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  1. Mine did the same thing. I flipped the on/off switch a few times and it came on. Switch must be going bad on mine.
  2. Thanks guys, I am trying to find the dimensions of the Spider IV HD-150 Head cab but no luck yet. Also just picked up a ADA GCS-3 DI Cabinet simulator. If this gives me a signal to the board that sounds like more 4x12 than my combo miked, I may just leave the combo as is for a stage monitor. If not I will make the head cab and carry the 4x12 around.
  3. I have a MK1 212 combo and want to put it in a head cabinet. Does anyone know it any line 6 head cabinets will work or be close enough to make it work with some mods?
  4. Are you still using this setup? I am looking at the same setup with Line6 M13 and Mesa Roadster combo. Just wandering if you still like it and what you have learned. :-)
  5. I am learning my new M13 but when I turn down volume with the expression pedal it stops the delay from finishing. I like to do swells with the volume pedal with a long delay on. Can this be accomplished with the 4 cable method? Send boost and volume to the front of the amp and delay to the FX Loop in my amp???? I know I could put a volume pedal in front of the M13 but would rather not. Thanks :-)
  6. I can change between the preset wah choices but can you change the sweep or peramiters of a wah setting ?
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