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  1. Hi, I have a working set of the G30 transmitter and receiver. I recently bought a separate G30 receiver and tried to connect it with the transmitter, which failed (same channels on transmitter and receiver). I always have 3 red LEDs on the receiver for the signal strength. What could be the reason for failing to connect? Thanks, Ulrich
  2. Good point! I am looking for this solution as well! It only works with a cable connection from the headphone plug to the BlueTooth speaker...which takes away the flexibility.
  3. Thanks for your replies. So, the physical volume knob and master knob on the Pod just regulate the volume without changing the tone of the signal, e.g. without changing the distortion level? The intention is to balance out the volume of the individual patches in order not to have to much difference in volume between the patches when switched?
  4. Hi, I am not clear what the different volume knobs on the POD HD500X and in the deep editing section are doing. On the Pod, you have Drive (I guess that is how much signal is fed into the pre- amp section), Volume and Master. In the deep editing section, you have another Master Volume. Which one of those volumes is controlling how much signal is passed from the pre-amp section to the power amp and which volume knop regulates the signal which is going to the simulated speaker cabinet? How do those volumes relate to each other? Thanks
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