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  1. I've read the manual and watched Jason Sadites. But Snapshots still confuse me: Say I want to change the amp parameter "Med" from 5 in Snapshot 1 to 10 in snapshot 2. In HX Edit, I set it to 5 in snapshot 1, then I move to Snapshot 2, and then move Med to 10. I hit save (once? Twice?) Then, I switch back to Snapshot 1, and that now ALSO has Med=10. So, HXEdit method seems not to work. If I do it directly on floor unit, it forces me to assign a footswitch to "Med" before I can control it with snapshots. What's the point of having a footswitch assigned to Med? It seems like I must be missing something big here - which one of you rocket scientists can fix me? Happy Holidays everyone.
  2. I *THINK* I figured it out. You send the "A" path to "Multi" (and that's what you monitor, while "B: path still goes to "USB 3/4" to maintain separation. The only drawback here is that in order to track five channels separately (with no monitoring latency) you can only monitor two of the tracks as you record, which is not ideal. Is there a deeper work around for this I may have missed?
  3. I am running five channels of USB audio into Cubase from Helix. What setting do I set "headphone monitoring" to in order to hear the signal going out to Cubase, rather than the Cubase processed signal? To add more detail, the five USB channels are all the same guitar line, with a mixture of different cabs, delays, reverbs, and a re-amping signal on line 5. Thanks!
  4. I want to send the L6 Link signal to a DT-25, while at the same time sending a feed straight to the daw. If I use "Live" mode, then the outputs from the HD400 will have no cab/mic modeling going into the daw. If I use "Studio" mode, the DT-25 will receive a cab/mic model, which is not desirable. Will Dual mode accomplish what I am after? Thanks, Nick
  5. Seldon1 - thanks buddy. I'm going to drill down on pre-amp only models with no cab sim. See where that gets me.
  6. Got a DT25 a month ago, been experimenting with pairing it up with me POD HD400 since then. Some observations and questions: 1. By far, the best tone I can get seems to comes from going straight into the amp from the guitar. I'm not a high-gain player, more great cleans and then great distortions. 2. Using Link6 tech does give me a lot of flexibility, but the DT25's electronics seem to get in the way of a clear, musical tone. It sounds fuzzy, fake & brittle. IS THIS BECAUSE THE CAB MODELING IN THE HD400 SCREWS EVERYTHING UP? 3. If I bypass the HD400 amp/cab modeling entirely, and put the HD400 direct into the front of the amp (NOT using Link6) I still get not-awesomeness. 4. Up next, I'll plug guitar straight into the amp, then run the HD400 as an fx-only unit in the fx loop of the amp. And then, the dreaded four-cable method. :( 5. The MIDI editing of the on-board amp models is confusing at best. If I use an appropriate MIDI pedal, I am supposed to get 8 channels ?!? A/B, across the four "voicings"? 6. I have also ordered replacement tubes for the amp to see if does any better... I love new tech & guitar ideas. SO far this setup gets about a 6.0 out of 10. Unless I get a better sound soon, back to GC it goes...please share your tips and tricks that can help me get to awesomeness! Tx everyone.
  7. I'm running the guitar into HD400 and then HD400 to DT25 combo via L6 Link. In 4-cable method, time based fx are inserted in the chain after the preamp. How does using HD400 in front of the DT25 impact this timing? For instance, with amp/cab simulation off on HD400, does guitar signal travel from guitar, to HD400, then to amp, then back up to the time-based fx in HD400, then back to power amp? Or (as I suspect) is it more like putting the time-based fx in front of the preamp? Another way to think of it is if I just used the 8 open slots in the DT25 to hold my favorite models, and then just wanted to use the HD400 as an fx unit, would I be better off running guitar straight into DT25, then using DT25 fx loop out to HD400 and then back? Thanks everyone.
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