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Found 24 results

  1. Bit confused... I'm using the effects loop for a looper, and with some patches, there is some clipping noise when going through the effects loop and looper... Ex: 1) I go to patch one, activate the effects loop, record a phrase though the looper, all is fine. 2) I switch patch, play a bit, sounds fine. 3) I activate the effects loop, the looper plays fine. 4) I play, but now I'm getting some clipping noise (not from the looper, but from the current guitar/patch sound) when the effects loop is active... At first I thought it had to do with levels, but even lowering the Go's effects loop out volume so that it's really not loud, I'm still getting the clipping... And it seems to do so only with some patches... My effects loop is the last effect of the Go's chain. I even tried with another Looper (Have an ammoon and an Akai), and the akai seemed much worse than the ammoon; the ammoon sounds fine with some patches, but clips with others. The akai seemed to clip much worse for more patches from what I can recall... Thanks! :\
  2. Hi all Since upgrading to Helix I've come across an issue with one of my guitars. I have four guitars, three of them have active circuits with mags and piezo, and one of them is a standard passive circuit. One of the active guitars has hot pickups, so when I plug in into Helix, the input indicator flashes red and the sound is distorted like it's breaking up, even on clean tones (or with no amp). It seems the Helix just can't handle the signal coming from the guitar. Things to note: This didn't happen when I owned the Firehawk FX, only since using Helix. It happens on all patches, factory or user It's mainly when the strings are strummed hard, but you can hear it affecting the tone quite dramatically. It does not affect the piezo, which I run through the FX Return input. It's only when the mags are selected going through the guitar input. I have tried the Guitar Pad option on and off, it doesn't seem to change anything. The only solution I have found is to roll back the volume pot a little, but this is not an ideal solution TBH. None of the other three guitars are affected. Are there any other ways to reduce the input signal through the Helix? Thanks!
  3. Hi, My Helix output is clipping and I want to resolve it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The following is going on: I have a preset with a minotaur + sovereign distortions, both mild distortion and not set on very heavy settings -> Fender twin (channel + Master on 10) -> split block Path A: Twin Cab, Reverb, EQ. (output left) Path B: Phaser, Mystery Filter, Delay, reverb, EQ. (output right) Input Pad is on. I play a stratocaster with singe coils into the unit. Headphones are Beyrdynamic DT 990 Pro 250 Ohm Path B is clipping. When I turn off the MysteryFilter, clipping lessens but still happens. With both the Filter and the Phaser turned off, clipping is no longer the case. Is this just too much or shouldn't the clipping appear? thanks for any thoughts/solutions.
  4. So I'm still confused about what is happening with the PGO FX Loops... So I have a looper pedal. Depending on where the FX Loop sits in the chain, I get weird noise artifacts. And that is with the looper 'off'; not looping at all: 1) IN -> VOL -> WAH -> DIST -> AMP -> CAB -> DELAY -> REVERB -> FX LOOP -> OUT = noticeable clipping/distortion in the sound 2) IN -> VOL -> WAH -> FX LOOP -> DIST -> AMP -> CAB -> DELAY -> REVERB -> OUT = very high noise, as if the noise gate had been shut down. 3) IN -> VOL -> WAH -> DIST -> FX LOOP -> AMP -> CAB -> DELAY -> REVERB -> OUT = absolutely ZERO noise, distortion or clipping, works perfectly. Can anyone figure why that would be? I thought that because of #1, there was an issue between PGO and the looper pedal, but since with #3 it works perfectly, it doesn't appear to be an issue between PGO and the pedal. I also don't understand #2, the pedal has virtually no noise, it is really virtually silent: I can have the PGO and amp volume maxed, and I hear zero no noise. But if I move the FX Loop before the distortion pedal, it gets VERY noisy. The amount of noise actually depends on which distortion pedals are used, the two L6 distortion being the worse culprits. But since the Looper pedal makes virtually no noise, I don't understand why the PGO gets super noisy when the FX loop is before the distortion and 100% noiseless when it is after it... I mean, if the noise was 0.1dB and the distortion bumped it to 0.4dB that would be normal or expected. But as is, it's really like the noise of the pedal is 0.001dB, but when you turn on the distortion pedal, it becomes 1dB, which is a totally abnormal and unexpected amount of 'amplified' noise, since there's no noise to begin with...
