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  1. Hi folks, I'm wondering whether it is achievable with Helix to get the In/Out Phase sound or effect similar to what Brian May can do with his guitar? Cheers Marcel
  2. @codamedia @amsdenj @soundog @datacommando this is awesome seeing variety of opinions. I will certainly try them all! Thanks guys. Will update you as soon as I find the best solution that works for me by trying and combining all the above. Merry Xmas.
  3. Awesome, many thanks @codamedia and @datacommando. My last question would be, in what order would you place the Preamp? Preamp -> IR or IR -> Preamp Cheers
  4. Hey folks, I have purchased a few decent acoustic IR's from 3 Sigma Audio (they sound awesome in their video demos) but for some reason I cannot make my head around how to use them properly. I have lots of other IR's for electric guitar Amp Cabs and I know how to use them having an amp placed before IR block with a few effects, but how do I use an IR block for acoustic guitar without having an amp? It does not sound great having just a simple straight input to the IR block. I'm using an acoustic guitar, not electric. Is there any explanation how to use or create a great acoustic patch/preset using acoustic IR for acoustic guitar? Any help is appreciated. Cheers, Marcel
  5. Thank you guys for your replies. I secretly hoped that there would a way to do it, but it seems that the best thing to do is probably get some Monitors Volume Controller (like these) Thanks again!
  6. Hi guys, I have just purchased my Helix LT and I'm loving it! I'm using Helix as a main Audio Interface for my Mac with Logic Pro and both Output and Input devices have Helix selected with two L+R cables running from Helix to my monitor speakers. Everything works like charm especially with Reamping. However, I cannot seem to be able to find a way how to turn down the main monitors volume and keep my headphones functioning. It seems that the main volume knob is controlling both monitors and headphones at the same time :( Any advice please? Cheers M.
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