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  1. That was kind of my thoughts, but wasn't 100% sure. Didn't find another case like this online.
  2. Sorry, you might have misunderstood me. When I turn up the master volume, it acts as if I'm turning the chorus knob as well. The Master Volume knob controls both the vol and the Chorus. I didn't try any contact cleaners. The nut is snug, but not cranked on. A friend of mine bought the head for his son's band, but was made well aware of the issue. He said they'd work around it or get it fixed, but I'd still like to help him out if I can.
  3. Not sure how that would fix the issue, though. It's not like the knob is loose or anything, but it only acts this way when the knob is in the chorus field of the dial. In Phaser/Tremolo, it works perfectly.
  4. Sometimes, when I turn up the Master Volume, it'll start changing the Chorus settings. If I tap on the Chorus knob, it will go away, but not a complete fix, as it will do it again when it gets bumped, so it sounds to me like it's a loose connection After doing more testing, I found out that it only does this when the knob is in the Chorus area, as soon as I move it to Phaser/Tremolo, the issue is completely gone. I've had this amp for years, and never had an issue with it. That is, until I go to sell it. Does anyone know if there's something I can do? I already tried a Factory Reset. Electrical contact cleaner, perhaps?
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