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  1. nooooooo!...dammit!...I'm trying to reduce floor space...and I can't do with the only effect pedal I use...a digitech space station (makes like a synth tone that swells, like a guitar synth really)...I was hoping to find something in the fx model pack and use that instead live and in my pod...oh well...back to the drawing board...
  2. I'm on the verge of buying the FX Junkie model pack. I'd like to know, will I be able to use it on my pod xt as well as on my flextone iii XL? do I have to pay for an extra licence?
  3. dumb questions right? not really... you see I love using my flextone iii XL...but on some gig dates, it looks like I'll have to use another means of amplification (borrowing the main bands amp) or use the P.A. so I've started to look into what I could use to at least get the same tone...I looked into using a POD XT and just bring my FBV pedal board and use a dry setting on the house system or the main bands amp. I've also come across the pod xt live, which would save me from bringing my FBV altogether... my question is...can I dump my flextone iii tones via the line 6 editor into the pod xt or pod xt live? will they sound somewhat similar with what I am accustomed too? I guess my further question would be, which would be better suited for my needs? thanks!
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