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  1. I think that title says it all, but I have some specific ideas on how and why it might currently benefit Line6 to do this. My brother works in a similar hardware/software environment and said it would be super easy. Users just have to be willing to make it worth their while. Please, for your first post, vote “YES” or “NO.” Then, post again, so it will be easy to tally the vote.
  2. Greetings all and happy new year! I recently discovered a POD XT I purchased a while back and was in the process of updating it and the firmware update wasn't possible because I'm missing the correct cable. I'm connected to my Macbook Pro via USB. Also how can I tell which firmware is currently installed? I've looked but none of the things I read about and try seem to work.
  3. Hola quiero registrar mi pedalera pod xt live pero no tengo el numero de serie cuando me lo vendieron ya le habian quitado el stiker alguien sabe que puedo hacer para poder bajar presets del custom tone? ya que si no registro mi pedalera no me deja saludos
  4. Just wondering if anyone has connected a POD XT to a Flextone III and what the best way of connecting these up is please, thanks.
  5. can new variax models (such JT/ Standard/ Shuriken) run properly on PODxt Live? are they fully compatible? thanks.
  6. Hi, I recently update my Mac OS from Sierra to High Sierra. Before, all my Line 6 drivers and apps were working fine. Since I've done a clean install of the OS I had to install all drivers again, so I downloaded everything from Line 6 website and started the installation. I installed Monkey with no problem but when installing the latest driver for my Pod xt Live it installs, restart the computer and open Monkey again showing that that driver needs to be installed. I installed it over and over again 3 times and it still shows as if it is not installed. I am wondering if there is yet no compatibility with High Sierra. Same goes for Gearbox. Does anyone know or had compatibility troubles? Thank you - Maha
  7. Hi all, Having a bit of a problem :) All my Line 6 gear has the very latest firmware updates installed. I have a Spider IV 75W amp, FBV Express Mk II foot controller and a PODxt. The FBV Express Mk II foot controller works fine with the Spider IV amp and everything switches as it should. BUT when plugging the FBV Express Mk II foot controller into the PODxt it successfully switches channels within a bank BUT there is no LED indication on the foot pedal as to which channel has been selected. Also, the tuner facility isn't called up and in fact the tuner display only illuminates briefly when plugging in, and from then on is blank! Finally, plugging the FBV Express Mk II back into the Spider IV amp and it all works OK - including the tuner facility and the tuner display on the pedal. I'm wondering, if there is a particular combination of firmware for each product I should be looking for and using?? Has anyone succeeded in making the FBV Express Mk II and the PODxt work successfully with each other - and if so what versions of firmware are you running? Oh, I've swopped the CAT5 lead and also calibrated the swell pedal itself but it makes no difference :) Here's hoping anyone can comment!
  8. I'm having connection problems with my POD XT; my computer isn't recognizing that it's plugged in. It doesn't happen 100% of the time (maybe 50/50), but often enough to be a major pain in my lollipop. I've tried multiple different USB cables, all the USB ports on my computer, reboots, etc. The only times I've been able to get it recognized is when I turn off the POD, shutdown the computer, turn on the POD and then turn on the computer. This only works around 60-70% of the time. I attached a screenshot of the error message window that pops up in the Edit Software. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  9. Buenas A tod@a, por favor necesito saber que pasa con mi Pod Xt Live, Últimamente se baja se sube o se queda sin volumen cuando estoy tocando con el ya sea al momento de prenderlo o a veces tarda unos minutos para presentar el problema. Aparecen los controles del amplificador en la pantalla como si fuera a editarlos acompañados de el signo * al lado superior izquierdo. Esto esta bastante incomodo ya que al estar practicando a menudo sucede este problema. Ya lo actualice y nada sigue lo mismo. Gracias.
  10. Hi! I simply can't fathom why this information isn't easily available, but I've been searching for a good while now and haven't been able to determine what kind of firewire cable the Pod XT uses. Anyone knows, so I can buy the correct one?
