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Found 10 results

  1. So I am having a problem with opening Pod Farm 2. in any DAW. It comes up with the screen that says "NO POD FARM LICENSE FOUND". The thing is, when I go into License manager, listed under "My Devices" is My Computer, which it also says is authorized. So I do not know what is going on. Why can't I open the version of Pod Farm I bought? HELP :(
  2. well, I tried to set up my pod farm on my new computer setup. I haven't tried to install any of the software onto this rig yet. Upon doing so, I had an issue with the device staying authorized and with pod farm 2.5 also not being recognized as licensed even though I have the licenses for them. I was wondering if anybody had any insight into why something wouldn't stay authorized. I did deauthorize my PC and attempted to reauthorize it/the ux2 and now I have no dice.
  3. Any advice on this would be appreciated. I am considering buying a used PODxt Live from a guy on craigslist. He is not the original owner. So, the current owner never bothered trying to activate the device with Line6 and just used it as-is. He does not know if the original owner ever activated it. If I buy this, I need to be able to get the proper software for configuring the pedal. Does anyone know what I can do if the pedal is still activated under the original owner's name? Thank you!
  4. Hi, I just bought used POD XT with broken usb port. I've tried to authorize connecting via midi ports, but license manager does not detect the device. Can I authorize it through the midi at all?
  5. I formatted my old PCs several times, but now i authorized my new PC with licence manager then when i look my devices it shows all the old computers i had and formatted each at least 3 times and licence manager says "You currently are using 8 out of 10 lifetime devices". I don't use my older PCs and they are formatted 3 times at least. I want removal of my old devices. Please help me for solution! Thank you
  6. Firstly lost power after nearly 2 years of use. Un-installed Pod Farm and Monkey Re-installed Pod Farm and Monkey still no power. Realised USB cable broken. Replaced USB cable (non-genuine) > clip lights started flashing. Now can't connect my KB37 with monkey and can only authorise my computer. KB37 is registered. PC is authorised. KB37 is de-authorised but can not authorise. When I download drivers from Monkey it downloads and but when I go back in it says no in driver update. 1) can't connect KB37 on Line 6 server 2) can't authorise KB37 on Line 6 server 3) can't download KB37 drivers Any solutions
  7. I feel compelled to post my experience regarding this issue in the hopes that it may help out those of you who are struggling with this problem. It appears that in many cases it might be believed that the device is defective. The is the second time that I have experienced a disappearing, failed detection, "no authorized device" problem on a PC (Windows 7 64bit). This is the first time, after countless hours over a period of months, that I have been able to restore functionality. Though I have over 25 years of experience in IT and I would have liked to pinpoint the very specific cause of this problem, I was unable to do so. I was able to get it working again which is enough for me. I'd like to post my scenario here and urge you to try what I tried and post the results. It's possible that someone else might understand exactly what component corrupts and where it is located and how to deal with it. Line 6 developers are in the best position to analyze this and provide us with the appropriate fix or information, but so far I don't see any such information or a fix forthcoming. Most likely this problem may be the result of a few issues, one possibly being a defective device. In other cases the problem might be remedied by all the other suggestions found throughout the forum. What Line 6 support was able to provide via the forums as well as other helpful forum members did not help me. I am pretty confident that it is more of a OS and software/driver issue than a hardware issue as both the machines feature entirely different chipsets/platforms. The first incident happened about 2 years ago, the most recent occurred a few months ago. I've spent countless hours on numerous occasions reading every forum post that might address such an issue. None of the proposed solutions restored functionality to my device. The first time this happened, I literally had to re-install Windows to get it work again. Luckily on that machine I didn't have much installed at the time. In both cases, the device and software had been installed and functioning well at one point in time. At some point, however, there must have been some sort of driver or software corruption that persists despite all efforts to uninstall, reinstall, and try different USB ports and cables. The idea of a corruption that persists despite complete uninstall and reinstall attempts has been mentioned elsewhere. I have been using these Toneport/POD Farm devices for at least the past 5 years. I have grown accustomed to some of the models and really wanted to get them working again on my main rig. I have been, however, dismayed