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  1. I just brought the old version in last week! Back it goes - Wish there was more advanced warning as I would have just waited for it instead. Oh well, it’s only costing me shipping this one back.
  2. It sure is a blast from the past but it still sounds great for as old a piece of tech it is.
  3. It turned out that Line 6 updated the drivers in order for USB and MIDI to function properly weren't being installed because the privacy settings in my Macbook Pro needed to be adjusted in order to allow the updates to be installed - so problem solved!
  4. Greetings all and happy new year! I recently discovered a POD XT I purchased a while back and was in the process of updating it and the firmware update wasn't possible because I'm missing the correct cable. I'm connected to my Macbook Pro via USB. Also how can I tell which firmware is currently installed? I've looked but none of the things I read about and try seem to work.
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