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Found 14 results

  1. Hei. I have been latelly experiencing that my jm4 is having and odd behavior. The Lcd screen suddenly shows that the volume is being moved while playing. Evenmore, it can happen while trying to hit play or stop on an overdub not allowing the action to take effect and even not allowing to record while it happens. It also happens very often, I would say with intervals of 10 to 15 secs or less but it is not a fixed time. I have come to the idea that the volume knob is damage. I am wondering if somebody else is experiencing the same problem? Eventually if this is due to the volume knob where could i posiblly get a replacement or what type of knob should i get for this equipment Thanks Jan
  2. The master volume is not working at all its totally dead, I can only get any sound out of the amp by using the adjust the A B C D channel volume, when this is turned up to full the amp sounds like its only on half power with poor sound quality, Has anyone else had this fault & what was the problem, Many thanks Joolz
  3. Hi, Preface: I kind of browsed the forum but couldn't find anything matching my problem. I bought a Spider Valve HD100 Mk1 to use while my main amp is being serviced. The seller went through the paces with the amp and informed me the master volume didn't work. being as it was super loud and controllable through channel volume I still bought it. I plan on keeping it as a backup so id like to see if I can fix this issue. Issue: Master Volume sounds to be at about 7 id say compared to other 100 watt amps ive used. I can turn the knob from 0 - 10 and no change in volume, no static, zero response. The volume can be controlled by the channel volume but switching presets will blow ears out if not careful. Could this be remedied by a simple pot change or could it be something more. Looking on suggestions on troubleshooting the circuit maybe? I have some electronics experience so I know about high voltages etc going into the amp. Thanks
  4. The master volume is not working at all its totally dead, I can only get any sound out of the amp by using the adjust the A B C D channel volume, when this is turned up to full the amp sounds like its only on half power with poor sound quality, Has anyone else had this fault & what was the problem, Many thanks Joolz
  5. Sometimes, when I turn up the Master Volume, it'll start changing the Chorus settings. If I tap on the Chorus knob, it will go away, but not a complete fix, as it will do it again when it gets bumped, so it sounds to me like it's a loose connection After doing more testing, I found out that it only does this when the knob is in the Chorus area, as soon as I move it to Phaser/Tremolo, the issue is completely gone. I've had this amp for years, and never had an issue with it. That is, until I go to sell it. Does anyone know if there's something I can do? I already tried a Factory Reset. Electrical contact cleaner, perhaps?
  6. Hello, new pod owner here. Upgraded from GT-10 to pod HD500x. I've had my HD for 2 weeks now and have downloaded and constructed a few patches using my headphones. When i play thru my monitors, my patches sound the same regardless of what amp sim I use. The tones sound muddy and thick. (to much bass.) Last night my wife was listening and told me my speakers sound like they have a towel draped over them. I turned the bass down on the unit itself and no change. Turned the tone knob up, no change. All i could do was laugh and make fun of my new piece of expensive gear I begged to purchase. Then I started started twisting the master volume nob clock wise and counter. Back and forth, back and forth increasing and decreasing my patch level. Suddenly the sound woke up no more bass or mud in that particular patch. I haven't tried this technique on any of the other patches yet. What gives? Does anyone else have this problem?
  7. Hi, I am not clear what the different volume knobs on the POD HD500X and in the deep editing section are doing. On the Pod, you have Drive (I guess that is how much signal is fed into the pre- amp section), Volume and Master. In the deep editing section, you have another Master Volume. Which one of those volumes is controlling how much signal is passed from the pre-amp section to the power amp and which volume knop regulates the signal which is going to the simulated speaker cabinet? How do those volumes relate to each other? Thanks
  8. Hello All, Where do most of you have the preset channel volumes at? On my 2011 Spider Valve mkII 212 Combo, I have them in the 40's and 50's and I am not even at 9 o'clock on the master when gigging and it is plenty loud. Should I ratchet those preset channel volumes down even further (10-20) and jack up the master (noon or so)?. I am sure that is better for the distorted presets where it will really heats up the gain/tone, but what about my clean channel? Ideally clean should have high channel/low master volume and vice versa on the distorted presets, no? I have a lot of songs where I switch between clean and dirty and solo (think Skid Row "I Remember You") and I just want to stomp on the preset buttons and not use the volume pedal. Right now I have everything balanced in the presets so I just switch back and forth between presets using the switches on FBV without using the volume pedal at all. Any thoughts????? Thanks! Joe Venezia
  9. Hi I have a DT25 with a Flasback Delay in the effects loop. I was just using the looper on the delay pedal and went to adjust the volume coming out of the amp with the master volume on the amp. The master volume had no effect at all. I turned it right down and right up and the volume coming from the amp stayed the same. I then tried plugging the guitar straight into the delay pedal and the master volume still had no effect. The channel volume also had no effect on the output either. Is this correct? I'm probably missing something here but I would have thought that the signal from the effects loop would go into the power amp and the volume of that would be adjusted by the master volume. The Low Volume switch makes no difference. The volume of the amp is fine and I have just carried out a reset. I have tried plugging the guitar straight into the effect return and get the same thing the master volume has no effect on the volume. I'm sure there is a perfectly good explanation, but I'm a bit mystified!