at the handful of issues that appear to crop up in the forums and elsewhere that seem never to be solved. That, however, did not deter me. In my case the POD Farm device would be detected by Windows as a USB device and seemingly function as an audio interface. However, Line 6 Monkey, the License Manager, and POD Farm Standalone would not be able to detect it as an authorized device. Because of this, not only could I not use these each of these pieces of software, but the POD Farm plug-in would fail to authorize the appropriate models, leaving me in the "trial" mode. I have used my POD Farm device on 5 different systems. These systems run Windows XP 32 bit, Windows 7 64 bit, and OS X (Lion and Mavericks). This problem I experienced on a Windows 7 64bit AMD system (HP Desktop) and an old Windows 7 64bit Intel system (ASUS P5W DH motherboard). During this recent incident, the POD Farm device and software would work on the XP machine, the other Windows 7 machine, and the two OS X machines. But it would not work on my main Windows 7 machine anymore. So I knew that this unit was functioning. Had I only one system, someone might have convinced me that I had a malfunctioning unit. As before, I tried all the commonly suggested remedies. I tried all the USB 2.0 onboard, "non-hub" ports, I tried a plethora of different cables, I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the software in so many different ways and with reboots in between. I installed and uninstalled previous versions of drivers, including the Gearbox and POD Farm 1 installation packs. I tried manually identifying and deleting all the files that seemed to be associated with the each install... and then more reboots in between. On more than one occasion I spent quite a bit of time manually hunting down and deleting as many registry keys as I could find. After the second attempt at this, I gave up even trying to keep track of the keys I deleted as nothing would help. I even tried many of these things in safe mode. Finally after all that I began to even try simple uninstaller utilities. Two of the most popular utilities I have used in the past failed to make a difference. This time around I had just uninstalled POD Farm 2 and installed the original Gearbox. This, needless to say, did not work again... I then began to see if there was a utility that could attempt to analyze what an installer was installing and modifying. I found a free utility called Advanced Uninstaller Pro which seemed to have the ability to monitor an installation. The idea was to use it to create a profile of the Line 6 POD Farm installation as it installed, and then use that profile to uninstall everything that the Line 6 installer added or modified. I installed the utility and the first thing I did was use it to simply uninstall the Gearbox installation (without working with the monitoring function). After it uninstalled Gearbox it asked me if I wanted it to scan the system to identify any bits left behind, which I consented to. After that was done, I then closed all miscellaneous running programs as it suggested and then had it monitor and launch the Line 6 POD Farm installer. After some time it created a profile... which then I was going to use with the software to uninstall POD Farm cleanly and completely. Before doing so, I decided to fire up Monkey and License Manager. Lo and behold it detected my device! No need to even uninstall the monitored installation! Apparently this utility was able to remove whatever corruption or invalid information that the Line 6 Uninstaller or my own manual efforts could not. It seems like a simple solution. If all this were to happen again, I have no guarantee this would work again. I'm just happy I have everything finally working on my main system. My hope is that anyone with these detection issues gives this a go and posts back with the results. Again more might be involved here but I tried everything. I have no vested interest Advanced Uninstaller Pro other than the mere fact that it was able to solve this long standing problem. Nor can I vouch for any of it's other capabilities. I had noticed that the Line 6 uninstaller left quite a bit behind after uninstalling the software. It is unfortunate that it was unable to remove whatever it installed or modified that leaves the persistent corruption in place despite numerous installs and uninstalls. If you made it through this book and have this problem, please post back to see if this indeed worked for you. Regards, K.G.
  8. Good day, I am quite curious to know why i did not receive and iLok authorization card/number when I had purchased my UX2? I cannot run my pod farm through Pro Tools as it says "not authorized" when I tried to authorize on Line6 it tells me to type in the activation code found on the card in UX2 box. Please could some one respond. Thanking you in advance, Cimeries
