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  1. Firstly lost power after nearly 2 years of use. Un-installed Pod Farm and Monkey Re-installed Pod Farm and Monkey still no power. Realised USB cable broken. Replaced USB cable (non-genuine) > clip lights started flashing. Now can't connect my KB37 with monkey and can only authorise my computer. KB37 is registered. PC is authorised. KB37 is de-authorised but can not authorise. When I download drivers from Monkey it downloads and but when I go back in it says no in driver update. 1) can't connect KB37 on Line 6 server 2) can't authorise KB37 on Line 6 server 3) can't download KB37 drivers Any solutions
  2. Help! Hi everybody, Firstly, lost power to my KB37. Un-installed line 6 software > re-installed Pod Farm 2 > Monkey still no power > realised the USB cable was damaged "black plastic piece broke off' Replaced with a non-genuine cable. got power back clip lights flashing. Note : unit was working for a couple of years b4 usb cable broke. The concern now, is that in Monkey, when I download drivers > they download but when I go back into Monkey it says no in driver update. The other concern is that it is only authorising my computer, it won't recognise my KB37? My KB37 is registered > my pc is authorised > KB37 is de-authorised 1) Problem with authorising KB37 with server 2) Problem with driver not updating > or has updated on my pc :somewhere? 3) Problem with connecting KB37 Anyone experienced this?
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