  5. Hi all! So I'm enjoying my HD500 (yea i only just bought one in 2018 in great condition second hand) for use with something not generally thought of but for solo acoustic shows. I will also use it for electric gigs with a band (1% of gigs) in the same way but this question is about specifically getting a unity gain signal out of the 1/4" output for Acoustic gigs so venues that have an XLR to In-House can get neither a too quiet nor a too loud signal. These venues take this signal and plum it off to their amp and usually control their level from an iPad. If the signal is weak i guess i'll have to readjust my master output coz they'll not have enough level and if its too loud it could result in a lot of bleeding ears and equipment damage etc. I have a pedalboard with the unit and Roland kick trigger in it where everything, vocal mic, acoustic and kick trigger (into effects return) is setup. I have done 2 gigs so far and it already sounds good but just with my own equipment not into a venues in-house. My paths are as follows: Path/Input #1: Guitar (with active pickup at max) > Vintage Pre > EQ > Tube comp (for boost) > AMP DISABLED > Both join at Mixer > Reverb > Effects Loop > Looper Path/Input #2: Mic > Vintage Pre > EQ > AMP DISABLED > Both join at Mixer > Reverb > Effects Loop > Looper Roland Kick: Effects loop return > Looper (this only seems to work when the Effects loop is disabled, why haha?) (if there is some way to get the Looper to only record the guitar id love to know!) Note: Unit switches = Guitar in is at "Normal" and 1/4" output is at "Line" I then use a mono 1/4' to XLR cable to my powered speaker, the XLR out of this speaker will go to the venues In-House. So i did notice that when i disabled the effects on the guitar path it was a lot louder signal, and the mic had distortion and some signal noise so i should be able to fix that no worries... My real question is that without the HD500 having a sound meter or clipping meter how do i know where to set the guitar pickup level and whats the correct way to achieve this? Is it at the mixer? Maybe its at the master output? Obviously on a real mixing desk you set the fader at 0 and bring up the gain pot so its kinda just in the orange. Is there some software on the computer that emulates a mixing desk that i could hook up via USB and play into to test signal level? Can the HD500 Edit software do it? Sorry for all the questions haha! My thought is to start fresh with the 2 paths (no effects or amps), leave guitar pickup at max, adjust desired Mic volume output to match with the trim pot, then add effects preamps/eq's etc that are not boosting or cutting volume. Would be great to hear everyones thoughts if that all makes sense, Thanks :)!
  6. I get clipping even at low volumes using the headphones out. I am using Sennheiser HD650 headphones (I also tried Sony MDR-V6 headphones), and even with a relatively clean tone I still get clipping. When I record via USB with the Helix, the level is quite low (never going above -6db) often wavering around -10db or -15db, so I don't think the level of my patch is too high. Help? Issue solved.
  7. Hi, I tried to connect my helix via xlr direct into the m20d (also tried into L3t and from L3t out into the m20d). There was quite a bit of clipping going on even though the meter was not showing any clipping. I wanted to to trim (using the auto trim option in m20d) but the mixer could not adjust saying "signal too hot". It is a bit weird since I did not have the impression I played very loud. In the helix I did just update to firmware 2.2 and all global settings are on "default". The xlr out is set to line level. The big volume know was set to the middle position. Very strange. Anybody has experience with that? Tks Markus
  8. Just found this on TGP: ( https://www.thegearp...3#post-25887560 )
  9. So took along time to figure this issue out, seemed like for no reason i was receiving unwanted distorting/clipping through the headphone jack, 1/4" & XLR outputs. As you can imagine, clipping is a horrible issue to have with a machine like this. Turns out the Bit Depth & Sample Rate in "Vintage Digital" delay was giving me the problem. In order to eliminate the clipping, Bit Depth has to be on 24 and Sample Rate has to be on 48- basically making it a fairly useless "vintage" delay. And even still, there's still some clipping. Having those two settings adjusted down makes the clipping much much worse. It used to be my favorite delay but for some reason, I believe after one of the updates, the clipping started. Anyone else have that issue? Either way, hope I was able to help some of you.