  11. My Pod xt live has a blank, orange screen when I turn the unit on. Digital screen showing banks and channels doesn't light up. No sound at all going through. I've connected it to Line 6 Monkey 1.77v via USB and it is recognized and even the ESN is recognized, but no Flash Memory is recognized. The USB Firmware is fine, but no Flash Memory located, just a dash, and a question mark before the Flash Memory. I tried pressing "Save" and "Edit" together while powering up, but that didn't work. No buttons or lights work anywhere. No knobs work, nothing at all. Can anyone please tell me how to fix this unit or does it need to be sent for repair. Thank you all for your time.
  12. I have an old POD XT which I bought I think in 2004 and I recently started using it again since I added all the amp models and stomp boxes etc available back in the day and it just sounds awesome. Now I'm in need of a simple footswitch that lets me change programs. I found a great compatibility list of footswitches for the POD XT's but it only tells me which ones don't work but not which one does work with an old POD XT. My POD XT is the one that says "PEDAL" on the back and not "FBV PEDAL" so the newer footswitches won't work. Any suggestions what would work with my old POD XT in order to change programs? Thanks!
  13. I want to register my pod to use custom tone, but I bought it used. Is there any way to still get access?
  14. +I read a thread recently that was really high on using a Radial Dragster with the POD XT, or any type of amp sim. Anyone else use the Dragster with their POD? How did it work out for ya? I don't have an amp at the moment, so I'm looking for anything (that's fairly cheap) to improve my guitar tone when recording. Right now I'm just plugging the POD XT's L+R outputs into two of my interface's line inputs.
  15. Hello: I'm from Argentina and my english is not very good, sorry but the local support don't have idea of nothing. I buy a POD xt Used yesterday. Them I created my account profile in the Line 6 web and tryn to register my used PODxt have this message. "ESN could not be verified. Please confirm the supplied USN. ( Error: 523)" After this, today, I contact with the previous owner and request that he remove the registration from their account. And the problem still yet. :( :( :( :( :( :(
  16. Hello everybody. I own a POD XT Live with all the Model Packs. I also bought back in the day POD Farm 1, which I was using so far to open my pod xt tones inside a DAW. Recently I clean installed windows 10 and downloaded the newest line6 monkey, where there is not an option to download again pod farm 1, but the only option is to purchase pod farm 2.5. So, i looked in the line 6 software download and found the latest pod farm 1 version (v1.12) which i downloaded and installed. But here is the problem. There is no way to authenticate it, since there is not an option of pod farm 1 in the final line 6 monkey release. So, when I try to load a tone preset which uses one of the amps or effects from model packs, I hear a clean sound, like the program stops processing everything. Is there a solution to this problem? What should I do about it? Thank you. P.S. Of course I ran line 6 license manager and i checked that both my pod xt and PC are authorized. I also went to "my account" and i confirmed the model packs and POD Farm 1 in both "Purchase History" and "Software Add-ons" sections.
  17. Hi all! I hope someone is able to help me shed some light on my situation. I have an old Pod XT which works fine. I recently managed to buy a FBV Longboard (two expression pedal board) and when I plug it into the xt it shows 'Line 6' on the display but none of the buttons change anything on the pod other than when I click the wah pedal in which does work. Nothing else seems to work though. Has anyone got any ideas? I've updated Line 6 Monkey, firmware e.t.c and still I only get the wah function working and nothing else. Thanks everyone! Ryan
  18. Hi, I just bought used POD XT with broken usb port. I've tried to authorize connecting via midi ports, but license manager does not detect the device. Can I authorize it through the midi at all?
  19. good evening. does anybody know if a chart with all the default settings (effects & co.) exist for POD XTs? something like below: preset comp (gate) stomp mod delay cab/ a.i.r. 2A off off off off on 2B on on on off on 2C on off off off off 2D off off off off on i'd need that to program better a Behringer FCB1010 UnO and, due to midi messages exchange, i need to know which ones are active in each preset, to avoid sending every midi message at changing bank/preset.
