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  1. I have a Helix rack unit. I was hoping I could connect the device in to the effects loop of my amplifier. I'm currently trying this with a Peavey 6505MH and I've tried it with a Line6 DT-25 head as well. When I plug it in and setup the effects loop in the chain, I don't hear anything. Both amps didn't put out any sound. It's standard SEND --> RETURN and RETURN --> to SEND loop. I have the Helilx ports set at instrument and I'm using FX loop setting (I also tried the send/return setting as well). Has anyone else had any luck setting this up? I don't want to go through the front input as I don't like the sound I get. I know I could plug the L6 cable in to the DT-25 and that works, but I tried the effects loop just to check if the Peavey 6505MH might be bad. I was able to plug a stomp pedal in to the Peavey FX loop and it worked fine. I'm thinking the Helix signal just isn't compatible with the FX loop of the amp, but I'm not sure. Thanks in advance, SG
  2. Hey all - I did as suggested and attempted to load HD 2.12 and everything went fine. Worked like a charm. I didn't use Pacifist or anything like that. Just a native installation. I think it was the non-HD version that was causing the problem. It's all good now!
  3. Thanks. I'll dig a little deeper. I'm a newbie to the Variax. Hopefully I've been loading the incorrect version. I'm running on a Mac desktop but it should be the same. Thanks again!
  4. I contacted Line6 support and was told that Workbench does not run on El Capitan. I couldn't get an answer if/when it will be compatible.
  5. I was told that Workbench won't run on El Capitan. Were you able to get it installed? I didn't have Workbench installed before I upgraded to El Capitan. When I try to install Workbench on El Capitan, I get an message that the OS isn't supported. Line6 support confirmed Workbench is not currently supported on El Capitan.
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