  10. JTV-59 & POD HD500x users: How do you use the "Guitar in pad/normal"-switch on the POD HD? I feel and read that the PUps on the 59 are very hot, so I use "pad" to prevent peaking the gain-stages at the POD.
  11. Hi, I tried to connect my helix via xlr direct into the m20d (also tried into L3t and from L3t out into the m20d). There was quite a bit of clipping going on even though the meter was not showing any clipping. I wanted to to trim (using the auto trim option in m20d) but the mixer could not adjust saying "signal too hot". It is a bit weird since I did not have the impression I played very loud. In the helix I did just update to firmware 2.2 and all global settings are on "default". The xlr out is set to line level. The big volume know was set to the middle position. Very strange. Anybody has experience with that? Tks Markus
  12. Hello! I have a problem that's driving me insane! I´ve been using my pod hd500x with my bass for about a year now and I´m having some sort of clipping. It´s mostly when I´m plucking the low B string and I get a real nasty distortion. The bass I´m using is a cheap Sterling Subray 5 and it´s famous for its crappy HIGH output electronics. However, I just changed out the pre to a nice Seymour Duncan smc 3M3 active preamp, but the problem´s still there.... I even lowered the pickup so it´s flat with the body but still clipping... The pad switch helps some but not enough. Now I´m wondering if it might be the pod that´s clipping? I curently have neither another bass/guitar to try in my Pod and no other amp to test my bass in (going to the music store tomorrow), so maybe someone of you guys could be kind enough to try one of my patches to see if you got the same problem? I would be really thankfull for help! ps. I have been reading Meambobbo's guide about clipping and tried it all...
  13. I apologize if this topic has already been addressed. If so, please help and direct me to the information that was discussed. Thank you! When connecting my Firehawk 1500 via the Main XLR outputs on the back to my PA system (Behringer X18 iOS Live Sound Console), I am getting a clipping sound through the PA speaker. As I play and listen simultaneously to what is coming out of the PA and what is coming out of the Firehawk 1500, the clipping sound is only coming out of the PA speaker, not coming out of the Firehawk 1500. I will say that I first experienced this issue while running a mono output from the Firehawk 1500, but there should still not be any clipping even if I run a mono output feed. I have the gain on the mixer turned down very low to where it is almost off and there is still a clipping sound. This is not a grounding issue so I do not need the Ground Lift activated. I already checked that while troubleshooting. I troubleshooted with other XLR cables; all still with the same clipping result occurring. It is not a cable issue. If anyone has had any issue similar to what I am currently dealing with and had a resolve, please let me know exactly how you solved this issue. I will answer any questions that are posed. Thank you! Charlie
  14. Hey there Please can anybody help me? I was always using my POD HD 500 normally with USB and Reaper and everything, but today I'm having this issue: when POD is not plugged in the PC I can hear my guitar normally through Unbalanced Output and headphones, but when I plug it into my PC, sounds goes off in those outputs. I can hear PC's sounds normally, and Reaper is getting signal from it, but very distorted. If I unplug the USB, the sound comes back (despite my PC gets a blue screen, but I've had this issue before when unplugging the USB, and no problems with sound). My PC is a Sony Vaio VGN-FW460J with Windows 10, not sure if it's a problem with it tho. I'm hoping this is not a big issue, I'm depending a lot of my POD for these days!! Any help is welcome, thanks!
