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Found 12 results

  1. Just wondering if anyone has connected a POD XT to a Flextone III and what the best way of connecting these up is please, thanks.
  2. Hi everyone, I've bought a second hand Flextone III XL, i know it's kinda old now but i hope i can still use Line 6 edit to load custom tones, but the loading bar stops at 5 seconds, and a MIDI timeout error appears. so i spent the night trying to connect my amp to my laptop in order to update the flash memory with line 6 monkey so maybe line 6 edit would recognize it. I looked a lot of threads on this forum, i'm using the M-audio Uno, with the manufacturer's drivers, tried the safe mode Power + A ( then only the A button lights up ), and nothing happens . monkey does recognize my amp, but when i try to update ( with "update selection" and "update from file" ), I choose the second option ( install the new default patches ) it stops at "reading existing patches" then I get the errors : Please, tell me what more can i try, i even tried a hard reset ( A + D + Power ), downloading the 1.0 file and loading it with monkey, nothing works.
  3. The master volume is not working at all its totally dead, I can only get any sound out of the amp by using the adjust the A B C D channel volume, when this is turned up to full the amp sounds like its only on half power with poor sound quality, Has anyone else had this fault & what was the problem, Many thanks Joolz
  4. Hello all. I got a non-working Flextone III 112 donated to me for use with the high school rock band. It's fault is no DSP. It has to be factory reset and then it'll amplify clean. I figured it'd be fine to go straight into the return with pedals but that method didn't work :-( (edit - I've since seen that I need dummy jack in the input!) but it's OKAY if I go into the main input jack as normal with pedals or use as the amp as a monitor. My question is, is there a way to fix this with replacement parts from other Flextone models. They come up spares or repair from time to time on auction sites. Currently (Dec 2019) I might be able to buy a III 212 cheap that's blowing fuses.
  5. Is it possible to transfer tones from the Flextone III bundle to Helix?
  6. I'm going to purchase the HD500X .. and have been noodling on what i want to run it through. DT25 .. seems great. Also seems like running the 500x through the LT2 is also a nice approach (which I really like.) This issue i have is ... i have a flextone III which has been a nice amp for me over the years -- with some sonic limitations. If i run the HD500 through the Flextone III--- 1. what would be the best setting for the FIII? What would provide the best FRFR? 2. Some of the effects on the FIII are solid (delay, chorus, wah) -- are there any downsides to using the FIII's effects? 3. Are there any downsides to this approach overall? thanks!!! E
  7. dumb questions right? not really... you see I love using my flextone iii XL...but on some gig dates, it looks like I'll have to use another means of amplification (borrowing the main bands amp) or use the P.A. so I've started to look into what I could use to at least get the same tone...I looked into using a POD XT and just bring my FBV pedal board and use a dry setting on the house system or the main bands amp. I've also come across the pod xt live, which would save me from bringing my FBV altogether... my question is...can I dump my flextone iii tones via the line 6 editor into the pod xt or pod xt live? will they sound somewhat similar with what I am accustomed too? I guess my further question would be, which would be better suited for my needs? thanks!
  8. Hey guys! So, my dad happens to have a Flextone III+ with an working FBV Shortboard (MkI) connected. Since I'm quite the Line6 guy too, i bought a Shortboard MkII for use with my computer (Pod Farm 2.5). Now i thought, woudlnt it be cool to connect my MkII to his Flextone III, since we play in the same practice room, and i could mess around with my own presets. (IF the presets are stored in the shortboard, if someone can confirm this is not the case, you can close this thread!) So, here comes the problem: The old Shortboard is connected via a strange connector with a couple of pins, dont know how they're called, almost like an old sVideo connector but lager and with more pins. Also, this connector has a Screw-thingy around it, to lock it in place. The old shortboard has this connector too, exclusivly this connector. (and an expression pedal plug, of course) My question now is, where the f*** am i supposed to connect a RJ45 cable for my MkII? I've looked for a connector all over the place, but couldnt find one, and I saw some photos online of a Flextone III having a RJ45 connector instead of the stupid one I have... (if you can't tell by now, I'm getting annoyed by this...) Now, do I have any chance of connecting my MkII to this amp? For further investigation, i think i can provide serial numbers(if they help) and pictures. I'm getting the feeling we got a super special one time run edition here... Thanks a lot in advance!
  9. Hello, I've recently bought a Flextone III XL. I'd like to deep edit some presets and bought a generic usb - midi cable. It seems that the cable recognizes both the usb port and the midi interface. However Line 6 Edit and Line 6 Monkey don't recognize the Flextone. I tried in two computers with Windows XP and Windows Vista with the same result. I think I've read all the topics concerning to this issue and I've installed L6 Edit with and without Java. Any trick or advice? Thanks and regards
  10. Anyone know of a source where I can purchase replacement grill cloth for a Flextone 2x12 cabinet? Same cloth as the Flextone III XL amp.
  11. Just purchased a Flextone III and I can't get the editing software to run - Using Windows 7 64 Bit - PLEASE HELP!! Thank you! Dave
  12. HD500x Arrived today ... and wow -- what an amazing difference ... and a great way to bring new life to some older gear. here is the setup: HD500x --> UX8 --> Reason HD500x --> Flextone III HD500x --> USB ... running 500x Edit Flextone III --> MIDI to USB using an Uno First -- the setup is incredible ... I am running the HD500x through my monitors, and then simultaneously running through the Flex III. I have both 500x Edit and FlexIII Edit running on my computer, creating a stellar command center -- and allowing for incredible sonic versatility. The Flex never (ever) sounded so good. The low ends on the Flex were always super muddy. Clean channels were OK, but the low end was disappointing. running the flex with the HD500X in front ... wow! ... seriously, the sonic difference is stunning. I can run native HD with the amp in manual, but am finding some fun ways of using the flex with the HD .. for example, using the clean channels with the Flex seem to add nice depth to the HD without compromising the HD sound and feel. The effects on the Flex are solid and I can turn off some HD effects and use those on the flex (while i haven't run into any processing limitations on the HD yet, this certainly offloads some of the processing to the Flex.) what is really fun is to have both the HD running through the monitors and the HD running through the flex at the same time. When dialing up a Flex model, you can create two very different sound that blend together. Really fun. Gonna keep tweaking ... but the new life this brings to both my Flex and the UX8 is fantastic.
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