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  1. There is a Music Tab and minor bug fixes. I noticed on my FX100 there is very little delay switching effects for me which was a huge problem.
  2. It doesn't matter if I'm connected to the app or not, it doesn't matter which preset it is.
  3. Hello, Is anyone else having an issue with a 1/2 second delay switching presets? I want to play live this year and going from clean to dirty or dirty to clean with a noticeable cut over isn't going to work. Thanks, Doug
  4. I also asked support this but sometimes you guys have some insights. There was a new remote app in August but I have to wonder if this product is still being developed. It's been over a year since the last firmware update. They have released new hardware but no new firmware. Trying to make the best of this product until I can finally afford a Helix.
  5. I used to have to re-pair my bluetooth connection every time to my FX100. The last Amplifi app update on iOS fixed this. I've been on iOS 10 since the betas but this problem happened to me on iOS 9 as well.
  6. Hello, So far I love my FX100 but has anyone had instability issues when recording via USB? Everything works great from 1/4 left/right out to my MAUDIO Audio Interface into Logic Pro X. If I try the same with the USB connector after about 10 to 60 minutes I start having severe latency issues. My notes come out anywhere from 1 sec to 5 seconds later before the unit becomes pretty much unresponsive. Firmware is up to date and was reset to factory defaults as well. Any help is appreciate although I don't mind using the 1/4 outputs. I may contact support next, I'm still under warranty. Thanks!
  7. It's pretty high gain for my industrial metal project. First sample is here: FDM - Murica Wants The D (Unfinished Draft) I'm using an external EQ for low/high pass filter and to add some more bottom. I wish the device had more than 1 EQ. Once I tweak things more I will post the preset in tone cloud to contribute back to the community.
  8. Thanks guys, I ended up getting the Amplifi FX100 and I'm thrilled. I didn't end up using tone cloud but I built my tone from scratch. I did add an additional external EQ but it sounds great!
  9. Hello, Does the firehawk or hd500x do tone matching from the tone cloud like the Amplifi series does? What are the other differences? I am thinking about getting the fx100 and don't want to impulse buy.
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