  15. Hi all I've been using my Helix successfully with the Friedman ASM12(1/4 output set to Line out), but recently I decided to setup the XLR output for plugging into the PA(XLR output set to MIC). The PA really doesn't like it at all, it breaks up quite badly, i have to really back off the volume to keep it from doing it. I tried using the 'line' output setting but that was worse. It's like the signal is just too hot for the PA, yet my Friedman sounds great. If I have to mess with Global EQ then isn't it going to mess with how the Friedman sounds!! What am I missing ? Andy
  16. Good day guys, POD HD500 have been a great unit UNTIL....I'm using full 4 cable method. Problem: I'm getting DIGITAL DISTORTION when I crank my Laney Ironheart pass 6 o'clock. Elaboration: I'm using STOMP mode since LINE produce insane hiss. My guitar ---> IRT--->Vox 1x12 celestion G12M is super quiet even @ hard rock Alice In Chain kind of gain setting, running without any noise gate. Request: Please help me guys, I've been using POD HD500 for 4 years and this problem put me away from POD HD for post pre-amp stage efx processing. Any tricks to solve this problem? If so, please share. Treat me like a newbie , I'm seriously need a solid solution or else I just sell this POD and go for analog setup. Best regards, Damien
  17. Hello humans, I have a quick (I hope) question for you.. and I need yout help NOW.. I have tried to record some songs I have written, (I will re-amp my dry signals later), so I tried to record with a "New tone" on the pod hd 500x - and failed hard. When I play the heavy parts (alot of 0-0-0 you know....) clipping occurs, really badly. I have no idea what to do. I have tried to change the "master"-knob on the pod but without results. Like I said, I only want the dry tone because I am going to reamp it all later on. I have no s-pdif-interface (just ux1) so I cannot go that way.. I can only use the USB. I am using reaper as my DAW btw. What can I do to change the input-level of the pod hd 500x? Please help me...... Best regards, Rob
  18. I’m using a HD500x with a JTV-59. Both inputs are set to Variax. I’m planning on plugging the SP/DIF output into my PC (Windows 7) and monitor the output from the HD500x going into to two KRK RP5 studio monitors. Alternatively I might go from the POD via XLR to my Focusrite 2i2 audio interface and then out to the KRK monitors. Does anyone know of a simple piece of software that might run standalone (i.e. not a VST plugin so I have to open Cubase or some such thing) that will monitor the input and I can have almost like a widget on my Windows desktop? I’d like something that would visually show clipping i.e. a red light or whatever. Sometimes its hard to hear when a distorted sound starts to clip, so I find a visualisation useful. I had borrowed a Fishman SA220 PA from a friend and whilst very sensitive it has little red lights that flash when the input is clipping, I have been plugging directly via XLR into that, but I need to give the Fishman back so a software based solution that does the same thing would be good. Any ideas?
  19. HD500X - using either single coils or humbuckers, if i create a new patch and select any amp with no cabinet (this really accentuates the effect, but it's present with cab emulation) and strum the guitar at all loudly, very obvious and nasty digital clipping can be heard. The input pad helps a bit but does not get rid of it (and badly affects the tone). Setting the second input to "VARIAX" instead of "GUITAR" or "SAME" goes a long way towards fixing it, but might cause other problems with dual amp (and obviously, dual instrument) setups. It still occurs at the very peak of my guitars' input levels, but is far less obtrusive. This problem is completely absent with PRE-only amps, so it's obviously the power stage causing the problem. I know line6 are aware of this – – but the advice at the end of that thread said to start a new thread if the problem presents, and i haven't seen a really concise summary of the issue before. I'm fully up to date w/ line6 monkey.
