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  1. well as i see 200 people saw it no one respond so its not good great.
  2. Hi guys if you like metal songs try these samples i made them in years cause i used rock and metal sound programs in fruity loops but it was not the best so i bought a real guitar and started to mix in pod 2 farm to reach good metal quality and its took years to reach this, but if its bad thats okay im just curious what you think ? what you think about this metal quality? if you want you can try my samples but first you need fruity loops. Im using Line 6 pod 2 studio GX its 100 euro sound card and this guitar Cort KX5FR 170 Euro im just curious what you think about this guys? this quality is good? and i paid 270 euro to get this quality, its a good thing? or i can make a better quality with cheap items? thanks if you have some ideas:) you can tell me if im wrong about this. MetalQuality2019.l6t MetalQualityTest2019 02.l6t MetalQualityTest2019 03.l6t
  3. i made a ticket so im waiting now thank guys the help, soon i will wanna show you all my sample what i made to reach a good metal quality.
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