channel twice, so you have three channels. Add a short 20-30ms slapback delay to one of these using a delay plugin. Pan the other two hard left and right, then put a pitchshifter on each - one set to +5 cents, the other at -5 cents, 100% wet. Route these three tracks to a bright hall or plate reverb (or both for extra depth!)." how to get this with a pod xt, if possible?
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