  20. On any distorted patch out of my HD500, I hear a sort of secondary distortion on top of the tone. It could be described as a digital clipping sound. I thought it was subtle at first, now I can't un-hear it. It's on any patch where there's distortion, whether it's an effect before or after the amp, or just an amp with the drive up enough to get some crunch. It's not the guitar, input levels, output, etc - my trouble-shooting has been very thorough. I thought maybe there was something wrong with my unit, but today I went and tested a second HD500 fresh out of the box and it sounded exactly the same. Line6 support has reviewed this sound clip and says they think this tone sounds good, that the sounds I'm hearing are an intentional part of the modelling. Forgive the lackluster playing: I found this video as well, and I hear the same "digital clipping" distortion on his tone between 0:10 and 1:00: So, I'm wondering what you think of this tone. Does it sound fine to you? Do you hear the second level of distortion I'm referring to? Do you hear this on your own unit? Thanks in advance for your input!
  21. How can i see the levels of my Pod HD Pro? I want to know how close or not i'm coming to clipping, how much headroom i have left.
  22. Ok got two problems with the performance of my UX1, possibly they're related. The first problem I noticed a few years ago at the same time that I upgraded my Mac OS to Lion, though that might be a coincidence. The problem is this: sometimes when I launch Pod Farm either with or without Logic (ie. as a stand alone, or as a Logic plug-in audio unit) the sound of the guitar distorts and collapses so that there's absolutely no sustain. When I first observed this happening I thought there was something wrong with it, but discovered that if I took out the USB cable out of the UX1 unit and then put it back in again (i.e. turning it on and off again) it would correct the problem and I'd hear the tones as normal. This happens just about every time I use the UX1 and I'm almost prepared to live with the workaround to fix it. But I've since been doing a lot of recording with Logic X and I've noticed that there are sometimes input level differences between sessions. In other words, I record some guitar on one track on one day, then the next day, with all the same PodFarm amp and pedal settings selected, same Mixer settings and same guitar settings (always have volume knob up to full) - the sound levels recorded are considerably different, usually lower. You can see it in the size of the sound wave, it's a lot smaller on the second session. I've done lots of experimenting to see what could be causing it - changing amp settings, mixer settings, plus the input and output knobs in the PodFarm mixer - and can't replicate the problem manually. I've also checked the input level in the sound control panel in the mac for the UX1, and it remains the same at 75%. Could what I've described suggest the unit is faulty? Thanks in advance for your help.
  23. For the longest time I have had huge problems with my Pod HD 500. I am constantly hearing excess and un-needed noise whenever I am playing on a clean patch (and I can only assume it is happening on distorted patches although you can't hear it). No matter what amp model I'm using, the noise is persistent. I always thought maybe the pickups on my guitar are too hot, but as a raise or lower the pickups, the problem still occurs, even if I enable the PAD switch. I do not believe the pod is clipping for I have the volume knob at about 60% and the mixer volumes (VOLUME A & VOLUME B) set at -5 db. I have all the latest updates and I honestly do not know what to do. I have recorded an example the sounds I am hearing so it can give a clearer indication of what I mean. I will post the link. I recorded a direct signal with a clean patch from the Pod to my interface.Then I recorded the same riff, but with everything on the signal chain disabled. Lastly I recorded my guitar directly into my interface. When it is the completely dry signal from my guitar, i do not hear any additional noise so I can only assume its my Pod. Please help. I am getting awfully fed up with this issue. Thanks Here is the recording: Clean problems.mp3
  24. Hi I recently bought a POD GX to start recording and ever since I got it, I have been wasting countless hours trying to get a decent sound that doesn't clip the audio recording. I am recording with a Ibanez K5 and Ibanez SRX690ex. I first tried using Audacity but then I tried the Reason software that came with it and it sounds exactly the same if I was to record it with Audacity. The bass on the heaviest string always clips the audio and sounds like farting noises and the higher notes don't sound good at all. I noticed the sound doesn't sound too bad if the volume in which I am recording is low but that kinda defeats the purpose of recording since I'm trying to put my bass tracks over music. How can I get good crisp and clear tone from my bass that is loud and doesn't clip or sound like farts? Basically if you have a setting with pod farm I would like to know what settings to use and what exactly to do on Reason or Audacity to make it ready to go on a track and not sound bad?
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