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Found 5 results

  1. Hi folks, I'm wondering whether it is achievable with Helix to get the In/Out Phase sound or effect similar to what Brian May can do with his guitar? Cheers Marcel
  2. I am trying to layer 4 guitar tracks, 2 hard left and right and 2 not so hard left and right. I have noticed when I double up on tracks and lets say they are both centered or both in the left or right they sound weird. They sound like there is a flange on them or some sort of modulation effect. I figured it might have to do with phase but even that seems odd. I am forced to pan only 2 tracks hard left and right or my guitar tracks sound very weird. Anyone know what is going on? I might just stick to modeling guitar amps with VST plugins instead as I did not have that issue using those. Thank you!
  3. Anyone will to test this with your Helix? I've got an SM7 connected to the Helix via the mic input. I have nothing in the signal chain -- no blocks. Healthy signal running to Logic. All sounds good. I pulled out my old RNC compressor and put it into one of the FX loops. I notice that when I make the FX Loop block active (even with the outboard unit on bypass) that I can hear a slight chorus effect and a loss of low end. Sounds like a bit of the original dry signal is getting mixed back in and there's a phase issue. I still hear this when I engage the compressor. When I bypass the FX Loop block the signal is nice and full again. I decided to test this with another "true bypass" outboard unit with different cables on a different FX Loop. I'm getting the same weird phasing issue. I don't use the FX Loops when I'm playing guitar through the Helix so this is the first time I've come across this. I don't have a problem running effects in Logic, but it would suck if the Helix's FX Loops aren't transparent. Anyone else notice this? Thanks.
  4. About 2 weeks ago, I contacted L6 about an issue in Pod Farm 2. When using a dual channel preset with an identical amp, and selecting two different speaker cabinets, there are some phase issues with the cabinet sims. Some combinations are almost 180 degrees out of phase in fact. After talking to L6 about it, they thanked me for the info, but stated they wouldn't be updating Pod Farm 2 with anything to adjust this. As a result, you must record your dual tone as two tracks and use a phase correction plugin to rotate the phase for coherency in some cases, unless the phased sound is what you're going for. In Pod Farm 2 the Digital Delay only goes down to 20 ms, and the channel delay option in the mixer only affects the DI signal, not the signal with effects. So it has to be compensated for externally. An example of this is a patch with an Angel P-Ball (the amp shouldn't matter) with the 4x12 Line 6 cabinet and the 2x12 Class A-30 cabinet, both using a 57 On Axis. Pan them hard left and right. Record a stereo track, then look at the waveform and see that one is pretty much inverted in polarity vs the other. Summing them to mono leaves a very thin and comb filtered sound. A phase rotation plugin can bring back the bass properly. I just purchased a Pod HD500X, and am curious if the same issue applies here... Is there a way to compensate for this in the Pod? Thoughts?
  5. I have been racking my brain!!! I have a Crate Vintage Club 6210 and it has a parallel effects loop with a mix level on it. I have the HD500 and it sounds out of phase in the loop. I also have a B52 AT100 and a Marshall VS 8100 and the HD500 sounds great in those loops. I have tried tweaking the amp and HD500 and I either lose the effects level or get that "processed" out of phase sound. I have read that parallel loops and digital effects don't play well together. Are there any pedals to fix that? Anything I can do to the amp to fix it? The amp sounds great and am using the HD500 just for effects. Really frustrating. Any help would be great. Thanks
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