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  1. jussa21

    Tone Matching

    The firehawk does tone matching but the hd500x does not
  2. thanks bro just opened a ticket
  3. hi all is there any way to reset lifetime authorization limit I have had my ux1 for many years and have had lots of pc's/laptops I have used it on now I can use podfarm on my new laptop many thanks in advance justin
  4. jussa21

    Updated firmware doesn't actually update

    Try doing a reset on your iPad or iPhone ie hold power and home button until white apple logo comes up then delete Bt profile then repair Bt connection
  5. jussa21

    No iOS connection

    Have you set up a line 6 account and logged in on the app and did you do the factory reset after the firmware update
  6. jussa21

    bank switching

    Just press the down bank once and you will be on 25
  7. Hi all is anyone doing or done a YouTube review Getting mine next week and would like to hear a few of the presets Many thanks Justin
  8. jussa21

    Amplifi Remote App Crashes

    Must say it's been a pain not to sure why I can get the old version and you can't
  9. jussa21

    Amplifi Remote App Crashes

    Did you turn off auto update
  10. jussa21

    Amplifi Remote App Crashes

    If you delete the app on your iPhone and re download from App Store it installs version 1.00.1 and not 1.01 make sure you turn off auto update in settings or it wil update it again
  11. jussa21

    Cloud Problem

    Thanks I have put my tone in manually now
  12. jussa21

    Cloud Problem

    Hi all hope some one can help I have uploaded a tone from podfarm 2.5 to custom tones then tried finding it on amplifi app yet It does not find it Many thanks Justin
  13. jussa21

    Amplifi Remote App Crashes

    I thought we would have a reply from line 6 by now would be nice to know what's going on
  14. jussa21

    Amplifi Remote App Crashes

    Same problem here any fix
  15. jussa21

    Amplifi Remote App Crashes