  9. Deutsch Français The POD Farm 2.5 software license, when purchased from our website online store, is a license that is placed on your Line 6 account. Nothing will be sent by mail. You can download the latest POD Farm 2.5x software free from our Downloads link on our website. You use the Line 6 License Manager software to authorize that license to your computer or Line 6 hardware to begin using the POD Farm 2.5 software. 1. Download and install POD Farm 2.5x from our downloads page for free here. This will install: POD Farm 2.5x application Drivers for Line 6 hardware Line 6 Monkey update utility Line 6 License Manager 2. After installing the software above, connect your Line 6 hardware (if applicable) and run the Line 6 Monkey to ensure that the POD Farm 2.5x application and your Line 6 hardware drivers* are updated (*Line 6 hardware only). 3. Close Line 6 Monkey and run Line 6 License Manager: If you are using Line 6 hardware (POD Studio/Toneport), select the hardware from the left side of License Manager and hit the 'Authorize' button for that device. Afterward, you may need to click on an 'Install' button to install the assets to the Line 6 hardware. Do NOT authorize your computer if you are using Line 6 Hardware with POD Farm 2.5x. If you are NOT using Line 6 hardware with POD Farm, just select your computer within License Manager and just click the 'Authorize' button to authorize the license to the computer. *For a Video outline of how License Manager works click Here. 4. Close License Manager and start POD Farm 2.5x. You can now begin using the program. If you are using Line 6 hardware, make sure to connect your speakers or headphones to the Audio OUTPUTS of the Line 6 hardware. POD Farm 2.5 Setup Die POD Farm 2.5 Software Lizenz, sofern aus unserem Webshop gekauft, ist eine auf Ihrem Line 6 Konto abgelegte Lizenz. Sie werden keine Email mit der Lizenz erhalten. Sie können die neuste Version von POD Farm 2.5x umsonst in der Downloadliste auf unserer Webseite finden. Sie müssen die Line 6 License Manager Software benutzen um Ihren Computer oder Ihr Line 6 Gerät für die Nutzung der POD Farm 2.5 Software zu autorisieren. 1. Laden Sie sich POD Farm 2.5x von unserer Downloadseite umsonst herunter und installieren Sie es. Dies wird die folgende Software installieren: POD Farm 2.5x Treiber für Ihre Line 6 Hardware Line 6 Monkey zur Aktualisierung Ihrer Line 6 Produkte Line 6 License Manager 2. Nachdem Sie die oben genannte Software installiert haben schließen Sie Ihre Line 6 Hardware (falls zutreffend) an Ihren Computer an und starten Sie Line 6 Monkey um zu überprüfen ob Ihre Line 6 Hardware Treiber* sowie Ihre POD Farm 2.5x auf dem neuesten Stand sind. (*Line 6 Hardware ausschließlich.) 3. Schließen Sie Line 6 Monkey und starten Sie den Line 6 License Manager: Sollten Sie Line 6 Hardware benutzen (POD Studio/Toneport), wählen Sie die Hardware an der linken Seite des License Managers aus und drücken Sie den "Authorize" Knopf. Danach müssen Sie möglicherweise einmal auf "Installieren" drücken um Erweiterungen auf Ihrem Gerät zu installieren. Achtung, autorisieren Sie Ihren Computer nicht wenn Sie Line 6 Hardware mit POD Farm 2.5x benutzen. Wenn Sie die Line 6 Hardware nicht mit POD Farm benutzen, können Sie einfach Ihren Computer im License Manager auswählen und auf "Authorize" klicken um eine Lizenz auf Ihrem Computer zu autorisieren. *Hier können Sie sich ein Video zur Benutzung des License Managers ansehen. (in Englisch) 4. Schließen Sie den License Manager und starten Sie POD Farm 2.5x. Sie können das Programm nun benutzen. Sollten Sie Line 6 Hardware benutzen, stecken Sie Ihre Lautsprecher oder Kopfhörer in die Audio Ausgänge des Line 6 Gerätes. Setup POD Farm 2.5 La licence du logiciel POD Farm 2.5, si vous l'avez acheté dans notre boutique en ligne, est une licence attachée à votre compte Line 6. Vous n'obtiendrez aucun email de nous avec la licence. Vous pouvez télécharger la version, la plus nouvelle de POD Farm sur notre site web. Vous devez utiliser le Line 6 License Manager pour autoriser votre ordinateur ou appareil Line 6 pour l'utilisation du logiciel POD Farm 2.5. 1. Téléchargez POD Farm 2.5x gratuitement de notre site des téléchargements. Installez-le. Ce logiciel installera les programmes ci-après: POD Farm 2.5x Les pilotes pour votre appareil Line 6 Line 6 Monkey pour les mises à jour de vos produits Line 6 Line 6 License Manager 2. Après vous avez installé ces logiciels, connectez votre appareil Line 6 (si besoin) avec votre ordinateur et démarrez Line 6 Monkey pour mettre à jour vos pilotes des appareils Line 6 et POD Farm 2.5x. 3. Fermez Line 6 Monkey et démarrez le Line 6 License Manager: Si vous utilisez du hardware Line 6 (POD Studio/Toneport), choisissez l'appareil à gauche du License Manager et cliquez "Authorize". Après vous devez éventuellement cliquer "Installer" pour installer les extensions sur votre appareil. Attention, n'autorisez pas votre ordinateur si vous utilisez des appareils Line 6 avec POD Farm 2.5x. Si vous n'utilisez pas des appareils Line 6 avec POD Farm, vous pouvez cliquer sur votre ordinateur dans le License Manager et cliquer "Authorize" pour autoriser l'ordinateur. *Ici vous pouvez regarder une vidéo concernant l'utilisation du License Manager. (en anglais) 4. Fermez le License Manager et démarrez POD Farm 2.5x. Vous pouvez utiliser ce programme maintenant. Si vous utilisez des appareils Line 6, insérez vos haut-parleurs ou écouteurs dans les sorties audio du appareil Line 6.
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