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  1. Thank you guys, for your support! Today I took a few hours to copy and started rework my patches to full amp models. It's quite a big difference.. I'd only tried them in my home studio, so I think I must tweak and fine tune them in a real PA? But I'm still confused about my DT50, Why did it happend and can it happend again? I tried it with my pod today and it's working. I have two new live gig next week, on Friday and Saturday, and it must working. I shall contact my reseller of my rig after the weekend. I haven't so much time to tweak new patches, and I must do every patch three times because I have three quite different guitars, Les Paul, Stratocaster, Telecaster (I even use them for backup if I have stringbreak.
  2. I have a DT50 & Pod HD500 over L6 link with AES cable. Last night I had a live gig and in the second set, in a middle of a song, the DT50 suddenly stops working! ðŸ˜ðŸ˜³ðŸ˜© In some kind of panic I switch over directly to my DT-amp, to ensure that my HD500 was ok and try to find the problem. The DT50 was no sounding at all, but the power lamp was lightning. I tried both channels (A & B) with no success. I turn it off and on and nothing helps me. To save the situation, I had to plug in my HD500 direct to the PA. Unfortunately I had'nt any Patches for that, so the sound was terrable with low volume because I use Pre-amp patches. The day after I check out my DT50 to find the problem, but the Amp was working and sounding!😳 I check the fuses to be shure and they were ok. My question is, anyone else who had this problem and can it be so, that the amp stops working if it's too hot? I have the master volume on max and set the output with the lokal volume.
  3. Thanks a lot for all the quick answers! I just read the release notes for the HD500 B) - Thanks Phil! I will try to set the master as you describe, Innovine. But I guess it´s still the DT50s master who controls the tube amp, and how much "analog tube sounding" you want? I saw a clip from Line6 where they recommended to have the master at maximum for the "tube sound", and control the volume with the channel volume. I don´t know what´s best? - but I guess I have to try to see whats best for me....
  4. Just got DT50 212 and it´s sounds great when I plug my guitar direct to it. I already have a POD HD500 so to get more about this "Dream Rig" I used L6 LINK to connect them together. The problem is how I can control the master volume, when both Master Volume is active? The manual says that the POD HD Master Volume has no effect to the signal feed to the DT Amp, but in my case both Master Volume is active. It´s very difficult to control the volume and when I try, they behave very strange - compare to if I plug directly to the amp. Someone who know this problem and have a solution? Thanks! / M
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