  20. I am using POD XT since 2006 as interface for connecting my guitar to computer. Everything has been worked fine under Windows and on Mac until upgrade to OS X 10.11 El Capitan. From time to time there was a message about communication errors with device in driver configuration window. Because there was no "Repair permissions" option in Disk Utility, I have used "/usr/libexec/repair_packages" command in Terminal. Week ago I made clean install of macOS Sierra 10.12.3 and updated to 10.12.4. Communication problem still appears. There is no low-level tools to repair file permissions in macOS Sierra. How can I fight with this errors? I have MacBook Pro 15 mid 2014 with powerful CPU, enough RAM and fast SDD. There is no special software installed. Only Logic Pro X and iWork. Everything is updated to the newest versions.
  21. Hello Folks, here is a little video about a song from the upcoming instrumental Fuge album: played with my good old POD XT! enjoy! :)
  22. Using a Mic combo for years and today it started having issues. Sm58>Mic Cable>High Impedance Transformer>POD XT>Reg Cable>Pevey Amp. Today, when using the Mic (Vocals) (Yes I know this isn't it's designated use and purpose, but it works really well and wonderfully for the last 7 years.) upon certain frequencies (mid range) it incurred clipping and then cutting of the sound, then total lack of output form the POD. I replaced the transformer assuming it was an incoming signal issue. No change, Tested Mic, still good, tested other cables, all good. sometimes upon turning off and on, I get signal again temporarily.. using a XLR female to 1/4" male also incurs the same issue, just the volume levels need to be maxed out to get the basic signal before it clips and dies. Installed Line 6 monkey, Cannot connect to internet, (disabled AVG, Firewall, and all blockers) Cannot connect to be able to reset the device. A little while back I had to replace the power to the POD and I'm figuring that fried the memory a bit, needing to find a way to reset the device somehow. Anyone have experience using Firefox as their internet experience of choice, with no-script, adblocker, and ghostery addons and AVG as the antivirus with standard window firewall and connecting the Line 6 Monkey to the internet? Thanks.
  23. Hello everyone, A couple of days ago I decided to record a song in Reaper using my Pod XT as a sound card. I tried many tones from different VSTs such as Amplitube and I must say that some of them sounded better than what I had expected. Sadly, when I render/export my recordings and try to reproduce them in VLC or any other media player, I find that the guitars sound dull, without the warmth they had when I recorded and played them in Reaper. The result is the same even when I export the songs in the highest possible quality (WAV or FLAC format). I don't know if this is due to some kind of misconfiguration or if I should find a replacement for the Pod to achieve a higher recording quality, so any help regarding this matter will be highly appreciated.
  24. I have owned a Pod XT since shortly after it first became available, It has served me very well, but I know that just like all digital based hardware, its days are limited. Either through hardware failure, or through obsolescence it will at some point be of no use to me. I have honed my tones stored on the XT to match my playing styles and compliment my modest collection of guitars.I am afraid that if I dont take preventative measures, all could be lost. My biggest obstacles are a severely limited budget, and limited space, and that's why the XT was such a good match for me. At first glance, the POD HD500X is the closest relative to the XT, but I do not have the floor space for it. I love how compact the XT is. I can use it on my Desktop through a DAW, take it out to the patio and jam through headphones on nice days, and it even sounds great when I play through a clean amp with the Amp's EQ dialed flat. My main question is, what is the current Tech available through line6 that is the closest to the XT? Anything that bypasses the hardware issue completely? what has changed since the rise of tablet PCs and smartphones that I could use to an advantage? Related Tech question: I play strictly for my own enjoyment. I like to record only when I am 'In the zone' or breaking new ground creatively. Can someone recommend the tools necessary that would provide the quickest/shortest/straightest line from the output jack on my guitar to to a hard disk or recording device? My current recording setup is a nightmare. The inspiration is often long gone by the time I get the cables connected, make sure the Sd cards have room etc.
  25. Although I now have a POD HD500, I still really like my POD XTs (I have 2 of them). I would like to patch in an FX Loop or AUX Send & Return into my POD XT taking the signal out after the guitar input and feed it back in just before the output so it bypasses any of the DSP effects. Has anyone done this and/or are there any schematics for the POD XT anywhere?
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