  10. Just got DT50 212 and it´s sounds great when I plug my guitar direct to it. I already have a POD HD500 so to get more about this "Dream Rig" I used L6 LINK to connect them together. The problem is how I can control the master volume, when both Master Volume is active? The manual says that the POD HD Master Volume has no effect to the signal feed to the DT Amp, but in my case both Master Volume is active. It´s very difficult to control the volume and when I try, they behave very strange - compare to if I plug directly to the amp. Someone who know this problem and have a solution? Thanks! / M
  11. OK, so I've put aside my Vetta II and un-packed my new Pro X and L2m speaker. I hook them up with L6 link and put the L2m into 'Electric guitar' mode (funny, I thought the system was supposed to do that automatically). The trouble is, the Master Volume control on the Pro X does not affect the volume of what comes out of the L2m so the only way to adjust the volume is to reach round the back of the L2m and tweek the control there which is not so easy when it's in wedge config. I've hunted for a setup entry to change this behavior but I can't find anything. Have I missed it?
  12. I saw a review of the Pod HD 500 and the Dt 50 0n Guitar Player you tube. The guy was trying to get the line 6 rig to sound as good as an old 72 marshall. You have to turn up an old marshall to get the tubes cooking and it sounds great (no master volume on it). So his theory was to crank the DT50 0r DT25 Master in the same way to get the tubes working and use an Amp pre, in this cast the "Park 75 pre" in the HD 500 connected via L6 link to the DT50. So I tried it and the results were incredible. With the master turned down to 20 to 50 % the rig always sounds kinda Fizzy with a weird edge to the distortion, That I can't stand, but when the Master is cranked to 75 to 100% this thing sings. Clean sounds are cleaner and Balls sounds are ballsier! Now to control the loud volume just turn down the volume on the patch you are using but leave the Master cranked. if you're at home this could be quite a lot, but on stage just turn the volume of the patch, up to match the band volume and save it and your good to go. On the DT25 which I have, Class A = 10 watts and Class AB = 25 watts which i read somewhere . Give this a try It works insanely well. my rig has never sounded this good!
  13. HI there. I absolutely love the tone I can get out of my Spider Valve MkII 112 combo. I've had it for two years and I keep coming back to the amp. I've owned the MkI 212, and I have tried the DT series - but I still like the feel of the SV MkII best of all. However, I can't help but be frustrated when it comes to trying to use this in a live setting. When I am at home, I can play with the knobs all day and get very usable tones. And if I leave the amp in Manual mode, I can play the amp as if it were a single-channel amp that's easy to negotiate when playing live. But I want the preset capabilities to be useful for me! In a nutshell, here's what I run into: Presets sound different in a bedroom setting than they do in a live setting. I totally get that. In a live setting, I may need to start tweaking the tone knobs. HOWEVER, I don't know the current position of each tone knob on a preset unless I go into the LCD screen. As I start to tweak things, I tend to get lost and mentally lose my reference point. In a live setting, I may also need to re-calibrate the channel volumes for each of the patches (so that patch-to-patch transitions have consistent volume.) But I face the same challenges as I do with the tone knob - PLUS - the Master Volume tends to rattle-and-slide during performances. When that MV position changes on its own, so does the perceived volume deltas between the patches. As I make changes, you want the settings to stick around the next time you get to that preset. That forces you to save your preset every time you make a tweak. In my case, I wind up having to re-save presets multiple times in a session. Once again, I kind of lose my reference point. I know I can have a "base" set of presets in one bank, and have my "changed" ones in another, but it requires a whole bunch of button-mashing. I think many of us know about the challenges with the MV knob by itself (scratchy at low-volume adjustments, linear-taper makes it hard to dial in something between whisper-quiet and stadium-loud, etc.) - and haven't really heard about any solutions here. At present, I use the Volume pedal in post-position and roll off volume to help dial in some in-between volumes - not ideal at all, but kinda works in a pinch. Clearly, if the SV MkII's panel was laid out a bit more like a conventional multi-channel amp (DT series included), you can avoid a good chunk of the pain above. But I really enjoy playing through this amp and would hate to swap out my rig just because I struggle with the control layout. Aside from my complaining here, I'd like to hear what experiences you have had with the amp in live situations (where extensive button-mashing isn't an option when you're trying to reduce/eliminate dead air in-between songs). Am I missing something here? Do you have a better approach to how to tweak things on-the-fly? Would love to hear your thoughts - thanks!
  14. I just got the L3t and absolutely love it. Sounds amazing! I wish the L6 link worked differently through the HD500 and the L3t. I wish the Master Volume on the HD500 did not become the slave (doesn't change volume at all) to the L3t's volume knob to control the overall volume (sorry for the poor wording). I wish that was reversed. The interesting connectivity between the HD500 and the L3t could be better. Hopefully it is just user error or if not, this will change in the future with an update. Am I correct in this being the way the HD500 works with the L3t through L6 link? I also want to be able to select L3t Speaker Modes inside of the HD500 through a menu, not just by switching the Speaker Mode in each preset and then saving into the HD500 this way. Any thoughts you guys have? The HD500 sounds incredible going into the L3t through L6, but the functionality goes out the window because you can't control the speaker from the HD500. The HD500 master volume knob shutting off is a No-No. It should be that the L3t's Master Volume Knob becomes the slave to the HD500's master volume or if nothing else, both master volumes continue to be able to change the volume, like if you just go 1/4 inch line output from the HD500 into the Line Output in the back of the L3t. Any input or thoughts would be great! Thanks guys.
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