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Found 6 results

  1. Bit confused... I'm using the effects loop for a looper, and with some patches, there is some clipping noise when going through the effects loop and looper... Ex: 1) I go to patch one, activate the effects loop, record a phrase though the looper, all is fine. 2) I switch patch, play a bit, sounds fine. 3) I activate the effects loop, the looper plays fine. 4) I play, but now I'm getting some clipping noise (not from the looper, but from the current guitar/patch sound) when the effects loop is active... At first I thought it had to do with levels, but even lowering the Go's effects loop out volume so that it's really not loud, I'm still getting the clipping... And it seems to do so only with some patches... My effects loop is the last effect of the Go's chain. I even tried with another Looper (Have an ammoon and an Akai), and the akai seemed much worse than the ammoon; the ammoon sounds fine with some patches, but clips with others. The akai seemed to clip much worse for more patches from what I can recall... Thanks! :\
  2. Hello All. I am currently the proud owner of a Helix floor and had a question in regards to the 4CM with this particular mesa. The Mesa Boogie F 50 does not have a serial effects loop only parallel, has anybody here experienced or own an F series mesa? If so I would like to know if it is safe to do the 4CM with this amp, I do not want to damage the return input of the Helix Thanks
  3. I have a Helix rack unit. I was hoping I could connect the device in to the effects loop of my amplifier. I'm currently trying this with a Peavey 6505MH and I've tried it with a Line6 DT-25 head as well. When I plug it in and setup the effects loop in the chain, I don't hear anything. Both amps didn't put out any sound. It's standard SEND --> RETURN and RETURN --> to SEND loop. I have the Helilx ports set at instrument and I'm using FX loop setting (I also tried the send/return setting as well). Has anyone else had any luck setting this up? I don't want to go through the front input as I don't like the sound I get. I know I could plug the L6 cable in to the DT-25 and that works, but I tried the effects loop just to check if the Peavey 6505MH might be bad. I was able to plug a stomp pedal in to the Peavey FX loop and it worked fine. I'm thinking the Helix signal just isn't compatible with the FX loop of the amp, but I'm not sure. Thanks in advance, SG
  4. Hi. Recently I purchased a second hand Spider III 75. I like almost everything about it: the sound is great, exactly what I need. But I faced a problem. I usually use additional effect pedals with my amps for more flexibility with the sound. But this amp does no have effect loop, so my delay and modualtion pedals sound very dirty if I plug them in input, Is there any possibility to install effect loop? I asked a friend of mine, who is knowledgeable about the subject, if he can do it. But he said he needs a scheme or something for that. Waiting for your responses Thank you in advance, P.S. I am from Tashkent, Uzbekistan, so there is no possibility to contact a dealer or a service center, because there is none within 1000 miles. :)
  5. Hi I have a DT25 with a Flasback Delay in the effects loop. I was just using the looper on the delay pedal and went to adjust the volume coming out of the amp with the master volume on the amp. The master volume had no effect at all. I turned it right down and right up and the volume coming from the amp stayed the same. I then tried plugging the guitar straight into the delay pedal and the master volume still had no effect. The channel volume also had no effect on the output either. Is this correct? I'm probably missing something here but I would have thought that the signal from the effects loop would go into the power amp and the volume of that would be adjusted by the master volume. The Low Volume switch makes no difference. The volume of the amp is fine and I have just carried out a reset. I have tried plugging the guitar straight into the effect return and get the same thing the master volume has no effect on the volume. I'm sure there is a perfectly good explanation, but I'm a bit mystified!
  6. I have been racking my brain!!! I have a Crate Vintage Club 6210 and it has a parallel effects loop with a mix level on it. I have the HD500 and it sounds out of phase in the loop. I also have a B52 AT100 and a Marshall VS 8100 and the HD500 sounds great in those loops. I have tried tweaking the amp and HD500 and I either lose the effects level or get that "processed" out of phase sound. I have read that parallel loops and digital effects don't play well together. Are there any pedals to fix that? Anything I can do to the amp to fix it? The amp sounds great and am using the HD500 just for effects. Really frustrating. Any help would be great. Thanks
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